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Taijuan Walker Mom Nellie Garcia Is Mexican Allowing Him To Play For Team Mexico

By / 16 March 2023 04:17 AM

Taijuan Walker(left) pictured with his family members including mom Nellie(right) and siblings Noemi and Shamon.
Source : instagram

Taijuan Walker mom Nellie Garcia raised her four kids as a single parent in California. Nellie is half Mexican and a cancer survivor.

In 2012, Nellie was diagnosed with breast cancer but successfully came out on top against the deadly disease. The pitcher who calls his mother a superwoman has, out of respect, decided to represent his Mexcian roots on the international stage.

Taijuan Walker, the new starlet of the Philadelphia Phillies, signed with the 2022 World Series Finalists on December 16, 2022, joining the likes of Aaron Nola and Kyle Schwarber.

Currently, the pitcher is competing in the World Baseball Classic for Team Mexico alongside Patrick Sandoval and had a phenomenal game against Great Britain. Team Mexico will now face Canada and hope to win their first WBC title.

Taijuan Walker Mexico

Taijuan Walker represents Mexico on international stages as he has Mexcian roots from his mother's side.

His mom, Nellie Garcia, is half-Mexican, and the pitcher is proud to showcase and represent his mother's family. Walker wants to pay homage to his roots.

The pitcher was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana, alongside three siblings, but his Mexcian roots hit close to home for him. The baseball player even has several tattoos dedicated to his family.

A highly religious man, Taijun Walker has dedicated the Virgin Mary tattoo on his left arm to his late grandmother, and it is one of his favorite tattoos. He even has a rosary inked on him and was given the rosary beads by his grandmother in high school.

After a fantastic performance against Great Britain in the ongoing World Baseball Classic, Taijuan Walker is looking forward to a similar performance against Canada. Team Mexico is yet to win the title of WBC Champions, and Walker would certainly want to bring the maiden title home.

Taijuan Walker Mum Raised Four Kids By Herself

Taijuan Walker parents are not married. His mom Nellie Garcia raised him as a single parent in California.

Nellie Garcia was a teenage mother who had been left to fend for herself by her partner and Taijuan's father. His dad has never made any public comments and hasn't shown himself in the media.

Taijuan Walker pictured with mom Nellie Garcia in 2014.
Source : instagram

The pitcher is the second eldest child of Nellie, with her oldest son being Shamon Walker, and two younger children, De'shuan and Noemi Walker. Nicknamed "Superwoman" by her son, Nellie Garcia picked up several jobs when the baseballer was young, one of them being a cook.

Nellie would manage to work multiple jobs and would still be present at her children's games. Speaking to ESPN in 2016, Taijuan said his mum would attend his baseball game and then would travel to that of his brother, and after finishing that game, would return to watch him play basketball.

In 2012, the Walker family went through a tough time with Nellie being diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a scary moment for Nellie and her kids, but she eventually beat the life-threatening disease and has been cancer free since 2013.

Nellie present at one of the game of Taijuan for Mariners in 2013.
Source : instagram

Nellie is available on Instagram with the username @razzytazz44 but has kept her Instagram hand on private mode. But we can catch glimpses of the proud mother on her children's Instagram handle.

Her two sons, Taijuan and De'shuan are seen posting photographs of her on their social media pages. Her youngest child, De'shuan on his Instagram handle has dedicated several posts to his mum, including those on her birthdays and Mother's Day.

Taijuan Walker Wife Heather Restrepo Walker

Taijuan Walker wife Heather Restrepo Walker is a graduate of Western Washington University.

Heather earned her degree in Marketing in 2015 and worked as a digital media intern at Aston Manor. Heather was previously active on Twitter but hasn't shared much since 2020, which is the same on her Facebook as well.

Taijuan Walker pictured with wife Heather Walker in a Facebook picture shared by her on December 18, 2019 on the occasion of their third anniversary.
Source : facebook

Heather also has a YouTube channel with 7.16k subscribers, where she has uploaded two videos to date. One of her first videos was about how to curl your hair, and the second one was about the outdoor birth of her child, Zoren. 

Heather And Taijuan Relationship

Taijuan Walker and Heather Restrepo Walker married on December 18, 2016.

The pitcher has shared several posts on his Instagram handle but hasn't publicly shared any with his wife, Heather. Heather's Facebook profile shows that the couple has known each other since 2014.

In one of her posts from 2019, Heather is seen enjoying a day out with her man at a golf course, as she captioned the saying her first time out on a golf course with Taijuan was five years ago. 

Taijuan and wife Heather pictured enjoying a day out in a golf course in 2019.
Source : facebook

The pitcher hasn't shared any pictures from his wedding day, but the couple is believed to have tied the knot in 2016. On the same date in 2019, Heather shared an anniversary post for her man and celebrated their three years of marriage.

Taijuan Shares Two Kids With Heather

Heather Restrepo Walker gave birth to the couple's first child, a baby boy, Zayden, on July 21, 2017. The MLB player took to his Instagram handle to share the news of the birth of his son. 

In recent years, Zayden has been pictured playing video games with his dad as the pitcher continues to showcase the cute father-son bond on his social media page. In 2020, on Zayden's third birthday, Taijuan shared a cute birthday post. 

Taijuan Walker pictured with his two sons Zayden and Zoren on March 5, 2023.
Source : instagram

The baseball couple had their second child, Zoren Restrepo Walker, on November 2, 2020. Heather gave birth to their second child at home in their swimming pool and had the entire ordeal filmed and shared on her YouTube channel.

Taijuan was beside his wife throughout the entire process, with their older child Zayden with them as well.

On March 5, the baseballer recently shared a family picture of him with his two kids, captioning the post, "No love is greater than that of a father for his son(s). If my boys are happy, then I’m happy."

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