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Vaughn Grissom Parents Anthony Grissom And Elizabeth Grissom

By / 13 February 2023 06:34 AM

Vaughn Grissom pictured with his entire family at the Fenway Park on August 10, 2022 as he makes his MLB debut.
Source : facebook

Vaughn Grissom parents Anthony and Elizabeth Grissom come from mixed heritage. Elizabeth raised two kids with Anthony in Florida.

Vaughn gets his Puerto Rican roots from his mom's side and was raised alongside his older sister, Jessie. The second baseman-turned-shortstop for the Braves had an exciting start to his MLB career, hitting a home run in his very first game, something he can relate with James Outman.

The 21-year-old is looking to contest for the shortstop position with vastly experienced Orlando Arcia. The position has been vacated after the high-profile move of Dansby Swanson to the Chicago Cubs.

But it's not only Vaughn who will be competing for his spot in the Braves lineup. Mike Soroka is another Braves player looking to put up a challenge against Ian Anderson in the final rotation spot.

Vaughn Grissom Father Anthony And Mother Elizabeth Grissom

Vaughn Grissom parents Anthony and Elizabeth Grissom were present at Fenway Park when he made his MLB debut.

The proud couple was filmed a few seconds after the monstrous hit by Vaughn that saw the baseball go out of the stadium. The couple embraced each other, celebrating the occasion they will remember forever.


Anthony and Elizabeth raised their two kids, Vaughn and his older sister, Jessie, in Orlando, Florida. But unlike other baseball parents, who take their kids to baseball stadiums, that didn't quite happen in the Grissom household.

In an interview with Ben Ingram for the YouTube series, Riding With The Braves, the prospect said his first trip to a baseball stadium as a fan came in 2021 when he traveled to his friends' game in Aberdeen, Maryland.

Anthony Grissom Was First To Know About Vaughn Call Up

Vaughn Grissom's father Anthony Grissom's joy at seeing him make his debut for the Braves was evident in the photos shared by Jessie.

But the father-of-two, in the beginning, believed it was all a joke.

In the same interview, when Ingram asked Vaughn what went through his head when he got the call-up, the shortstop believed he was in trouble, But it turned out to be a call for his MLB debut.

Jessie clicks a selfie with her little brother, Vaughn Grissom and their dad, Anthony.
Source : instagram

Grissom then said he made sure to call his dad first as he was the one who had a major hand during his formative years. During their phone conversation, Anthony thought his son was fooling around with him. 

But after a while, he realized his son was serious, and now he had to book tickets to Boston. Anthony, who has kept himself away from social media, has appeared a few times on his children's feed. 

One of the videos, shared by Jessie, shows Anthony rearing up his Chevelle, giving hints he may be a motorhead. 

Elizabeth Grissom Has Puerto Rican Roots

Vaughn Grissom's mother Elizabeth Grissom is proud of her Puerto Rican roots, and her Facebook handle shows it. It also looks like she might have gone her separate ways with Anthony. 

The proud mom, Elizabeth, has shared several photos of her with her two kids, and for the Puerto Rican lady, family comes first. 

Vaughn pictured with his mom, Elizabeth has he makes his debut for the Braves in 2022.
Source : facebook

In a tribute post shared by Vaughn in 2018, the future MLB star promised his mom he would keep working hard until she gets to drive all types of foreign cars.

In another post, Vaughn shared a photo of Elizabeth raising her hands in front of the Braves, CoolToday Park as he captioned the post, "Imagine doing what you love and seeing your mom support you like this."

Vaughn Grissom Sister Jessie Is A Softball Instructor

Vaughn Grissom sister Jessie Grissom joined the baseball academy D-BAT Academies in 2022.

Jessie Grissom, age 26, was born on May 9, 1996, and is five years older than her little brother, Vaughn. As kids, the two siblings shared a similar passion for baseball.

In an interview conducted by the Braves, Vaughn shared a story of his jersey number selection, which involved his sister.

Jessie pictured outside a cafe in Texas as she shares the picture on her Instagram handle in 2020.
Source : instagram

Growing up, Jessie would wear 18, and Vaughn 15. But after he started playing for the Braves, the shortstop, chose to pick his sister's jersey number. 

A graduate of St. Johns River State College, Jessie previously worked as a Lawn Care Technician before joining her current job at D-BAT. And aside from her love for baseball, Jessie loves hunting and photography. 

Vaughn Grissom pictured with his sister, Jessie and his mom at the Braves stadium.
Source : instagram

On her Instagram handle, Jessie has shared several photos of her catching her prey. Many include the ones she got while fishing. During Vaughn's MLB debut, one of the people in attendance was Jessie.

From their childhood days to current days, Jessie's Instagram handle is like a time capsule of her and Vaughn's relationship. 

Vaughn Grissom Family Life

Vaughn Grisson has had his family in every step of his career.

One of his first baseball instructors was his late great-grandmom. The Braves player, in 2018, shared a sweet tribute post for his great-grandma after her demise. In one of the photos, she can be seen throwing a football as he credited her for his strong arm.

Vaughn Grissom shares a sweet tribute to his late great grandma in 2018.
Source : twitter

Vaughn also shares a tight-knit bond with other family members who are regularly seen in his baseball games. His father, Anthony, has been photographed several times at Truist Park along with his mother. 

Vaughn and his sister, Jessie, certainly look like the best siblings, celebrating every festivities together, from Christmas to New Year.

In one of the latest posts shared by Elizabeth on her Facebook handle, Vaughn can be seen with his mom, sister, and girlfriend enjoying a safari trip. In the picture was also the man who looks like his mother's current partner.

From left to right: Dalton, his girlfriend, his mother's current partner, Elizabeth, mother, Jessie, sister and his father, Anthony pictured at Fenway Park on the day of his debut.
Source : facebook

Vaugh is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend Dalton Kendall. Dalton, 22, was first seen on Vaughn's Instagram handle in 2019. The MLB player shared a couple of photos of them sitting on a bench which included a picture of Vaughn giving Dalton a sweet peck.

Dalton was one of the people Vaughn called after it was announced he would be making his debut against the Red Sox, and she was seen on that day at Fenway Park with Vaughn's family.

Vaughn pictured with his girlfriend Dalton Kendall in 2022 as he shares the post on her birthday.
Source : instagram

On her birthday on November 9, the MLB player shared photos of his cute girlfriend on his Instagram handle. One of them even included a photo of them in a golf cart, and the other was a picture of Dalton from her graduation day. 

It's certain that in the coming years, the 21-year-old will be giving many reasons for his family to keep cheering him on and supporting him. The MLB journey for Vaughn has just begun, and it's already looking promising. 

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