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Best Way To Break In A New Baseball Glove 2023

By / 18 April 2023 06:17 AM

A Classic Brown Color Rawlings Glove with its Logo and Laces in a Ground.
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Best way to break in a new baseball glove is to play catch as many times as possible. The use of shaving cream is not the proper way for it.

It is better to have a good baseball glove to enhance their gameplay. Shaving cream softens the stiffness of the mitt and provides a better grip. It is key to break in the leather gloves to make them more pliable and adapt to them quickly.

There are several methods, steaming the gloves, using oil, hammering the gloves, and many more. But the better way to use it is by using it for catching baseballs. The stretch and mold of the gloves during games help the player to get a good hold of movements and eventually fit the hands. 

Using other methods to soften the mitts can harm the leather and may not be as good as it becomes catching baseballs. Catching balls also preserve the quality of gloves and last longer than any other method used.

Fastest Way To Break In A Baseball Glove

How to break in a baseball glove quickly? Continuous practice of catching a baseball is the best way to break the baseball glove quickly. 

A new baseball can be made softer using a variety of ways. However, using it to catch baseball is still the best way and harms the mitt the least. 

Baseball gloves can be broken in quickly with hot water, steam, or glove mallet. There are numerous options to tame the gloves, but it doesn't guarantee safety for the gloves.

A hammer can be used to shape the glove's hinge area where the padding under the thumb stays. It may help the glove to be more flexible and softer to remove and wear.

Quick Way to Break in the Gloves

The quick way to break in the baseball gloves is using several ingredients. Glove oil, a mallet, a glove conditioner, a fan, and a soft cloth are required to tame the mitt. 

Initially, knowing how stiff the gloves are is a good idea. It can be done by playing catch with the new gloves. After trying it for a while, unlacing it to loosen the finger and applying glove oil with a cloth can help. Later, it can be broken by hand manually after it becomes softer.

A New youth Pro series of Goin Yard Gloves in Black, white and yellow leather. Gold logos with gold stitching and soft palm design.
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To break in the glove quickly, pound the mitt with a mallet or hammer and let the gloves dry for about 12 hours under a cooling fan because drying it in direct sunlight or oven can harm the leather. 

After 12 hours, the gloves should be ready to play. Try putting on the gloves while catching them to check their softening. Then gloves will be game-ready after 24 hours. 

Different Ways To Break In A Rawlings Baseball Glove

How to break in a Rawlings baseball glove? It is good to use softballs and play catches with the ball to break the Rawlings baseball glove.

The Rawlings baseball gloves are of good quality, which makes them difficult to break and should be done carefully. While breaking in the gloves, softballs are recommended for use, avoiding too much force. 

A first custom A2000 B23 Mitt in Camel Color and thread engraved Wilson Logos on display.
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A little stretch to make it fit in your hand is essential before playing catch with the softballs. It's good to wear gloves for a few hours before playing. It increases the efficiency of the gloves resulting in better performance.

During the breaking-in process, gloves should be used gently. However, if the gloves become tighter and any problems occur, it is recommended to stop using them and seek professional help for using the gloves before the games.

Baseball Glove In Oven Shaving Cream

How to break in a baseball glove in the oven? We can break the baseball glove by placing the glove inside the cookware after the oven is ready.

Though it is not a better approach to make the gloves softer as it may damage the leather.

To use this method, preparing the oven by setting it to a pre-heat of 350 degrees Fahrenheit is essential. After reaching the temperature, the oven should be turned off.

The gloves, moistured with water, should be placed on a cookie sheet and put inside the oven for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. It's key to check on the gloves in case it catches fire. Then, it can be removed from the oven and pat it with light mink oil. 

The gloves will be broken and ready to use after this short oven procedure. 

Use Of Shaving Cream

Using a lanolin-based shaving cream can be a good idea to lower the stiffness of the gloves. Take some amount of Shaving Cream and massage it into the leather.

The Shaving Cream should be applied in a circular motion. This way, the shaving cream gets in the desired area and mitigates the hardness of the mitt. Let the gloves dry overnight and wipe them with a soft cloth in the morning. 

To maintain the deep pocket, use a baseball to tie the gloves with shoelaces or a thread and leave it for two to three days. It should be ready for gameplay after this procedure. 

While applying the shaving cream, or any oil-based softeners, it should be noted that an excess amount can weaken the leather and may reduce the glove's life.

Alternatives To Baseball Glove Oil

Baseball glove oil alternatives include 1. Mink Oil, 2. Lanolin Oil, 3. Olive Oil, and 4. Vaseline. Shaving cream is also a glove oil alternative. 

These alternatives do not guarantee that they are entirely safe and do not harm in the future. 

The Baseball gloves oil is specifically made for the use of mitts. Always keep in mind that the substitutes are not a guaranteed way to preserve or protect the gloves. 

Mink Oil

Mink Oil is an excellent alternative to use in baseball gloves. It is an animal-based fat oil that helps in retaining moisture.

The Mink Oil can be a quick fix if the gloves are too dry and stiff. It is extracted from the fat layer under the skin of Mink. 

Mink Oil can have good impacts on the gloves for a short time. However, it is not considered as good as lanolin or neatsfoot. Using it for a prolonged period may harm the leather and is not an effective way to keep the mitt safe. 

Lanolin Oil

Lanolin Oil protects, preserves, and softens the leather. It does not have any negative impacts on the mitt.

Lanolin is extracted from sheep, making it an ideal alternative to gloves oil. Usually, Lanolin Oil does not have added chemicals, making it a good choice for the skin. 

A Baseball Player in Ground displaying Different Gloves of A2000 Series with different patterns of Wilson Gloves.
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The oil acts as a conditioner and makes the surface smooth. So, it's an excellent alternative to other traditional conditioners. Also, it is one of the components that are in the gloves' oil. Therefore, it's more than okay to use in the mitt. 

Olive Oil

Olive oil is an excellent alternative to baseball oil. The oil can soften the leather, and it's safe to use. 

However, if you are considering using it, it should be noted that Olive Oil can darken the color of the leather. So, it's not recommended in light-colored gloves. 

Also, a slight con is too much use of Olive oil can make the gloves heavy and slippery. Using a small amount and rubbing it across the surface of the gloves can do the magic.


Vaseline a household alternative to baseball gloves oil. It helps to soften and condition the baseball gloves. 

Vaseline is a moisturizer and retains the quality of leather. It also helps to protect the mitt from the excessive heat in the surrounding. Vaseline can be used in the gloves to preserve the leather. However, it should be applied gently. 

While applying Vaseline, apply it in rotatory motion and small quantities. Excess use of Vaseline can make the gloves heavier, so use mire after the previous coat of Vaseline has dried.

Neatsfoot Oil

Neatsfoot oil softens, moisturizes, and conditions the leather. So, it's a good idea to consider using it. 


The Neatsfoot is extracted from cattle bones and is a wonderful softener. It also helps to condition the gloves. However, chemical mixed neatfoot can damage the leather. So, it's recommended to check for chemical contents before applying the oil. 

The oil should be used in small quantities. Excess use of Neatsfoot can make the gloves heavy, damaging the leather.

Shaving Cream

Shaving cream can be a good idea to use as a softener on baseball gloves. While getting Shaving Cream, use one having lanolin contents that are not perfumed and are alcohol-free. 

The alcohol and perfumes in the shaving cream may damage the leather. So, use the traditional one and check for contents while using it.

Apply shaving cream to the gloves and leave them for several hours before wiping them with a light cloth. It's an effective way to use as a baseball gloves oil alternative. 

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