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What Is City Connect In MLB? Nike Uniforms in 2023

By Roshan Khatiwada / 20 June 2023 08:00 AM

Carson Kelly of the Dbacks wearing the City Connect edition uniform of the team
Source : instagram

What is City Connect in MLB? City Connect in Major League Baseball is the brand name of alternate jerseys made by Nike for the MLB teams.

First introduced during the 2021 season, the uniform features different fonts, elements, and colors compared to the traditional home and away. Twenty of the thirty major league clubs have a uniform from City Connect as of the 2023 season.

The inaugural season had seven MLB teams wear the City edition kit, whereas seven more teams were added at the beginning of the 2022 season. Six new teams were confirmed to rock the uniform before the start of the 2023 MLB season.

The uniforms designed by Nike reflect the culture of each of the team's home cities. For example, the jersey of the Arizona Diamondbacks pays respect to the Hispanic community of Arizona, whereas the Red Sox uniform pays homage to the Boston Marathon.

Nike City Connect Jerseys Meaning

Nike City Connect jerseys are a way to connect teams with the fans. It introduced six more teams, including the Rangers and the Braves, for the 2023 season.

City Connect uniforms MLB was started by Nike in collaboration with the MLB and some participating teams. The main idea behind the concept is to provide something new and unique in terms of design that also respects the roots of the city on which the club is based.

This also helps to connect with the fans in a new and effective way hence the name City Connect, as it helps to connect MLB teams with the city they are based on.

The Marlins Nike City Connect jerseys were inspired by the Cuban Sugar Kings of the 1950s
Source : instagram

Boston Red Sox were the first team to reveal the uniform and make an on-field debut. Seven teams agreed to wear the City Connect jersey during the initial season of 2021. Miami Marlins were the second team to use the uniform.

The Marlins jersey has a red base with shite pinstripes and letters with light blue trim. The uniform is a tribute to the Havana Sugar Kings, a minor league baseball team based in Cuban that used to play from 1946 to 1960.

White Sox was the next team to wear the alternate uniform during the 2021 season. Their jersey had a dark grey shade with white pinstripes and featured Gothic-style lettering, paying tribute to the city's south side.

The White Sox jersey features a Gothic-style Southside lettering
Source : instagram

Cubs City Connect jersey 2023 was the next kit to debut in the major league. Their dark blue theme jersey with some sky blue accents is filled with elements inspired by the flag of Chicago.

The word Wrigleyville on the front of the t-shirt is a tribute to one of the greatest ballparks in sports history and the home ground of the Cubs, the Wrigley Field. The lettering style is also similar to the marquee of the stadium.

SF Giants City Connect jersey had a cream and orange kit representing a celebration of the inclusivity and diversity of the city and the history related to social movements. The word Gigantes across the chest is a tribute to the Latin American heritage of the team and the fan base.

Dodgers were the final team to wear the Nike City Connect edition kit during the 2021 season
Source : instagram

The Dodgers were the last team to rock the City Connect jersey, who wore their blue-and-white uniform on August 19, 2021. The uniform pays homage to the role of Los Angeles as the global leader in culture, entertainment, and sports.

The Los Dodgers inscribed across the chest and in the caps are a way to pay respect to the team's connection with the Latino community and fans.

Why Are The Red Sox Wearing Blue and Yellow?

Why are the Red Sox wearing yellow? The Boston Red Sox are wearing yellow as a tribute to the Boston Marathon, an annual race in greater Boston.

On April 17, 2021, the Red Sox took on the White Sox at Fenway Park. The home team entered the plate with a yellow uniform rather than the traditional red and white.

The yellow base with Boston written in big blue words was a homage to the Boston Marathon, an annual race traditionally held on Patriot's Day.

The Red Sox were the first MLB team to debut their City Connect edition uniforms
Source : instagram

The Boston Marathon is one of the most iconic races worldwide. It is an essential staple of the city as it is the oldest marathon in the world. 

The City Connect jersey is inspired by the marathon as the yellow and blue color predominant in the uniform is the color of the marathon. These uniforms were designed with the purpose of bringing the city together.

The uniform has 617 inscribed in a small patch-shaped bib on one of the sleeves. The number is a tribute to the oldest MLB stadium, Fenway Park, as 617 is the area code for where the stadium is located.

The jersey has proven to be quite the charm for the team from Boston, as they boast a record of 18-4 while wearing the City Connect edition.

Teams With City Connect Jerseys

Nike City Connect jerseys 2023 added six more teams for the ongoing season. The newest additions are the Braves, Rangers, Mariners, Reds, Orioles, and Pirates.

The Braves were the first team to reveal their uniform and make their on-field debut with the kit. They announced their kit on March 27 and debuted on April 8.

Pirates City Connect Jerseys 2023

The Pirates are the latest team to receive the City Connect kit for 2023. However, they are yet to rock the uniform.

The baseball team from Pittsburg is set to reveal its jersey on June 22. The team will debut with the kit on June 27 against the San Diego Padres at PNC Park, one of the best baseball stadiums to visit.

Atlanta Braves City Connect Concept 2023

The Braves made their City Connect kit debut on April 8 against the Padres at SunTrust Park. The uniform has a white base, red accents, and blue sleeves.

Braves were the first team to debut their uniform in the 2023 season
Source : instagram

It is a tribute to the Braves legend and one of the best players ever to enter the diamond, Hank Aaron. The kit evokes the Hall of Famers' chase for 715 homers and is heavily inspired by the gear worn during the 1974 season when Aaron surpassed Babe Ruth's 714 home run record.

Texas Rangers City Connect Jerseys 2023

The Rangers were the second team to rock the City Connect edition kit for the 2023 season, after the Braves. They debuted with the uniform on April 21 against the Oakland Athletics.

The Rangers jersey is inspired by the Dallas-Fort Worth rivalry
Source : instagram

The kit reflects the role played by the team in bridging the Dallas-Fort Worth rivalry by bringing a team to Arlington, a city in the middle of the two metropolises. The inside collar of the uniform refers to April 21, the day Texas gained independence.

Further, the natural cream-colored t-shirt has TX printed on the right side of the chest. The typography is inspired by the Fort Worth Panthers' 1920 championship-winning season.

Seattle Mariners City Connect Concept 2023

The Mariners uniform is a tribute to the baseball history of the city. The dark blue base with black pants is a homage to two pioneer baseball teams in Seattle, Pilots and Rainiers.

Mariners uniform pays homage to the baseball history of Seattle
Source : instagram

The kit also features a patch on the sleeve featuring the Rainiers and the letters PNW, an acronym for Pacific Northwest. The colors used represent the team's kit from their inaugural season. 

The word Seattle on the front is printed in a style that reflects the city's first MLB team, the Pilots. Mariners debuted the jersey on May 5 against the Astros.

Cincinnati Reds City Connect Jerseys 2023

The Reds black base and red accents kit feature a diamond shape C on the cap and the jersey. The design is a reflection of the changing face of Cincinnati.

Reds uniform has the letter C on the front of the cap and on the sleeves of the t-shirt
Source : instagram

The kit also features the nickname of the team, CINCY, across the front area. The collar has an Ohio Buckeye and the motto of the city, Juncta Juvant, which means strength of unity.

The Reds debuted with the uniform on May 19 against the Yankees.

Baltimore Orioles City Connect Jerseys Concept 2023

The Orioles debuted their kit on May 26 against the Texas Rangers at Oriole Park. The black base and white accents kit is inspired by the neighborhoods of the city, especially with the colorful design lining inside the kit and on top of the socks.

Orioles uniform is inspired by the neighborhoods of Baltimore
Source : twitter

The cap features the letter B in italic form, similar to the away jersey of the squad. The top of the kit has the word Baltimore in capital letters and white color inscribed on the front, using the font inspired by Press at the Maryland Institute College of Art and Globe Collection.

MLB Teams Without City Connect Uniforms In 2023

MLB teams without City Connect jerseys in 2023 include Cleveland Guardians and New York Yankees. Ten teams are yet to wear the City Connect kit.

Here is a list of the MLB teams that are yet to wear a City Connect uniform:

  1. Cleveland Guardians
  2. Detroit Tigers
  3. Minnesota Twins
  4. New York Mets
  5. New York Yankees
  6. Oakland Athletics
  7. Philadelphia Phillies
  8. St. Louis Cardinals
  9. Tampa Bay Rays
  10. Toronto Blue Jays

Cleveland Guardians City Connect jersey is not available as of June 20. The team is yet to be introduced to the City Connect editions.

Seven teams were introduced in the first two seasons, including the Nats City Connect jersey in 2022. However, Cleveland and nine other teams are yet to feature the kit.

Yankees City Connect uniforms also join the Guardians, as the team is yet to wear alternate gear made by Nike.

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