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Yankees World Series MVPs Since 1956

By Aditya Bhattarai / 9 November 2023 06:47 AM

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Yankees World Series MVPs include Derek Jeter, Hideki Matsui, Mariano Rivera, and Bucky Dent. There have been 12 players who won the World Series MVPs in the team.

Although World Series games were played every year in MLB since 1903, the first MVP award for this series was only introduced after 52 years in 1955. It was given to the best player who contributed the most to the performance of the competing teams.

New York Yankees is an MLB team with the highest of 28 World Series titles till now. They also hold the best record of obtaining 12 MVPs in the last series of the postseason games in MLB history.

Among the 12 MVPs from the Yankees, six of them were pitchers, two were shortstops, a third baseman, a second baseman, and two were outfielders. Hideki Matsui was the last player to win the title in 2009 as the designated hitter for the team.

This award was initially called the Sports Magazine Award in 1955 and was later prioritized as the MVP award for the ultimate series of MLB. It was recently renamed on 29 September 2017 in honor of the former baseball legend Willie Mays.

List of Yankees MVPs in World Series

World Series MVPs list contains 12 winners from the Yankees alone. They have the most MVPs in MLB history since it was first awarded by Sports Magazine in 1955.

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Here is the list of all 12 Yankees World Series MVPs by year;

  • 2009 - Hideki Matsui  
  • 2000 - Derek Jeter
  • 1999 - Mariano Rivera
  • 1998 - Scott Brosius
  • 1996 - John Wetteland
  • 1978 - Bucky Dent
  • 1977 - Reggie Jackson
  • 1962 - Ralph Terry
  • 1961 - Whitey Ford
  • 1960 - Bobby Richardson
  • 1958 - Bob Turley
  • 1956 - Don Larsen

Hideki Matsui

Hideki Matsui is the last Yankees outfielder to win a World Series MVP from the team. He had obtained the title while leading the Yanks to win the 2009 title.

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He had made the most contribution by making three home runs in 8 hits that postseason. The New York Yankees had won the title that year against the Philadelphia Phillies in six games.

Matsui had a .615 batting average along with 8 RBI in the six games played by the Yankees in the 2009 World Series. His heroics in Game 6 involved a homer and a double leading to six runs which contributed to their 7-3 victory over the Phillies.

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter is a former legendary shortstop who spent his entire MLB career with the Yankees. He was the winner of the World Series MVP in 2000.

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The Hall of Famer shortstop had an illustrious baseball career with the Bronx Bombers over his 20 years of experience in MLB. He had led the team to five World Series victories while winning the MVP only once in 2000.

Jeter had contributed 2 homers in 9 hits while finishing the series with a .409 batting average in five games against the New York Mets. He had scored 6 runs along with 5 RBI in that series.

His clutch play performance and leadership over the team had led them to win the title in just five games. Jeter was famous for his consistency in performing under pressure and leading as the captain for five seasons.

Mariano Rivera

Mariano Rivera had won the World Series MVP once for his performance in the 1999 World Series. The former relief pitcher led the Yanks to a victorious season.

Rivera had spent 19 years of his baseball career with the Yankees and made an MLB record for 652 saves. His performance in the final postseason series of 1999 had a major role in their victory over the Atlanta Braves

He also received his first AL Rolaids Relief Man Award given best closer of the league. Rivera had a record of 1 victory and two saves which let the Yankees obtain a 4 game shutout victory against the Braves.

Scott Brosius

Scott Brosius had been a part of the Yanks during their most successful years from 1998 to 2001. He was awarded a World Series MVP in 1998.

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The former third baseman Brosius had hit a .471 batting average two home runs and 6 RBI in the 1998 World Series games. It has been the best performance leading the Yankees to their postseason victory against the San Diego Padres in just 3 games.

In the following years, he won two more World championship rings playing for the Yanks. He also won a Golden Glove in 1999 and got retired after finishing the 2001 season.

John Wetteland

John Wetteland obtained the World Series MVP in 1996 for his efforts as the Yankees closer. He had saved four out of six games leading to the Yanks win.

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His performance over the six games in the World Series that year included 4.2 pitched innings without allowing a single run to the opposing team. The Yankees won the title in 6 games by defeating the Braves with a 4-2 record. 

The former relief pitcher was also awarded the AL Rolaids Relief Man Award that year and led the MLB records for Saves in AL for 1996. His dominant pitching throughout the season and his contribution in the World Series made him eligible for the MVP.

Bucky Dent

Bucky Dent was awarded the World Series MVP in 1978 for his efforts in the Yankees win. They had defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers by 4-2 in 6 games.

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The Yanks shortstop Dent had performed exceptionally on both offensive and defensive sides in the last series of the postseason. He had landed 10 hits with a .417 batting average and 3 RBI in 24 at-bats while also giving his best in defending.

His clutch hitting had led the team to their victory against the Dodgers that year, making it one of the best seasons of his career.

Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson is the only outfielder from the Yankees to win the World Series MVP award. He obtained it for his efforts in their victory over the Dodgers in 1977.

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Jackson was a power hitter who recorded five homers that year. His clutch performances and batting results in the last two games had opted him as the best candidate for the title.

The former right fielder had numerous achievements over his MLB career including his title as the first player to win World Series MVP with two teams. He was also inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame as a legendary hitter.

Ralph Terry

Ralph Terry was crucial in the 1962 World Series Game 7 victory for the Yankees. The right-handed pitcher had pitched a complete game in the finals.

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He had only allowed two runs and seven hits to the San Fransisco Giants in the last game of the World Series. They had tied with the Giants till the Yankees reached the decisive seventh phase.

His performance in winning the MLB Commissioners trophy helped in his selection for the WS MVP that season. Terry was also awarded with the American League Wins Leader. He had been with the Yankees for two consecutive World Series victories in 1961 and 1962.

Whitey Ford

New York Yankees MVPs include Whitey Ford among the best pitchers in thier World Series history. He was awarded with the World Series MVP in 1961.

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Ford had made the highest contribution as a pitcher in Game 1 and 5 of the World Series that year. He had allowed three Earned Runs in six hits over a total of 14 pitched innings.

The Yankees won the first game against the Cincinnati Reds after he pitched a complete game while allowing just a single run in 4 hits. Later, he obtained the complete-game shutout in Game 4 and dominated the Red's players in every aspect.

Bobby Richardson

Bobby Richardson is a former Yankees Second baseman. He had won the World Series MVP in 1960 despite the Yankees losing the ultimate championship.

Richardson had a .367 batting average, a grand slam, and 12 RBI making him more suitable for the WS MVP title. He was the only player to get this award while playing for the losing team.

The Pittsburgh Pirates second baseman Bill Mazeroski had landed a walk-off home run in the ninth inning to win the series. However, Richardson received the winning vote for the WS MVP based on his astonishing performance.

Bob Turley

Bob Turley was a standout pitcher for the Yankees who won the WS MVP in 1958. The Yankees had won the title in 5 games against the Milwaukee Braves.

Turley had pitched 20 innings while only allowing 2 earned runs over 7 hits and maintaining a 0.90 ERA. His best performances were in Games 2 and 5 when the Yanks won by a large margin in both games.

The former pitcher had played three games in the 1958 World Series and his control over the Braves hitters became a key to tha Yankees victory that year.

Don Larsen

Yankees Don Larsen had won the World Series MVP for the second time in 1956. Larsen had performed his best during Game 5 of the WS that year.

The Yankees had won against the Brooklyn Dodgers in seven games. Larsen had pitched a complete inning in the 5th game which played a major role in the outcome of the final postseason contest.

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He had retired 27 batters and recorded the first-ever perfect game in the history of the World Series in MLB. Larsen still holds the title as the only pitcher to throw a perfect game in the World Series.

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