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Detroit Tigers Walk Up Songs 2023

By Roshan Khatiwada / 30 September 2023 10:57 AM

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Detroit Tigers walk up songs 2023 consist of Bad Guy, Let's Get It, and Square Dance. The song Let's Get It by Neutro Shorty is the choice of Miguel Cabrera.

These songs have become an important part of baseball and reflect the personality of players. They also help to pump the player while entering the diamond and energize the crowds.

From the familiar sounds of Take Me Out To The Ball Game to some of the best hits of artists such as Eminem, Drake, Rihanna, and more, the baseball field has witnessed different melodies.

Further, these sounds provide a glimpse into the personality of the players as music choices reflect the traits of the person. The tradition of walk-up songs began in 1970 with organ player Nancy Faust playing the home state melody of each Chicago White Sox team player.

Best Tigers Walk Up Songs 2023

Best Tigers walk up songs for the 2023 season include songs by famous artists such as Eminem, Drake, and Kanye West. Square Dance by Eminem is one of them.

Akil Baddoo and Javier Baez are the only two players on the Detroit Tigers roster with more than one song on their list, with both having Bullseye 2 by Real Boston Richey. Some athletes change their song season after season or sometimes midway through the season, whereas some stick with theirs for years.

Source : instagram

Choosing a suitable song is essential as it helps to pump the crowd and themselves while entering the field to take on the opposition pitcher. Some songs can even intimidate the opposition, helping the athletes gain the upper hand before hitting a ball.

Here are some of the Tigers players with their walk-up songs:

  1. Kerry Carpenter - Fruits Of My Labor by Caleb Gordon
  2. Spencer Torkelson - White Tiger (Cat Carpenters Remix) by Izzy Bizu
  3. Matt Vierling - Country Grammar by Nelly
  4. Javier Baez - Bullseye 2 by Real Boston Richey
  5. Zach McKinstry - Bawitaba by Kid Rock
  6. Miguel Cabrera - Let´s Get It by Neutro Shorty
  7. Tyler Nevin - Square Dance by Eminem
  8. Trey Wingenter - Diamonds From Sierra Leone by Kanye West
  9. Tarik Skubal - Free Smoke by Drake
  10. Mason Englert - Yikes by Kanye West

Kerry Carpenter Walk Up Song

Kerry Carpenter walk up song for the 2023 season is Fruits Of My Labor by Caleb Gordon. The hip-hop artist from Florida released the song in 2023.

The song was a part of the Before the Garden 5 album of the artist. Since its release, the Gospel Christian genre song has been played almost two million times on Spotify.

Gordon is known for producing songs that highlight scriptural principles. This can be seen from the onset within the lyrics of the artist.

In this song, the musician emphasizes that it is about so much more than the money. The protagonist is being advised that he must focus on making money only, while his father advises him not to go after the material things. 

Spencer Torkelson Walk Up Song

Spencer Torkelson 2023 walk up song is White Tiger (Cat Carpenters Remix) by Izzy Bizu. The English-Ethiopian singer-songwriter released the song in 2015.

The song depicts the protagonist being on a rollercoaster ride outside their comfort zone and feeling scared. They refer to their romantic partner as the white tiger, who is keeping them going by supporting them.

Further, the protagonist compares their relationship to a rollercoaster ride with moments of fear and ups and downs. However, they feel safe with their partner ultimately.

Matt Vierling walk up song

Matt Vierling walk up song for the 2023 MLB campaign is Country Grammar by Nelly. It was released in 2000 as a debut single by the American rapper.

The choice of the Tigers left fielder was written by Nelly and Jason Epperson, with Jason also producing the track. The single peaked at number seven in both the United Kingdom and the United States, whereas it reached the top 20 in the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, and Australia.

Further, the song was ranked 29th in the 2000 year-end chart of the US Billboard Hot 100 and 19th in the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. The song is a celebration of St. Louis, where Nelly raps about his come-up in the city and how he finally made it big in the city.

It is an anthem for people who grew up in the country and are proud of their roots. The artist grew up in a small town in Missouri, and the sound reflects some of his own experiences.

Javier Baez Walk Up Song

Javier Baez walk up song for the ongoing MLB season is Bullseye 2 by Real Boston Richey and Future. The Tallahassee rapper released the song in 2022.

The song is part of the artist's debut project, Public Housing, and was released under the label FreeBandz Ent./Open Shift Distribution. The lyrics talk about the wealth and the lifestyle of using drugs and having multiple partners of the protagonist.

Further, the artist boasts about his housing, expensive jewelry and cars, and willingness to finish his enemies. The chorus part of the sound highlights the ruthlessness of the protagonist toward anyone who crosses him.

Zach McKinstry Walk Up Song

The Tigers third baseman Zach McKinstry walk up song is Bawitdaba by Kid Rock. The song released in 1999 is one of the best in the career of Rock.

The song is a part of the fourth studio album by the American singer. The song was among the most popular from the album, entering the top 10 on the New Zealand Singles chart and receiving critical praise.

The song peaked at number 4 on the US Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles and 10th on the US Billboard Alternative Airplay charts.

Bawitdaba is described as a nu-metal sound, with its chorus being a neo-Gregorian drone. The lyrics of the song are dedicated to women, crackheads, critics, and cynics.

Miguel Cabrera Walk Up Song

Miguel Cabrera Walk Up Song is Let's Get It by Neutro Shorty. The Venezuelan rapper, singer, and songwriter released the song in 2020.

The song was part of his album Humble Byoyz, in which he collaborates with different rap and trap performers, including Neo Pistea, Duki, Santa Fe Klan, and Miky Woodz. The album consisted of songs like En El Banco, Par De Pesos, and La Punto 40.

The song written by MoneyEvery & Daysix has 1,604,642 views on Spotify. The singer mentions that he has accomplished everything he wanted, and there are many people in the world who do not want him to succeed.

Tyler Nevin Walk Up Song

Walk up song of Tyler Nevin is Square Dance by Eminem, one of the best rappers in the business. The song was part of his The Eminem Show album.

It is the fourth studio album by the American rapper and was released on May 26, 2002. The album featured guest appearances from artists such as Dr. Dre, Dina Rae, D12, Obie Trice, and Nate Dogg.

The Detroit first baseman choice was written by his daughter Hailie Jade Mathers, Jeff Bass, and Luis Resto and produced by Eminem and Bass. In the song, the artist attacks Canibus and delivers an anti-war, anti-Bush, and anti-draft message.

The song addresses the artist's opposition to the Bush administration and the way he feels America has taken away some of its citizen's freedom.

Trey Wingenter Walk Up Song

Walk up song of Trey Wingenter for the 2023 MLB season is Diamonds From Sierra Leone by Kanye West. The song by the American rapper was released in 2005.

The song contains a looped and a sped-up sample of Bassey's Diamonds Are Forever. It peaked at number 3 in UK Hip Hop/R&B (OCC) and number 11 in the US Billboard Hot Rap Songs.

In the music, the artist links the material wealth he gained through fame after the civil war of Sierra Leone and the illegal diamond trade. Kanye also recalls the time le lost the New Artist of the Year to Gretchen Wilson at the American Music Awards in 2004 on the song while criticizing himself for throwing a tantrum over it.

Tarik Skubal Walk Up Song

Tarik Skubal Walk Up Song for the ongoing major league season is Free Smoke by Drake. The Canadian rapper released the song on April 18, 2017.

The song is the third single from his album More Life. It features additional background vocals by Baka Not Nice and is perceived as a diss track to Meek Mill and other rappers.

The musical choice of Detroit's pitcher entered the charts at number 12 and spent six weeks on the Billboard Canadian Hot 100. In addition, the song spent four weeks on the US Billboard Hot 100, entering the charts at number 18.

Further, the sound peaked in the top 40 in multiple countries, including France, the Netherlands, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and New Zealand.

Mason Englert Walk Up Song

Walk up song for Mason Englert in the 2023 MLB season is Yikes by Kanye West. The song was released in 2018 as a part of his eighth studio album.

It includes a chilling bass and echoing voices in its composition and is co-produced by Mike Dean and Kanye. Yikes reached a peak position of number eight on the US Billboard Hot 100, the first time the rapper reached the top ten chart with solo music since 2008.

Additionally, it reached the top ten on the UK Singles Chart and the Canadian Hot 100. The lyrics feature the rapper talking about tweaking drugs and having apparent experiences with psychedelic drugs.

The artist also refers to the #MeToo movement, and the chorus sees him talk about scaring himself.

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