Yankee Stadium Bag Rules And Other Policy Explained

By Ayush Khadka / 25 April 2023 03:13 AM

The Pinstripers' new ballpark has many rules and guidelines for its guests.
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Yankee Stadium Bag Rules is that guests can bring only one soft-sided bag. Guests are also permitted to bring food for individual consumption.

MLB team New York Yankees play their home games in Yankee Stadium, which is located in the Bronx borough of NYC. The original park was also in this location but only served its purpose until 2008.

On 19 August 2006, a new stadium started construction just across the street from the original one. The construction cost for the new ballpark took a massive $2.3 billion. Tishman Speyer and Populous organizations took part in its building efforts.

With a seating capacity of 46,537 that included 4,300 club seats and 68 luxury suites, the new stadium opened to the Bronx Bombers' fans on 16 April 2009. The New York City Industrial Development Agency currently owns the park.

Bag Policy 

Yankee Stadium bag policy 2023 states that only small bags are allowed that fit the 16" x 16" x 8" criteria. 

The NY Yankees do not allow more than one bag per person in their home park.
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Visitors can bring only one bag per person, and it needs to be soft-sided too. The Yankees ballpark recommends Handbags, grocery bags, and clutches, and the venue officials also request the guests to bring as little as possible.

Hard-sided bags and other containers are strictly prohibited. Likewise, diaper bags are allowed alongside small purses and a drawstring backpack.

At the security point, the officials will put your bags in the bag-size bins to see if it comes within the required measurements or not.

The Yankees Security Procedures

The security of the Yankees ballpark exercises a full right to go through the belongings and check for bag sizes before a guest makes an entry. 

The Entrance gate No. 4 of the Yankee park in 1957
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Upon arrival, a visitor has to go through a metal detector and security will further inspect the belongings. If there are any items that create suspicion, the security team has the authority to remove them from the premises. 

So, if you bring any non-accessible items, you need to put them outside the park. However, the team does not provide a dedicated storage facility for its visitors, so everybody has to improvise on their own.

Some can put their items in the car, while there are companies like Luggage Hero that work to mitigate this issue by providing a secure storage place for $1.29 per hour or $8.95 per day. There is also a trusty Yankee Souvenir shop nearby Billy's Bar and Stan's, where people have put their larger bags.

Some Other Items That Are Prohibited In the Venue

Along with hard-sided bags, there are other goods that are banned from Yankees Park. 

Many items are listed as forbidden items like fireworks, skateboards, and so on.
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Recreational products like skateboards and hoverboards are forbidden from entry. However, the park has placed exceptions for ADA-required devices. The park has also made clear that animals will only be allowed entry if they are in service for differently abled people. 

Other items prohibited in the venue are drones, baseball, costumes, fireworks, and musical instruments. Noisemaking devices like whistles and air horns are a big no-no inside the ballpark. 

The Bronx Bombers' ballpark has set a strict code of conduct for its guests. Fighting, intimidating, and derogatory language toward others will result in ejection and even penalization. For instance, the guest's enjoyment should not be hampered by standing excessively in front of others.

Fans can bring that are supportive of their teams and must not cross the 4' x 6' size. Any banners that contain a controversial, political, or commercial message will be ushered out of the park. Moreover, the Yankees ballpark will not tolerate the banners getting attached anywhere.

Food Policy

Yankee Stadium food policy states that a guest can bring their own food in a clear plastic bag. 

The Yankees allow outside food in small quantity.
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If you are seeking to bring fruits like oranges and apples, then they should be brought sliced or sectioned. Moreover, the security officials can review your outside food before letting them in. 

The park has trash cans with two compartments: one for the plastic booths and the other for all the different meal waste. The park strictly frowns on any food leftovers remaining on the seats. 

Food Selection Inside The Yankee Ballpark

The food choices inside the Yankees Stadium include Shake Shack and Buffalo Wild Wings. 

The Pinstripers have many food outlets inside their ballpark as well.
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Buffalo Wild Wings is located at Section 107 and provides fine recipes for crispy chicken sandwiches and wings for its customers. Then there is Bronx Burrito which is a native food to the team's ballpark. It serves awesome burritos on both veg and non-veg menus.

Celebrity Chef Christian Petroni's Cheesy Garlic Bread is present in section 310, which offers superb cuisine with the primary garlic bread and its menu items. There are dessert dining options like the King's Hawaiian.

Moreover, for food enthusiasts, there are clubs you can join in the stadium, like the Audi Yankees Club. You can get access to lots of menus like lobsters, sushi, and many more from this club. 

  • Mac Truck - Section 223
  • Bronx Burrito - Section 314
  • Farmer's Market - Section 121b
  • Noodles Bar - Section 127b
  • City Winery - Section 105
  • Buffalo Wild Wings - Section 107
  • Dyckman Beer - Sections 236, 227
  • Frank's Red Hot Terrance - It is located in the left-field bleachers
  • Cheesy Garlic Bread - Sections 125, 310
  • 99 Burger - Section 223
  • Pork & Broccoli Rabe Cheesesteak - Section 107
  • Prickly Pear Margarita - Section 318
  • Benihana - Section 127
  • Chickie's & Pete's - Section 334, 115

Food Destinations Nearby The Yankees Ballpark 

Food destinations that are near the ballpark include Hard Rock Cafe and Billy's Sports Bar. 

The NY Yankees have lots of bars and hotels in their vicinity.
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Hard Rock Cafe is a sports experience filled with music with a seating capacity of 165. There are many fine beverages like the famous Hurricanes and Margaritas and meal options with a special weekend brunch too. There are 15 large screens for the fans to watch the baseball games. 

Formally established in 1998, Billy's Sports Bar has a lounge and rooftop feature for its customers. There are 30 TV screens to watch your favorite Pinstripers game with Billy's Blue Iced Tea and American Mule. 

Likewise, there are fabulous hotels nearby where you can stay before a game and after a 9-inning game for your energy rejuvenation and to fill your appetite. For instance, Opera House Hotel is one mile away from the ballpark and contains 60 non-smoking guest rooms of various styles and sizes. 

The popular bars present nearby the Pinstripers' ballpark are presented below:

  • Billy's Sports Bar
  • Hard Rock Cafe
  • Stan's Sports Bar
  • Bronx Draft House
  • Vega Alta Sports Bar
  • Glenroy Lunch & Tavern Inc
  • Glacken's Bar & Grill

The reputable hotels present nearby the Bronx Bombers' ballpark is presented below:

  • Opera House Hotel
  • Edge Hotel
  • Wingate By Wyndham Bronx Haven Park
  • Hotel Belleclaire
  • The Lucerne Hotel
  • Homewood Suites by Hilton Edgewater

Water Bottle Policy

Yankee Stadium water bottle policy states that a guest can bring a transparent bottle that is factory sealed and not more than one liter.


The ballpark also allows empty sports bottles inside the venue. After entering the venue, you can fill the water from one of the fountains to quench your thirst.

If you seek to buy a water bottle inside the venue, it costs $4.5 to $5 per bottle.

Fans also need to know that outside alcoholic goods are banned from the ballpark. Moreover, bringing water in a thermos, aluminum bottles, glasses, or even drink cans is not allowed. 

Laptop Policy

Yankee Stadium laptop policy states that no electronic devices are allowed inside the venue.

The laptops are not allowed inside the park unless for specific reasons.
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However, there are a few exceptional rules for laptops. If you are going to the ballpark and your children are participating in the Yankees' event, then you can have permission to use it.

Likewise, if you are participating in a contest, you may have to take a photo of yourself, for which you can take your device.

Can you bring a camera to the Yankees' home venue? The Yankee Stadium camera policy states that these devices are allowed that has single-frame flash photography. Even zoom lenses are permitted as long as the other visitors don't get disturbed.

However, any devices whose primary feature is for video and audio recording will be prohibited from the ballpark. For example, devices like GoPro cameras, video cameras, monopods, tripods, and selfie sticks are forbidden. 

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