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Yu Darvish Has Seven Kids From Two Wives

By / 31 March 2023 02:36 AM

Yu Darvish pictured with his better half Seiko Darvish during an event in Petco Park in 2022 and on right is one of his kids.
Source : instagram

Yu Darvish has seven kids including his son Shoei Darvishsefat. Darvish shares five children with wife Seiko Darvish with the latest addition being in August 2022. 

Yu shares two boys from his previous marriage. The Padres pitcher might be a man on a mission as he now requires only two more children to complete a baseball team. The veteran is a father to seven children, including six boys and one girl. 

Darvish was married for the first time when he was 21, and so was his first partner, Saeko. And given their young age, it might have led them to separate within five years. But not before they became parents to a couple of baby boys.

The former Dodgers pitcher found love again in 2015 with Seiko Darvish. Seiko comes from a sporting background and is a four-time world wrestling champion. Recently, Darvish won the World Baseball Classic with Team Japan, defeating Mike Trout's led Team USA, which featured Mookie Betts and Trea Turner

Yu Darvish Shares Two Sons With Former Partner Saeko

Yu Darvish and former partner Saeko share two children from their short five-year marriage. His oldest son is Shoei Darvishsefat.

The couple divorced in 2012, the same time the pitcher moved from Japan to the US to begin his baseball career in the MLB. An actress, and a famous TV personality in Japan, Saeko's relationship with Yu came into the public limelight when the media reported they were expecting a child.

Yu Darvish's first wife Saeko Darvish has received success away from the media world including from her restaurant.
Source : instagram

Yu and Saeko married on November 11, 2007, and welcomed their first baby boy on March 24, 2008. Shoei Darvishsefat, the first son of the MLB veteran, has already shown he is ready to continue his father's legacy. 

A video clip of Shoei pitching in the bullpen caught the attention of many in 2022. Seeing him pitch was his dad from the outside of the box. Per the Perfect Game website, Shoei is 5ft 11 inches and is the member class of 2026. 


On his Instagram, Yu hardly shares any information about his kids or married life. But his former partner, Saeko, gives glimpses of her life with her two sons on her Instagram. On her son's 10th birthday in 2018, Saeko shared a sweet post for her child.

She shared the photo of them during their trip to London and captioned the post saying Shoei's presence helped her through many tough times during the past ten years and wants him to become a person who can positively impact society. 

Last year, Saeko, with her followers, shared that her older son was interested in video games and loves collecting old game consoles. In the photo shared by Saeko, Shoei and his younger brother can be seen buying video games and pokemon cards.

The former couple's second son was born on February 27, 2010. Unlike Shoei, it isn't certain whether his brother wants to become a baseball player. But he might have an interest in music.

In July 2022, Saeko shared a video of her younger kid playing the keyboard while practicing playing the happy birthday tune for his cousin. Previously, Saeko lived a long period with her sons in the UK and would only return to Japan during holidays. But Shoei might have shifted to the US to grow his budding baseball career.

Yu Darvish Shares Five Kids With His Second Wife Seiko

Yu Darvish welcomed his fifth child with Seiko Yamamoto in August 2022. Yu and Seiko share four sons and one daughter.

Prior to their marriage in 2016, Yu and Seiko welcomed their first child on July 29, 2015. The pitcher confirmed the birth of his baby from his Twitter on July 30, writing both the baby and the mother were in stable condition. 

Yu and Seiko welcomed their second baby boy in 2017 which was Yu's fourth child.
Source : twitter

The two sporty couple have tried to keep their children's identity away from social media as much as possible. After tying the knot in 2016, the couple welcomed their second child, a baby boy, on March 20, 2017, which too was confirmed by the pitcher from Twitter.

Yu Darvish welcomed his first child with Seiko in 2015.
Source : twitter

On November 12, 2019, Yu Darvish became the father of a baby girl for the first time. And maybe because it was his first time being a father to a baby girl, Yu shared the announcement of the birth of his child on YouTube


Though it is known his fourth child is a baby boy, there isn't a known date of birth for his sixth child. The latest addition to the Darvish family was in August 2022. The pitcher confirmed the birth of his seventh child and fifth with Seiko from his Twitter handle on August 24, 2022.

Prior to the birth of his seventh child, Darvish shared a picture of Seiko with a growing baby bump on his Twitter, hinting that he was ready to become a father for the seventh time. 

Yu Darvish Has Been Married Two Times

Yu Darvish wife Seiko Darvish comes from a family of wrestlers. Yu and Seiko have an age gap of six years.

Seiko, age 42, is the second partner of Yu Darvish, and the couple tied the knot in 2016, a year after their first child was born. The age gap doesn't seem to be a problem in their life as the couple has now been happily married with five children for seven years.

Seiko pictured in 2009 shared a throwback photo on her Instagram handle.
Source : instagram

Seiko Darvish (nee Yamamoto) is a four-time wrestling World Champion, having represented Japan on all four occasions and winning gold in the 55kg weight class. Despite being one of the most decorated female Japanese wrestlers, Seiko wasn't able to represent Japan in the Olympics.

Her father, Ikuei, was one of the wrestlers who represented Japan in the 1972 Olympics, and her siblings share a similar passion for grappling sports. Her brother, Norifumi, and sister, Miya, have both competed in MMA and have achieved equal success in the sport.

Seiko models her Louis Vuitton bag in the picture shared on her Instagram handle in January 2023.
Source : instagram

Seiko is available on Instagram with the username @seiko_darvish but has chosen to give only a little glimpse into her family life with Yu and their five kids. Recently, the proud partner shared a photo of her husband holding the WBC title on Instagram.

Yu Darvish Former Partner Saeko

Yu Darvish former spouse Saeko runs the restaurant/cafe Nasu Farm Village. At Nasu, the customer can have a therapeutic time riding horses and enjoy their lunch. 

Yu was married to Japanese actress and TV personality Saeko for five years (2007-2012). Saeko has previously starred in Japanese movies, including Nana, Sugar & Spice, and the TV series Nodame Cantabile, and was recently seen on the mini-series Doragon-zakura in 2021.

Yu Darvish pictured with his better half Seiko and Team Japan and Los Angeles Angel player Shohei Ohtani after winning WBC.
Source : twitter

Saeko has a following of 1.5 million on Instagram and has a YouTube channel where she shows her 351k subscribers her collection of luxury brands, her latest video being that of the Louis Vuitton bag collection. 

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