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Trea Turner Stats Since Standing Ovation

By Aditya Bhattarai / 5 September 2023 02:57 PM

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Trea Turner Stats since standing ovation had an increase in OPS up to .757 with a .446 slugging percentage. Turner has a .967 fielding rate till August 2023.

The shortstop has been rising to his former glory from his rookie year in 2016 after joining the Philadelphia Phillies in 2023.

With his increasing stats, Turner received a standing ovation from the fans showing as they displayed their support and admiration towards him on 4 August 2023. His performance in 2023 contributed to his team ranking second in the NL East Division. 

Drafted by the Padres in the 2014 MLB Draft, Trea Turner was traded to the Nationals in 2015 starting in the Double A roster in MiLB. Turner made his Major League debut on 21 August 2015 after two successive promotions to qualify for the MLB roster that year.

After five seasons and a World Championship title with the Washington Nationals, he was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2021. Playing as a shortstop for the Dodgers for a year, Turner became a free agent in 2022. 

On 8 December 2022, Turner signed a $300 million contract with the Phillies for 11 years. The standing ovation from the fans has motivated him to further improve his records in the coming years.

Trea Turner Standing Ovation

Trea Turner stats after standing ovation is a monthly OPS of 1.179 till 3 September 2023. His batting average was .362 while landing a .781 slugging percentage.

Philadelphia Phillies have unlocked his highest potential after signing him on 22 December 2022. When Turner entered Citizens Bank Park on 4 August 2023, he received a friendly standing ovation planned by the Phillies fans to show support during the rough patch.

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The shortstop received a warm welcome from the fans and appreciating fanbase cheers that boosted his morale to perform well. This event had a deeper effect on the former batting champion in obtaining much better scores in the games after that day.

Turner was a two-time All-Star player during his tenure with the Dodgers and a Silver Slugger winner from 2022. He had also been a National League leader in Stolen Bases records in two seasons.

The former World Series champion had an impressive .398 OBP in the last 15 days along with a .929 slugging percentage which results in a total of 1.312 OPS. Likewise, he also had a .357 batting average from 56 at-bats, 17 Runs, and 20 hits.

On the other hand, his last seven-day performance is even higher with a .417 batting average and a whopping 1.292 slugging percentage. His OBP and OPS of .444 and 1.736 are the highest throughout his previous records.

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His Stats in July were almost half of what he scored in August after receiving the standing ovation. The batting average increased from .218 to .324 and the slugging rate almost doubled from .356 to .676 in August.

Along with the batting records, his fielding has also improved in August compared to July. Although it is not as much as his hitting progress, he has been advancing smoothly as a Phillies shortstop.

Trea Turner Defensive Stats

Trea Turner Defensive Runs Saved is -4 till 2 September 2023. Turner has made 16 errors, 157 putouts, 311 assists, and turned 53 double plays for the Phillies.

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The Defensive Runs Saves (DRS) is a measurement of the total number of runs saved by the defending players. It is calculated by using the errors, range, outfield arm, and double-play abilities of a fielder.

The 2023 MLB season has recorded a major bump in performance for the Phillies. Along with the efforts of their new defensive shortstop Turner and others on the team, they are guaranteed to shine at the playoffs this year.

Although Turner has been spending all his free time on batting practices, his fielding efforts as a shortstop are also above the average. He has a fielding percentage of .967 this year till 3 September after starting 132 games in this position.

The values are similar to his records from the previous year with the LA Dodgers when he scored a .969 fielding rate over the season. He had a defensive chance of 524 last year with 174 putouts, 334 assists, 16 errors, and 54 double-play turns.

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Trea Turner errors this year are 16 with a defensive chance of 484 till 2 September 2023. The shortstop had a similar number of errors in the previous season.

In the remaining one-month interval till the end of this regular MLB season, the Phillies will play 29 more games. Their current record is comprised of data from over 132 games played this year.

Before the playoffs begin, if the number of errors remains the same while increasing the number of putouts and assists, then it will have a higher fielding percentage.

Batting Average 2023

Trea Turner batting average 2023 is .261 over 556 at-bats in 134 games. The Phillies stats record a .446 slugging percentage till 2 September this year.

The batting average is a value from the total number of hits obtained divided by the number of at-bats. If a player scores more hits in a season, they would also have a higher batting average that year.

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Turner has scored 145 hits this season over a total of 556 at-bats resulting in the lower batting standard of .261. If he can secure more hits in the upcoming games before the season ends, he can raise his seasonal batting score higher than the standard score of .300 BA.

The Phillies shortstop has been hitting more home runs in these finals months after his morale was boosted by the fans. Their standing ovations and cheers throughout every at-bat in the 4 August game against the Kansas City Royals activated his passion to boost the performance further.

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Trea Turner career home runs records include 145 homers till the last game between the Phillies and Brewers on 2 September. He hit 6 HR in the last seven games.

The shortstop and hitter Turner has already scored 21 homers, 65 RBI, and a total of 84 runs this season till his last game against the Marlins on 3 September. His records also includes 20 doubles and three triples in 2023.

Trea Turner Fielding Stats

Trea Turner Fielding Stats records 157 putouts, 357 assists, and 16 errors while turning 53 double plays in 2023. Turner has a 484 defensive chance till now.

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There has been a higher number of strikeouts compared to the previous season. The shortstop has struck out 138 hitters over the last 133 games along with 25 stolen bases record in 2023.

The Phillies shortstop has made steady progress in batting scores after joining the team this season. However, his records as a shortstop remain in the same range compared to the previous seasons.

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