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Tylor Megill Parents Kevin And Julie Megill Raised Three Athletes

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Kevin Megill and Julie Megill successfully raised three athletic kids in California
Source : instagram

Tylor Megill parents Kevin Megill and Julie Megill raised three athletes in California. Kevin was a rower and Julie is a photographer.

Like Joey Lucchesi, he is a professional baseball player who primarily plays as a pitcher for the MLB side, New York Mets.

Tylor was on the baseball team at the Los Alamitos High School as their pitcher. Afterward, he joined Loyola Marymount University after failing to be drafted in the 2014 MLB draft.

He was with the LMU Lions for a year before transferring to Cypress College. Megill attended the University of Arizona for his final two years in college. He had a total of 202 strikeouts with an ERA of 4.27. Moreover, as a fielder, he registered 15 putouts and managed a fielding percentage of .871.

Thanks to impressive showings in college, Tylor was drafted by the New York Mets via the 2018 MLB draft as an 8th-rounder. After spending a couple of years in the minor league, playing for different Mets farm system teams, he finally made his major league debut on June 2021.

Kevin and Julie often go to their son's games and show their support from the stands in the ballpark.

Kevin Megill And Julie Megill Are California Natives

Tylor Megill father Kevin Megill is a sales representative and mother Julie Megill is a photographer.

His parents met at a gym in California. The couple successfully raised three athletic kids.

Kevin and Julie have two sons, Trevor and Tylor, and a daughter named Ryleigh Megill. Tylor's folks are established professionals in their respective fields, which helped them raise all three of their children properly.

Kim and Julie are both California native, Julie uploaded this picture in September 2022, 32 years later
Source : instagram

During a New York Mets Game, when the MLB network interviewed Kevin and Julie, they expressed their happiness and excitement to see their son play. Also, they mentioned that having two sons make their MLB debut a couple of months apart was a dream-to-reality-moment.


Kevin stated that everything they've achieved is all on their own and due to their hard work. They both mentioned that naming their son Tylor instead of Tyler was because of the fact that their elder son had OR in his name, "Trevor," and they wanted to go with Tylor. Julie reiterated that Tyler loves his name and the OR sound in it.

Kevin Megill Met Julie Megill At A Gym

Tylor Megill's father Kevin Megill is a sales and education representative at a nutrition company.

Julie thinks that her husband being part of definitely helped their children to grow their athletic abilities as she mentioned that their family had access to amazing trainers and sports nutrition as well as medicine.

Kevin and Julie first met at a gym in California. Kevin walked up to Julie and asked for her number.

Since they are both from the "Golden State," it aided in their meet-up and the subsequent growth of their relationship. Mets pitcher Kevin told the New York Post about their cute relationship history.

Tylor's dad Kevin first met his wife Julie at a gym in California
Source : facebook

Kevin was an athlete in his younger days as he used to be a rower during his time at Orange Coast College and UCLA. His spouse Julie credits her husband for the genetic abilities passed down to their kids.

Kevin definitely was a huge influence and reference point for their sons and daughter when they were younger, and one of them surely followed in his footsteps by becoming a rower in college.

He is active on Facebook, and often uploads posts about his children and MLB in general. Kevin also has many pictures uploaded of himself and Julie enjoying their time together during a vacation or retreats. He still loves to row and updates his activities on his timeline.

Likewise, he doesn't shy away from his dissatisfaction with the democratic government. He is a critic of the ruling party as he is out there when it comes to sharing posts and uploading facts that are against the left when they do something wrong.

Tylor Megill's Mother Is A Photographer

Tylor Megill's mom Julie Megill is the owner of Juls Megill Photography - California Megill Faith PMA as per her Facebook Intro.

Native to California, she attended Los Alamitos High School, in her hometown. Born as Julie Wagoner, she is very active on several social media platforms and has a great personality.

Julie Megill is a professional photographer
Source : instagram

Julie has a Twitter account under the handle, @julsmegill, with 10.4k followers. Joined in March 2009, she claims to be a baseball enthusiast and loves traveling.

She often tweets about her children and their careers while also sharing some sweet pictures with her husband from time to time. Julie often shares pictures of her during the games in the stands watching her sons play.

She has an Instagram account under the handle julsmegillphotography. Her profile is mostly filled with posts about her photography and clicks.

The mother of three, Julie would devote an ample amount of her time to her three kids when they were young and used to be their cheerleaders and drivers during their practice. Tylor appreciates everything she has done for him and his siblings as she was the one who looked after them most of the time as dad was at work.

Since both her kids are major league pitchers, Julie mentions that she and Kevin will be rooting for both teams when it happens. Julie is very close to her children and visits them whenever she gets an opportunity to do so.

Trevor Megill Is A Major League Pitcher

Tylor Megill brother Trevor Megill is a major league baseball player playing for the Minnesota Twins as their pitcher.

Born on December 5, 1993, the eldest child of Kevin and Julie attended Marina High School and later joined Loyola Marymount University, the same as his younger sibling. However, he played his entire college career with the LMU Lions, unlike his brother.

Trevor with his wife, brother Tylor, and sister Ryleigh
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Trevor was drafted into the MLB in 2014 by the Cardinals in the 3rd round, but he rather chose to continue his college career.

The 29-year-old was drafted into the league via the 2015 MLB draft by the San Diego Padres in the 7th round. After a few years in the minor league, he was selected by the Chicago Cubs using the Rule 5 draft in 2019.

However, he was returned to the Padres the next year. But the Cubs wanted Megill and traded him for cash considerations.

The Minnesota Twins pitcher is married to Katie Wayland Megill
Source : instagram

Trevor finally made his debut in the major league in April 2021. The Minnesota Twins claimed Megill off the waivers on November 30, 2021, and he has been with them since. With an ERA of 6.03, he has 79 strikeouts registered to his name.

Megill is active on Instagram under the handle trevormegill, with over 3.1K followers. He often posts about the game and his wife, Katie Wayland Megill. Trevor married his sweetheart, Katie, in October 2019.

Ryleigh Megill Is A College Rower

Tylor Megill sister Ryleigh Megill is a rower at the University of Southern California.

Like her elder sibling, Tylor, Ryleigh attended Los Alamitos High School. She then enrolled at the University of Southern California in 2018 and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology.

Ryleigh Megill did her Bachelor from University of South California
Source : facebook

She was at USC until 2022. However, she still is a member of the Women's Rowing team at USC as a student-athlete, as per her LinkedIn profile.

Ryleigh had already started rowing while she was in high school. With two elder siblings in major league baseball, she decided to follow in her father's footsteps and became a rower.

Ryleigh followed in her father's footsteps and became a Rower
Source : facebook

However, rowing wasn't always her thing, as she used to play volleyball for eight years before she switched her sports. The youngest Megill states her dream is to become a physical therapist for a professional sports team.

Ryleigh wither her mother Julie
Source : facebook

She has a very outgoing personality and loves outdoor activities. Ryleigh is active on Instagram under the handle ryleighshea_, with over 1.5K followers. Her account is private.

Ryleigh is also on Twitter and Facebook, but she hasn't updated on both platforms for a couple of years. 

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