10 Highest Paid College Softball Coaches

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Highest paid college softball coaches include Trisha Ford and Patrick Murphy. Trisha Ford earns $570,000, including a $50,000 signing bonus as of 2023.

In the Southeastern Conference baseball tournament (SEC), Texas A&M coach Trisha Ford became the highest-paid head coach. Patrik Murphy ranks second, earning $500,000 annually, including a talent fee of $225,000.  

Several other coaches make more than $400,000 annually. Some of these coaches include Tim Walton from Florida, Courtney Deifel from Arkansas, and Beth Torina from LSU. 

As per Zip Recruiter, an American employment marketplace, NCAA coaching jobs have an impressive annual salary of $81,500. However, the pay range may vary with a  difference of up to $22,000. 

The salary of these professionals may increase with the skill level, location, and years of experience they have in the game. 

10 Highest Paid Coaches

Softball coaches salaries are a minimum of $55,500 annually for top earners and $36,611 on average.

There are some advisors on the list with top-notch salaries in the domain. The figure excludes other benefits, including incentives, bonuses, and additional remunerations.

More than 8 softball coaches including Trisha Ford, Patty Gasso, and Beth Torina earn $ 405k annually with the lowest among the 10, Karen Weekly earning $340k annually.

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Here is the list of the top 10 highest-paid softball coaches in terms of salary:

  1. Patty Gasso, Oklahoma - $1.625 million
  2. Mike White, Texas - $625K
  3. Lonni Alameda, FSU - $575K
  4. Trisha Ford, Texas A&M - $570K
  5. Patrick Murphy, Alabama - $500K
  6. Tim Walton, Florida - $460K
  7. Courtney Deifel, Arkansas - $450K
  8. Beth Torina, LSU - $430K
  9. Rachel Lawson, Kentucky - $405K
  10. Karen Weekly, Tennessee - $340K

10. Karen Weekly, Tennessee - $340k

Karen Weekly comes in at the 10th position with an estimated salary of $340k.

She joined the team as a head coach in 2002. She has always been in the NCAA tournament since 2004 with her team.

Tennessee secured its best positions in the 2007 and 2013 seasons where they finished as National Runner-Ups.

Before Tennessee, she was a head coach at Chattanooga for five seasons where she finished first in one season.

9. Rachel Lawson, Kentucky - $405k

Rachel Lawson sits ninth with a salary of $405k annually.

Lawson has been the head advisor of the University of Kentucky softball team since 2007. She had an incredible coaching record of 587 wins and has delivered four National Fastpitch Coaches Association All-Americans.

She has led the group to significant milestones in her 16th season in 2023, including the group's first-ever appearance in the WCWS and eight NCAA Super Regionals in the past 11 seasons.

Under her leadership, Abbey Cheek's play earned the renowned title of 2019 SEC Player of the Year

8. Beth Torina, LSU softball - $430k

Beth Torina was named head coach by LSU in 2011. She earns around $430k a year.

Torins is a head advisor of LSU softball with an impressive tenure with the Tigers. She led the team to 50 wins a season two times, 40 wins a season five times, and four trips to the WCWS in her 12 seasons in charge.

LSU’s Beth Torina in her getup during a match in 2020 season.
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She is also the first LSU head advisor to lead the team to Oklahoma City in consecutive seasons. She has an impressive winning record, averaging 40 wins per season and upholding the team in the top ten for the past eight seasons.

7. Courtney Deifel, Arkansas - $450k

Courtney Deifel ranks seventh with estimated earnings of $450k.

She has been the head advisor of the Arkansas Razorbacks softball team since 2015. The group made consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances and secured postseason success under her leadership.

In 2022, Deifel guided the group to their most dominant season ever, making back-to-back wins in SEC regular season titles and asserting their first SEC Tournament championship.

She also earned multiple Coach of the Year honors in the SEC and the D1SoftballNews Coach of the Year award.

6. Tim Walton, Florida - $460k

Tim Walton has a salary of $460k and sits in sixth position on the leaderboard. 

Walton has a 17 years long legendary coaching career. He is the head advisor of the Florida Gators.

Head coach Tim Walton in his glasses and cap with a banner displaying his name and past designation.
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Tim has reached incredible milestones and led the Gators to multiple victories. He became the second-fastest coach to have 1,000 career NCAA Division I wins in 2022.

5. Patrick Murphy, Alabama - $500k

Patrick Murphy is the head game advisor for the Alabama Crimson Tide. The team under his leadership has obtained a national championship and numerous accolades.

The group led by Patrick has achieved 12 Women's College World Series berths, six SEC regular-season titles, and four SEC Tournament titles.

He is an accomplished leader who has risen to become one of the highest-earning advisors in the game. He makes $500,000 in the 2023 season.

4. Trisha Ford, Texas A&M - $570K

Trisha Ford stands forth with an estimated salary of $575k annually.

Ford was declared the head coach at Fresno State in 2013 leading the team to NCAA Regionals in 2015 and 2016.

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In 2022, she was announced as the head coach of Texas A&M becoming the highest SEC-paid softball coach including her $70,000 signing bonus.

3. Lonni Alameda, FSU - $575K

Lonni is the third highest-earning softball coach with an estimated $575k annually.

She joined Florida State Seminoles in 2009 and the team appeared in every NCAA tournament under her reign.

She led Florida to the 2018 National Championship which was the team's first achievement under her belt.

In 2023, Florida again saw them in the Women’s College World Series tournament which happened recently.

He signed an extension with the team worth $575,000 and can be seen in the foreseeable future.

2. Mike White, Texas - $625k

Mike White is second in the ranking with an estimated salary of $625k.

He was previously hired as a head coach for Oregon in 2010 with five World Series appearances and nine consecutive NCAA tournaments.

White Joined Texas on June 25, 2018. He led the team to four successive NCAA tournament appearances and was a runner-up in the 2022 season after losing to Oklahoma Sooners.

1. Patty Gasso, Oklahoma - $1.625 million

Patty Gasso is the highest earner among the coaches in softball.

Following the success in her footsteps, she led her Oklahoma team to National Championship Trophy seven times in her reign including the 2023 Women’s World Series Championship.

Due to her dominance in softball, she is the only one to have more than a million-dollar salary with $1.625 million on the line annually.

Alabama Softball Coach Salary

Patrick Murphy is the advisor of Alabama. He earns $500,000 per year in compensation, including a talent fee of $225,000.

Murphy's coaching accomplishments at Alabama have been outstanding. In 2021, he led the group to succeed in the SEC title, portraying his mastery to drive the team to triumph in a highly competitive conference.

UA Coach Murphy with a player at Rhoads Stadium.
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Additionally, in 2012, he led Alabama to a national title, making him an accomplished leader. 

The substantial salary package granted to Murphy reflects the significance and influence he brings to the Alabama program. His skills and capability to guide the team to championships have earned him praise and financial rewards.

Softball Coaching Jobs In College

College Softball Coaching Jobs offer good income and a reputation as a leader. The average salary of major softball coaches ranges between $30,000 and $52000. 

The leaders in softball are responsible for training players to enhance their skills. Various areas of skills need special attention from the coach, including batting, running, and pitching.

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The coach also ensures that the players are performing to their highest level. Although softball has female participants, the coaches can be of any gender.

In softball, these trainers design practice drills and plan to foster teamwork. They direct the playing members and lead the game within the rules established by authority. 

They can also participate in player recruitment in a bigger league. 

Highest Paid Softball Coach Of All Time

Highest Paid Softball Coach is Patty Gasso of the Oklahoma softball team. Her salary in Oklahoma has increased to $1.625 million annually in 2022. 

Her tenure was extended in 2022 at the team until 2028, including her incentives. She is the highest-paid college coach in softball.

It is an extraordinary raise from her previous extension in 2017. Her salary was valued at $1 million in 2017, and now she is making a hefty amount after her tournament success. 

NCAA game of University of Kentucky squad.
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The university will fund her a base salary of $300,000, remaining $825,000 will be generated from private funds. Additionally, the private funds will be increased by $50,000 per year. 

Gasso is also entitled to obtain a stay bonus of $200,000 and a retirement sum of $300,000. The retirement sum will be increasing to $400,0000 in July 2023. 

The salary is not only limited to extra incentives. Her performance in the national championship will lead to getting her an additional sum of $150,000.

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