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Super Mega Baseball 4 Stadiums And Teams Roster

By Ayush Khadka / 8 June 2023 02:48 AM

Six new ballparks are present in the latest franchise
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Super Mega Baseball 4 Stadiums are divided for all 20 Super Mega Teams. The new version will have 6 new stadiums making 20 in total.

Super Mega Baseball 4 is a Metalhead Software video game available on various platforms like PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The series is based on arcade-style gameplay built for an immersive experience. The game got officially released on Steam on 2 June 2023. 

There are various game modes for the players to enjoy, including the Single player, online PvP, and online Co-op. The game has also listened to the fandom and has added automatic runners and walks, expansion of the Trait system with Team Chemistry, and two-way players.

Many MLB legends: Ron Gant, Babe Ruth, John Franco, and Willie Mays, are present in the game. These players enhance the gaming experience with their Megafied appearance and can be played in the Legends League. There are other fictional baseballers in this video game too.

Stadiums In Super Mega Baseball 4 

Best Super Mega Baseball 4 stadium consists of Indoor Arena and The Amusement Park. There are 6 stadiums in the base game. 

SMB 4 has great improvements in park lighting and atmosphere.
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Here is the list of the ballparks present in the latest Super Mega Baseball franchise:

  • Indoor Arena
  • Battery Bay
  • Parque Jardineros
  • Stade Royale
  • The Corral
  • Golden Field

For instance, the Big Fly contains an amusement park in the background, with huge roller coasters covering the area. Similarly,  ballparks have a tropical cityscape aura and mountains. 

Reddit fans discussed the issue too, and one user wrote that the Parque Jardineros stadium is based on the flag colors of Venezuela used in one of the stadiums, and Stade Royale is based on the Montreal biosphere at the outfield wall.

Meanwhile, another stated how the Battery Bay / Big Fly is based in South Carolina's Charleston, while the Corral is in Dallas. The discussion then took to Golden Field, which the fans believed was Iowa, Kansas, or Nebraska. One user also remarked that the indoor arena was based in Chicago due to the legitimate business and architecture.

All the baseball teams have their own home stadium in the Super Mega League in this game. This adds more flavor to the game and creates a unique atmosphere while playing with each franchise. 

DLC Ballparks For The Game

Three new stadiums are available in Super Mega Baseball 4. The first one is slated to release at the end of June.

These three new fields will be a part of the Super Mega Baseball 4 Ballpark Edition. This edition can be pre-ordered three days before the launch date. PlayStation Store will release this version on 30 June 2023. 

Here are the three new ballparks with their releases dates per Electronic Arts:

  • Castillo Arena -  August 31
  • Ciudad de Colores Ballpark - July 31
  • Peril Point Ballpark - Launch date

Peril Point contains a massive bridge covering the outfield, and beyond the wall features water and a retired naval cruiser. This park will make for a fine home run. Meanwhile, one Reddit user also remarked that Castillo Arena meant Sandcastle, so it could be based in a Mexican beach town. 

There are 20 stadiums in the base game for 20 teams, with six new ones. With the addition of these three new parks, many people would seek to add three more in the Franchise mode to create great gameplay. Some can also make two teams share one ballpark in previous games. 

Other Ballpark Features In The Game

SMB 4 stadium parks have many features that make the gameplay memorable and exciting for each team. 

With variable designs on the ballparks, you will not feel dull when playing because of their atmosphere and backgrounds. Moreover, the game also provides the field's dimensions at the preview so that the players can know which ballpark they are getting into. 

The lighting is also improved in the latest game for the diamond field and the characters, enhancing the user's viewpoint. Likewise, time and weather conditions will also be applicable to give a realistic vibe. 

Alongside the improvements on ballparks, the developers have also worked on User Interface that will go hand-to-hand while playing. The menu screens are improved to make the critical decisions on the team better. Metalhead Software has improved the readability feature through specific layouts. 

Teams In Super Mega Baseball 4

Super Mega Baseball 4 teams can be made through the Customization tab. Super Mega League and Legends League are the Standard versions. 

Ruth is one of the greatest baseballers of all time.
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Once you go to the Customization menu, you can choose Create a Custom League. Once you enter this mode, you will be taken to a League Setup page, which tells you to determine Conferences, Divisions, and the number of teams. After setting this, you will get a League with random team names.

The team names can be edited per your choice. Click on the Edit Team option, which will provide you with a page with more customization. You can change the team's ballpark, logo, uniform, and even players. Sounds can also be edited regarding strikeouts and runs made. 

However, if you do not want to put in a lot of work and build teams from scratch, you can also enter the Super Mega League and choose the Create New tab for quick team creation. This option provides various options for you to choose from pre-made logos, uniforms, and names. 

MLB Legends Are Present In SMB 4

Super Mega Baseball 4 rosters feature Jose Bautista, David Ortiz, and George Brett. There are 242 Super Megafied baseball legends in the game. 

These legends are available to play in the Legends League, and the base game divides them into eight teams with four each in two conferences: Old School and New School. However, SMB 4 allows you to make some changes per your custom need. 

New School Conference Teams

4 New School Conference teams in Legends League, including Mammotanks and Empire. These teams are stacked with MLB legends.

Mammotanks: Barry Larkin, Carl Crawford, Rick Ankiel, David Ortiz, Barry Larkin, Vladimir Guerrero, Brian Wilson, Kyle Seager, Joe Mauer, Fred McGriff, Ryan Brawun, Bronson Arroyo, Mark Loretta

Rakers: Eric Gagne, Mike Timlin,  Mike Cameron, Cliff Floyd, John Olerud, Dave Stieb, Ellis Burks, Jason Kendall,  Jose Valentin, Matt Williams, AJ Pierzynski, Brandon Webb, JJ Putz, Carlos Delgado

Empire: Jeff Bagwell, Jose Bautista, Billy Wagner, Mark Buehrle, Keith Foulke, Roy Oswalt, Brad Ausmus, Mike Piazza, Placido Polanco, Luis Gonzalez, Andruw Jones, Jason Giambi, Matt Cain, Grant Balfour, Rich Aurilia

Spirit: Paul Molitor, Randy Johnson, Jim Edmonds, Mike Jackson, Will Clark, Al Leiter, Jeff Montgomery, Reggie Sanders, Paul Konerko, Brady Anderson, Terry Steinbach, Pat Hentgen, Kerry Wood, Craig Counsell

Old School Conference Teams

4 Old School Conference teams in Legends League, consisting of Joyriders and Originators. 

New School and Old school are two conferences in Legends League.
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Joyriders: Robin Yount, Edgar Martinez, Dwight Evans, Tom Glavine, George Brett, Dennis Martinez, John Franco, Bret Saberhagen, Chuck Knoblauch, Jeff Reardon, Mark Grace, Brett Butler, Troy Percival

Originators: Wilie Mays, Johnny Bench, Rollie Fingers,  Babe Ruth, Ernie Banks, Bob Locker, Jim Sundberg, Eddie Mathews, Orlando Cepeda, Dave Parker, Chris Speier, Billy Williams, Steve Garvey, Tippy Martinez

Thrillers: Goose Gossage, Steve Bedrosian, Bert Blyleven, Gary Carter, Ozzie Smith, Tom Henke, Jesse Barfield, Mike Schmidt, Gary Gaetti, Steve Sax, Kirk Gibson, Jack Morris, Keith Hernandez, Mike Scioscia

Boomers: Nolan Ryan, Alan Trammell, Tom Seaver,  Bruce Sutter, Tommy John, Tom Burgmeier, Luis Tiant, Carney Lansford, Willie Wilson, Cecil Cooper, George Foster, Jim Rice, Gene Tenace

How Much Is Super Mega Baseball 4?

Super Mega Baseball 4 price is $49.99 across Xbox, Nintendo, Playstation, and Steam stores. 

SMB franchise has its unique character looks.
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The standard edition costs $49.99 across all platforms, while the Ballpark edition is $59.99. The Ballpark version adds three more parks for you to enjoy. 

With an improved user interface, better menu readability, and presentation upgrades, the game features many fictional characters and real-life baseball stars. Teams and leagues can be customized per the player's wishes. 

Likewise, the game's counterpart MLB The Show 23, was initially priced at $59.99 for the Standard Edition and has discounts that go up to $39.59 today. The price ranges are similar and can vary per edition, discount time, and store. 

Which one should the fans buy? Well, it all depends on your preferences. If you want officially licensed players, then Show 23 is your go-to. However, if you like to blend baseball fun with cartoonish aspects, SMB 4 is your choice.

Some FAQs

Is Super Mega Baseball 4 on game pass?

Yes, SMB 4 is on Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is needed to play online multiplayer on the console. 

Is Super Mega Baseball 4 free?

No, Super Mega Baseball 4 is not free. The video game costs $49.99 for the Standard Edition.

However, you could join the EA Play program to gain access to 10 hours of free gameplay.

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