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Tony Gonsolin Parents Joanne Gonsolin And Scott Gonsolin

By / 8 February 2023 03:51 AM

Tony Gonsolin pictured with his dad at the Dodgers Stadium and with his mom at a marathon in which she took part in 2014
Source : facebook

Tony Gonsolin parents Joanne and Scott Gonsolin raised two athletic sons in California. Scott and Joanne are former athletes.

The couple might have opted for careers away from the glitz and glam of the sporting world, but one of their sons has thrived in it.

The former athletes, Scott and Joanne, could have had two baseball superstars in their home, but their oldest, Andrew, followed in their footsteps instead.

The Dodgers pitcher, Tony Gonsolin, extended his stay with the organization for two more years last year. The 28-year-old penned a $6.65 million deal with the Dodgers keeping him on the team until the end of 2024.

2022 was filled with many highs for the pitcher. He was part of the All-Star team and had one of his best seasons. The same will be hoped from him in 2023 and his teammate Gavin Lux, who narrowly missed out on the All-Star team.

Tony Gonsolin Mother Joanne And Father Scott Gonsolin Are Former Athletes

Tony Gonsolin parents Joanne and Scott Gonsolin are former track and field athletes.

The couple, who currently reside in Brentwood, gave up on their athletic careers early on in their lives. But they raised two sons who showed utmost enthusiasm towards baseball, which led to one of them even becoming a World Series Champion.

Scott Gonsolin Worked As A Firefighter

Tony Gonsolin's father Scott Gonsolin was the Captain of the Fire Department from 2018 to 2021 in Oakland, California.

Their last name stands for "fighter," which is how Scott's family describes themselves.

A former athlete, Scott, played a couple of years of baseball before turning his attention toward track and field. If there was one thing Scott taught his son, then that was never to quit. He wanted his son to take on challenges head-on and not focus too much on what the outcome could be. 

Scott poses with his eldest Andrew as the father-son duo are seen in their formal firefighter apparel.
Source : facebook

After the Dodgers beat the Rays in the 2020 World Series Finals, his workplace sent out a congratulatory message to his son. Though he is available on Instagram, Scott hasn't updated his account since 2020. 

The firefighter is available on Twitter with the username @SGonsolin, which is dedicated to his child's achievements. The proud father shared several posts from the night Tony walked the red carpet of the All-Star game in 2022 on his Twitter handle.

Joanne Gonsolin Is A Former Distant Runner

Tony Gonsolin's mom Joanne Gonsolin is a former distant runner but did not pursue the sport after graduating from Napa High. 

In her interview with The Sacramento Bee in 2020, Joanne revealed that her son's first word was "ball," along with the usual mama and dada.

Joanne Gonsolin is all smiles as she shows off her freshly dyed pink hair in a photo she shared on her Facebook handle.
Source : facebook

Tony is well-known for his love for cats in the sports world. It is a trait seen as a bit unnatural, as many of them are seen posing with their dogs. But Tony's love for the furry animal might have stemmed from his mother.

On her Facebook handle, Joanne has shared a couple of photos of her pet cats along with a few pictures of her own. 

Tony Gonsolin Brother Andrew Works In Fire Department

Tony Gonsolin brother Andrew Gonsolin is a firefighter at the Anne Arundel County Fire Department.

Andrew, the older brother of the MLB star, decided to follow in their father's footsteps. Before Tony became a star baseball player in his family, it was his brother, Andrew, who had made a name for himself in the field.

The firefighter is four years older than his brother and the one who played the biggest influence in Tony's life. Growing up in Vacaville, California, Tony grew up saying he wanted to be like his sibling. 

Andrew clicks a selfie with his better half Caitlin Gonsolin in a pictured shared by him in 2018.
Source : facebook

Andrew was a star at Vacaville High School, and the two siblings had a friendly competition. Tony always wanted to play with his brother's team and wanted to train with his coaches. 

Andrew Gonsolin is currently married to Caitlin Gonsolin, a Captain in the United States Air Force. They tied the knot on September 21, 2019, six months after their engagement. 

The firefighter surprised her with a proposal during one of their trips from Nashville, Tennessee. Andrew is available on Facebook and his wife also lives an active social media life and frequently shares their photos on her id on Facebook

Tony Gonsolin Family Are Fans Of The Giants

Tony Gonsolin family are big fans of the San Francisco Giants but that has not stopped them from supporting Tony.

And though his dad and mom might have been Giants fans, Tony's support lay with the Yankees, and he loved their shortstop, Derek Jeter. His love for the Yankees stemmed from his maternal grandmom, Marj. 

Marj would throw balls at Tony in her backyard as the youngster tried their best to take a swing. Marj loved the Yankees and would watch their games along with Tony.

The grandmother-grandson would meet every morning as Joanne would leave him there before she headed for her work.

Tony Gonsolin pictured with his brother Andrew(right), his wife, Caitlin(second from right) and their friend in a photo shared by him in 2021
Source : instagram

His uncle, Steve Gonsolin, was one of the first people interviewed after his World Series win. Steve was one of the first people with whom Tony confided his feelings about wanting to become a baseball player. 

And like any other supportive uncle, Steve said he could become a baseball star if he worked hard enough. He shared this in his interview with The Napa Valley Register and revealed that his kid, Austin Gonsolin was a multi-sport athlete at Trinity Prep.

Tony Gonsolin poses with Gavin Lux(left) and Justin Turner and his better half at their JT Foundation event in 2022.
Source : instagram

Tony hasn't revealed much about his romantic life publicly. The pitcher is unmarried and has never been seen with a partner by his side and walked the red carpet of the All-Star Game by himself. 

A fan favorite, Tony is good friends with his former teammate, Justin Turner, and was part of his foundation. The partnership between Justin and Tony has ended with Justin preferring to move away from Dodgers. But Tony and Dodgers partnership will continue as he penned a two-year contract with them.

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