TBS Postseason Baseball Announcers And Broadcasters

By Biraj Khanal / 2 May 2023 07:38 AM

TBS Baseball Announcers includes Lauren and other team members.
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TBS Postseason Baseball Announcers include Brian Anderson, Ron Darling, and Lauren Shehadi. Don Orsillo and Matt Winer are regular season announcers on TBS.

MLB on TBS is an American presentation show telecasting the games of the regular season and postseason of MLB. TBS has held the rights for the two Divison series and the Championship Series, which will be aired in English by Turner Sports.

As the 2023 season began, it returned with 26 games airing on Tuesdays throughout the entire season. Their broadcasts include 30 minutes of pregame and post-game shows. Ernie Johnson and Lauren Shehadi will be hosting the broadcast.

Brian Anderson and Ron Darling will be leaders of the announcer's team of TBS, whereas Bob Costas, Matt Winer, Jeff Francoeur, and other team members will work on selected games.

The show will be streamed on TBS's official website and its app.

Postseason Baseball Announcers on TBS

TBS baseball playoff announcers include Brian Anderson, Bob Costas, and Rob Darling. Jeff Francoeur works as an analyst for the team.

Multiple TV coverages for the playoff games from its National League and American League Championship Series will be there as the tournaments kick off. TBS and its announcers and broadcasters will lead their coverage on the Turner Sports channel. 

The studio analysts include Ernie Johnson, Curtis Granderson, Pedro Martinez, and Jimmy Rollins.

Here listed some of the TBS postseason baseball announcers:

  1. Brian Anderson
  2. Ron Darling
  3. Jeff Francoeur
  4. Lauren Shehadi
  5. Matt Winer
  6. Don Orsillo
  7. Bob Costas

1. Brian Anderson 

Brian is an American broadcaster and an announcer for the TBS show on Turner Sports. He has been working as a play-by-play announcer for the Brewers since 2007.

Brian showing the gift as a signatured band from the Astros Manager while commentating.
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He also has cast in the NCAA tournament for Turner Sports during its regular basketball season. 

Apart from hosting Tuesday Shows, he recently cast in an NBA game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Lakers. Lebron James broke the scoring record held by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar by scoring a fadeaway late jumper.

2. Ron Darling

Ron is a current television color commentator and a former baseball pitcher. He was a part of the Met's 1986 World Series-winning roaster.

He started as an announcer in 2006 and has been co-leading as a color commentator for Mets Broadcast. Darling is a part of the TBS Tuesday show as a lead announcer in the team.

He also works as a co-host in MLB Network programs.

3. Jeff Francoeur

Francoeur is the lead television analyst for the Atlanta Braves and a part of TBS. He was a former player for the MLB teams, including Atlanta Braves, New York Mets, and Miami Marlins.

Jeff with his child enjoying on Dads Day in March wearing the Braves merch
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Jeff joined the Braves in 2017 as a color analyst and used to broadcast on Fox Sports South and Southeast.

In September 2019, he joined TBS as an analyst for the network's NL wildcard game, NLDS, and NLCS alongside Darling and Anderson.

4. Lauren Shehadi

Julia Lauren Shehadi is an American sportscaster for the MLB Network and TBS by Warner Bros.

Lauren joined the channel in 2018 as an on-field commentator during the 2018 American League Championship Series.

She has been working as a caster and a field reporter for the TBS coverage since 2018. She had also worked for CBS Sports and CBS College Sports Network in her early career.

5. Matt Winer

Matt is an American television caster currently working for Turner Sports. Turner signed Winer in 2010 to contribute to sports coverage.

Winer during the time of field reporting at the Mariner's ballpark.
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He later became the primary host for MLB on TBS, replacing Ernie Johnson Jr., who later shifted to a play-by-play commentator.

Besides baseball, Winer also hosts NBA TV and TNT coverage of NASCAR, NBA, and PGA tours and is recently part of the TBS Tuesday show team for the 2023 season.

6. Don Orsillo

Orsillo is an American caster and a play-by-play announcer for the San Diego Padres on Bally Sports and the MLB on TBS.

He joined the Padres at the end of 2016 after former broadcaster Dick Enberg retired. Don was one of the voices of the MLB Divison series on TBS.

Since 2017, Orsillo has hosted Sunday afternoon regular games on TBS, Fox, and FS1.

8. Bob Costas

Robert Quinian Costas, known as Bob Costas, is a play-to-play and a studio crew for the MLB on TBS. He further works as a commentator on CNN. 

Ken Dashow together with Costas wishing him a Happy Birthday on March 23.
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Costas has hosted many baseball Major championship games, including MLB ALL-Star games, ESPN telecast of Tigers Vs. Mariners, Yankees, and Red Sox on Yes Network.

After agreeing with NLCS, Bob got permitted to host the 2021 National League Championship Series. He has been with the Warner Bros sports channel "MLB on TBS" since 2016.

TBS Commentators Baseball Playoffs

TBS baseball commentators include Bob Costas and Ron Darling. Pedro Martinez and Jimmy Rollins join as studio analysts for the commentary team.

MLB on TBS is created by Warner Bros. Discovery Sports, which aires on the American television network TBS.

On April 6, 2022, TBS announced its squad for the 2022 season. Granderson, Martinez, and Rollins would return as studio analysts, with Shehadi as a studio host. Anderson paired up with Costas sharing the play-to-play commentary duties for the regular season.

Darling and Francoeur returned as color commentators for the 2022 season. As the squad has not been changed from the 2022 season, Jeff and Ron can be seen casting the playoff games for the TBS on Tuesday Night Show alongside host Lauren.

Announcers For NLCS On TBS

TBS NLCS announcers include Brian Anderson and Bob Costas. Ron and Francoeur are working as color commentators.

As the 2023 NLCS is expected to be held at the end of the regular season between September and October. We can expect the same team from 2021 to 2023 LCS.

In 2021 Costas replaced Ernie Johnson as a pregame host due to the NBA duties for TNT in the show "Inside the NBA."

Brian was a play-by-play announcer during the 2021 season, whereas Darling and Jeff led the chart as commentators. Lauren was an in-field reporter for the 2021 NLCS and had been working since 2021.

With pregame host Bob, Jimmy, Pedro, and Granderson was behind the back as an analyst for the game in the program providing reports for the show.

As a field reporter, Shehadi was also a part of the trophy presentation for the winners and individual awards in the NLCS.

Announcers For ALCS On TBS

TBS ALCS broadcasters include Brian Anderson, Bob Costas, and Jeff Francoeur. Lauren is an in-field reporter during the championship.

Lauren was a part of ALCS 2022 season including Anderson.
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American League Championship Series is the best-of-seven playoff and one of two LCS teams from the MLB postseason. It is hosted by the two winners of the AL Division series. 

The winner will advance to the World Series tournament to play against the winner of the NLCS. 

TBS aired the tournament in 2022, where Brian worked as a play-by-play announcer, and Lauren was a field reporter. Ron and Jeff were a part of the commentary team for the TBS.

All the pregame show is hosted by Costas, including analysts Jimmy, Pedro, and Curtis. Shehadi was on the field for the trophy presentation of the series.

TBS ALDS broadcasters

TBS ALDS broadcasters include Bob Costas and Brian Anderson. Matt Winer and Lauren Shehadi worked as field reporters in the 2022 ALDS.

American League Divison Series provides data on which two AL teams will advance to the ALCS. The teams are selected from the two best-of-five series, including two division champions and wild card playoff winners.

Different sports Networks like MLB Network, TBS, and Fox Sports provide coverage of the ALDS tournament. Recently in the 2022 season, TBS was the coverage partner for the division series. 

In 2022, Anderson hosted the Astros and the Mariner's game, whereas Costas hosted the Yankees and the Guardian's match. Jeff and Ron were in a commentator's role. 

Lauren and Winer were working as field reporters during the series. Lauren provided a field report from Game 1 to Game 4. On the other hand, Winer was in the field for Game 5.

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