Minor League Baseball Teams In Texas

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Texas League operates in Double A Class of the Minor League Baseball.
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Minor League Baseball Teams In Texas comprise 8 affiliate franchises from the Rangers and Astros of MLB. There are four MiLB teams with both Major League Clubs.

Texas Rangers Minor League teams include Round Rock Express, Frisco RoughRiders, Hickory Crawdads, and Down East Wood Ducks.

They belong to Tripple A, Double A, High A, and Single A classes under the minor league structure established in 2021. ACL Rangers and DSL Rangers are the other two minor franchises for the rookie division and Dominican Summer Leagues. These franchises are the breeding ground for the Major League club drafts.

Similarly, the other four MilB teams in Texas belong to the reigning World Series champion of 2022. 

The Houston Astros Minor League teams consist of Sugar Land Space Cowboys, Corpus Christi Hooks, Asheville Tourists, and Fayetteville Woodpeckers.

Apart from these four, their Rookie League club FCL Astros Blue competes in the Florida Complex League. Also, DSL Astros are a part of the Dominican Summer League.

The following table mentions all MiLB Teams under the support of their respective Major League Clubs in Texas. They are classified in descending order of their division.

Texas Baseball Teams In Minor League

Texas Rangers (Level)Houston Astros (Level)
1. Round Rock Express (Triple-A)1. Sugar Land Space Cowboys (Triple-A)
2. Frisco RoughRiders (Double-A)2. Corpus Christi Hooks (Double-A)
3. Hickory Crawdads (High-A)3. Asheville Tourists (High-A)
4. Down East Wood Ducks (Single-A)4. Fayetteville Woodpeckers (Single-A)
5. ACL Rangers (Rookie)5. FSL Astros (Rookie)
6. DSL Rangers (Foreign)6. DSL Astros (Foreign)

Round Rock Express

Round Rock Express Minor League baseball team is a Tripple A affiliate of the Texas Rangers. They compete in the Pacific Coast League of MiLB.

This franchise was named after the legendary pitcher Nolan Ryan Aka "The Ryan Express." The RR Express is owned jointly by Ryan, his son Reid, and Don Sanders under Ryan Sanders Baseball Group.

The Round Rock based Minor league team got the Express in their name form Nolan Ryan nickname.
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The RR Express plays all their home games at the Dell Diamond ballpark. They were initially established as a Double-A team of the Texas League from Round Rock in 2000. The team had won the TL Championship in their debut year.

Five years later, they were replaced by a Triple-A PCL team in 2005 along with the preceding history of their Double-A records. After the MLB restructuring of the MiLB in 2021, they were moved to the Tripple A West division.

The franchise has won three conference championships and seven division titles in its 23 years of MiLB history.

Frisco RoughRiders

Frisco RoughRiders Minor League Baseball is a Rangers affiliate under the Double A class for Texas League. They are the reigning conference champions of 2022.

Frisco RoughRiders are a Double A Class Rangers team in the Texas League.
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RoughRiders were established in 2003 and were successful in securing their first Texas League title in 2004. The MiLB team has obtained six divisional titles till 2023.

Owned by the Greenberg Sports Group, the franchise is managed by General Manager Scott Burchett and Baseball Manager Carlos 
Cardoza. Similarly, the Minor League franchise from Frisco has played all its home games at the Riders Field since its founding days.

They have remained as an affiliate of the Texas Rangers from the beginning days as they played in the Texas League. Although the team moved to the Double-A central league in 2021, it was again renamed as Texas League after the MLB reformation that year.

Hickory Crawdads

Hickory Crawdads minor league team is a High A affiliate of the MLB club Texas Rangers. They play in the South Atlantic League of Minor League Baseball.

The Crawdads are a Minor League baseball club under the Texas Rangers of MLB.
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They were established in 1993 and have been a Class A division team before being promoted to the High-A level. It was upgraded after the MiLB reformation in 2021.

Initially, they were affiliated with the Chicago White Sox for the first five years till 1998. The Crawdads have won three Minor League championships with the first two obtained during their stint with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

They played with the Pirates till 2008 before moving under the wing of the Texas Rangers in 2009. The franchise is situated in Hickory, North Carolina and they have been playing all their home games at L.P. Frans Stadium since their founding years.

The team from Hickory has also won four division-level titles with two pennants each playing for the Pirates and Rangers.

Down East Wood Ducks

Down East Wood Ducks is a Single A affiliate team of the Rangers for the Minor League. The Ducks have been competing in the Carolina League since 2022.

Wood Ducks are a Single A affiliate of the Rangers competing in Carolina League.
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They were founded by the Rangers as a Class A Advanced team in 2017. The team had won their only Minor league title in their Debut year.

This Texas Rangers franchise is owned by Diamond Baseball Holding, a Subsidiary organization of Silver Lake. General Manager Jon Clemmons and Baseball Manager Carlos Maldonado are responsible for its management.

When the MiLB reformation by Major League Baseball was done, they were moved to the Low A East division in 2021. It was later promoted to the Carolina League in 2022 and its class was renamed from Low-A to Single-A.

The East Wood Ducks have won two divisional titles in the last seven years. Being a franchise from Kinston, North Carolina, they have been playing their home games at the Grainger Stadium of NC.

Sugar Land Space Cowboys

Sugar Land Space Cowboys Minor League team is a Tripple A affiliate of the Houston Astros. The Cowboys play in the Pacific Coast League of MiLB.

The SLS Cowboys are a Tripple A Class team of the Astros that play in PCL.
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The Cowboys were established in 2012 as Sugar Land Skeeters an ALPB expansion team. They played for the Independent League until the Major League reform in 2021.

Following the reorganizing of MiLB teams, the Astros acquired an ownership stake in Sugar Land and listed it as a Tripple A Affiliate under them. The Astros affiliate team is operated under the ownership of the Major League Club and managed by General Manger Tyler Stamm and Manager Mickey Storey.

Before becoming an Astros Affiliate, the franchise had won three Minor League championships and four Divisional titles. The team plays its home games at Constellation Field in the Greater Metropolitan Area of Sugar Land, Texas. 

Corpus Christi Hooks

Corpus Christi Hooks is a Double A affiliate Minor League team of the Houston Astros. They compete in the Texas League for the Divisional games.

Hooks got their name and logo in reference to the fishing history of the Corpus Christi town.
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Situated in the fishing city of Texas called Corpus Christi, they were reformed as the Hooks in 2005. They have been a part of the Astros since 1991 and had a former history with the New York Mets from 1968 to 1990.

The Hooks have been playing all their home games at the Whataburger Field since 2005. They won their first league championship and divisional title in 2006. Since then, the team has only been able to win the first and second-half titles.

Owned and operated under the Major League Club Houston Astros, the team is under the management of General Manager Brady Ballard. Likewise, former second baseman and shortstop Dickie Joe Thon leads the team as a Baseball manager

Asheville Tourists

Asheville Tourists is one of the oldest Minor League baseball teams running since 1897. They have been affiliated with eleven Major League clubs over the years.

The Tourists is a High A affiliate team of the Astros with a history of more than a century.
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The Tourists are currently playing as a High A affiliate team under the Houston Astros. After the minor league team management by Major League in 2021, they became a part of the Astros for the third time.

They are a franchise from the Asheville City of North Carolina that has played under numerous leagues and divisions of MiLB. The team has been playing the longest with the South Atlantic League since 1976.

The Asheville MiLB team has won seven Minor League titles throughout its history of more than a century. Currently, they play their home games at McCormick Field in NC.

Larry Hawkins is the General Manager for the team management as they operate under the ownership of Mike DeWine and Family. Likewise, former collegiate baseball player Nate Shaver is the manager of the team.

Fayetteville Woodpeckers

Fayetteville Woodpeckers Minor League team is a Single A affiliate of the Houston Astros Major League franchise. They compete in the Carolina League under MiLB.

Woodpeckers is a minor league affiliate team of Astros competing in the Carolina League.
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The team was established as Buies Creek Astros in 2017 under the ownership of the MLB club Houston Astros. The south division team had won two divisional titles and one Minor League championship.

They have been playing all their home games at the Segra Stadium in Fayetteville since 2019. Before being renamed as Fayetteville Woodpeckers in 2019, the team used to play in Jim Perry Stadium in their first two years of operation.

Woodpeckers used to contend at the Low-A East league of the MiLB till 2020 before it was renamed as the Carolina League in 2021. The class was also renamed Single-A from Low-A after the major league reformation of minor league teams in 2021. 

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