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Target Field Bag Policy 2023 And MN Twins Prohibited Rules

By Roshan Khatiwada / 30 May 2023 02:28 AM

The home ground of the Twins is one of the best ballparks in the major league
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Target Field bag policy 2023 is that the fans cannot bring bags larger than 16"x16"x8". Clutch bags, diaper bags, and soft-sided purses are allowed.

Built-in 2010, the ballpark is one of the best baseball stadiums to visit in the major league. The ground has been the home of the Minnesota Twins since its inception.

Target Field has strict rules and policies regarding what can be brought into the ballpark. There are restrictions on what types of bags and foods are allowed inside the stadium.

All these rules are kept to expedite the entry process and protect the fans who come to enjoy the game. Target Field hosted the 2014 All-Star game of Major League Baseball, where the AL defeated the NL by 5-3.

Further, the ballpark has hosted many non-sporting events like concerts and sporting events other than baseball, including hockey, soccer, and football.

MN Twins Bag Policy

Twins Stadium bag policy state that fans can't bring bags larger than 16 inches by 8 inches by 16 inches. The bag must also be single-compartment.

From the 2023 season, the Twins have established a screening solution named Evolv Express at all five gates at the stadium. This technology allows fans to walk through the security without showing the items from their pockets or purses.

The enhanced technology is kept in place to speed up entry and provide top security to the fans. It also helps to improve the fan experience as they don't have to wait in line to get their items checked, physically.

However, the gate officials can still physically inspect your pockets, bags, or purses to ensure they comply with the stadium and major league policy. 

There are five gates through which fans can enter the Target Field
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Here are the types of bags allowed inside the ballpark:

  • Single-compartment tote bags
  • Clear bags
  • Drawstring bags
  • Diaper bags
  • Fanny packs
  • Single-compartment soft-sided coolers
  • Bags containing medically necessary items

In case of physical inspection, fans are only allowed if their item follows the stadium guidelines. Any bag that is deemed prohibited can not be taken inside the stadium.

Target Field bag rules state that the prohibited bag must either be returned to the vehicle or thrown away or kept in the bag storage locker provided by the team. Unlike some other major league stadiums, Target Field does not charge a fee for using the Bag Storage lockers.

The lockers are located near Target Field Station and Gate 6.

Exciting new features and designs were updated in the Minnie and Paul celebration sign at the beginning of the 2023 MLB season
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Here are the types of bags prohibited inside the Target Field:

  • Backpacks
  • Multi-compartment laptop bags
  • Camera bags
  • Duffel Bags
  • Any bag exceeding the size of 16 inches by 8 inches by 16 inches

Multi-compartment bags are allowed if they are being primarily used as diaper bags or child-care bags given that they abide by the bag size restriction.

In addition, the stadium also prohibits bringing beach balls, fireworks, coolers, inflatables, laser pointers, flasks, frisbees, boom boxes, ball retrievers, balloons, bats, brooms, lawn chairs, and any sort of items that can be harmful to others.

Purse Policy

Target Field purse policy allows fans to bring clutch purses and purses that do not exceed the size 16"x16"x8". The purses must be on the soft side.

The purse is checked either through Evolv Express technology or by gate officials at the time of entry to make sure it meets the standards of the ballpark's policies and rules.

And if deemed not meeting the standards, you will be asked to return the purse to your vehicle or throw it away. Just like with the bags, you can use a locker to keep your wallet while you're at the ballpark for free.

Food Policy

Target Field food policy permits fans to bring their food into the ballpark. The food must be in a soft-sided container that fits under your seat.

However, food brought from outside can not be brought into any of the bars, restaurants, and lounge areas inside the ballpark. Further, any food item that can be thrown easily toward other people, such as tomatoes or apples, should be sliced.

In addition, plenty of concessions inside the stadium provide all sorts of food and beverages. So, you can buy food and drinks from any one of them in case you haven't brought your food.

Here are some of the best places to get food at Target Field:

1. Minnie & Paul's

Minnie and Paul's is one of the famous places at the ballpark. The Twins-themed pub lies under one of the stadium's iconic figures, the center field celebration sign.

The concession is well-known for its Red Cow burgers and Italian pizza from Pizza Luce. The burger is 60/40, which means the patty is sixty percent ground beef and forty percent bacon.

It also features a full bar with different types of beverages.

2. Kramarczuk

Kramarzuk is one of the prime attractions of the stadium. Located in sections 112, 117, and 312, the concession is famous for its Polish sausages served in a bun with some mustard.

A fan enjoying a glass of beer while watching a Twins game at the Target Field
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The sausages are fried up on the grill with some cabbage and onions. Mac and cheese are the other fan-favorite food options at the concession.

3. Gray Duck Deck

Gray Duck Deck is a big rectangular-shaped bar at the heart of the stadium. The tiered standing-room drink rails facing toward the field allow the fans to grab a drink enjoying a view of the game simultaneously.

The concession has a cabana-style seating area and several high-top tables. Bomba juice is one of the best and most famous drinks available.

Gray Duck has several big TV screens that allow the fans to keep an eye on the game from the bar.

4. Hot Indian

Hot Indian is the place to go if you are looking for spicy Indian food. The restaurant is located in section 120 and offers a wide variety of food options.

The star of the concession is the Chicken Tikka, a spicy chicken curry served with crunchy cool slaw. There are multiple rice combos available served with a rich sauce.

Potatoes, squash, chana masala, and tomato curry are other popular options at Hot Indian.

5. Hrbek's Pub

Hrberk's Pub is named after the Twins' legendary first baseman Kent Hrbek. The infielder spent his thirteen-year major league career with Minnesota, winning two World Series titles.

Different variety of hot dogs are available throughout the Twins ballpark
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The concession features some of the player's favorite foods, including signature basket foods. The indoor club has its own private partially covered outdoor patio with a full bar serving all kinds of beverages.

Triple Sausage Sampler Bloody Marry is one of the fan-favorite options at the concession.

Water Bottle Policy

Target Field water bottle policy allows fans to bring water bottles to the ballpark. The bottle must be factory sealed and not exceed 32 ounces.

Fans can also bring milk containers for children and soft-sided single juice that is sealed. Beverages like flavored water, Powerade, Gatorade, or any other performance drinks or drinks containing alcohol are not allowed into Target Field.

Fans can bring soft-sided sealed juice and water bottles inside the Target Field
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In addition, fans can bring empty plastic or sport water bottles into the ballpark and fill them at the water fountains available throughout the stadium.

Alcohol can be bought at concessions available at Target Field. Guests will need to show a valid ID to purchase alcoholic beverages.

The bottles will be subject to inspection while entering the stadium. Any bottles not sealed and don't meet the requirement will not be allowed inside the stadium.

However, exceptions are made if the guest has liquids required for legitimate medical purposes.

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