Softball Chants And Cheers For Girls With Lyrics

By Ayush Khadka / 10 May 2023 03:19 AM

Many good choruses are present for your softball team to enjoy during games.
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Softball chants and cheers for girls include different fastpitch, little league, and kids versions. There are various chants for various players in the game.

Softball is a sport that has similar ties to baseball but is played with a gigantic ball, a smaller diamond field, and a unique pitching mechanism. One team must score more runs than the opposing team to win.

In the USA, this sport is played at the youth level, high school, and college and has a professional level. Women's Professional Fastpitch is the professional league in the USA, while the sport is also present in other countries like Japan. Females have dominated the sport in their modern era, as men were primarily present till the 1980s only. 

The pitching distance is 43 feet and features no grass in the mound like baseball. The fast pitch version can also go up to 35 feet, while the slow pitch can have a 50-foot gap. It is more famous today and is played in major international competitions.

Players of all levels enjoy this sport with some songs to encourage their team and intimidate their opponents. Per Washington Post, these were believed to have originated in the 1980s in California and then eventually moved to the East.

Top 5 Softball Cheers And Chants Lyrics

Softball chants for girls include Who we are and That's the Way. There are other chants like Hit It and See that Batter to enjoy.

Softball is primarily played by girls today.
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These chants can lift your team's spirit and energize them to feel better in any game. Moreover, if you have smashed great dingers or stolen some unpredictable bases, these chants will make your moments brighter. 

1. That's the Way

This chant can be used anytime your batting side makes a hit or the pitching side throws the ball. 

That's the way, uh huh, uh huh

We like it, uh huh uh huh 

Now, repeat the chorus one more time.

2. Who we are 

This chant will energize your teammates before the match starts and helps to bring confidence and strike no fear against the opponent teams. One player can lead this song while the team enters the field from the dugout.

Everywhere we go

People want to know,

Who we are

Then you will continue the first part with the next set of lyrics:

So we tell them, 

We are team name

The mighty, mighty team name

3. See that Batter

This chant will motivate your nervous batter to perform better, making good contact with the ball. 

Many players need motivation and confidence to perform better in any sport.
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See that batter at that plate?

She is the best in all the state! 

The second half features the following lyrics:

She has got the spirit she has got pride

Ha, ha, ha, she is on our side!

4. Foul Ball Chant

This chant can be used when an opposing pitcher hits a foul ball against your batter. A leader can initiate this son with the teammates following suit to intimidate the pitcher. 

Foul ball 

She "ll straighten it out

After this, sing the following:

And when she does

You better watch out (x2)

5. Strike!

This cheer is for the success of your team's pitching success. Use this when your pitchers are getting ready to make underhanded pitches. 

I feel a STRIKE comin' on,

Strike, strike comin' on. 

Other verses can be sung after you have memorized the above ones:

Strike comin' on, 

Strike, strike.

Softball Cheers For Girls Fastpitch

Softball cheers for fastpitch include Good Eye, and We Stole On You. Other chants like Give us back our ball are also enthusiastic. 

1. Good Eye

This cheer can be screamed when your team's batter smashes a great home run. This song will motivate your hitter to make another dinger while running the four bases. 

Every position will get rejuvenated with these choruses.
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Good Eye! Good Eye!

Way to watch that ball go Byeye.

Then, follow with a single-digit chorus for the grand effect, and come with the next lyrics:


Good eye! Good Eye!

Now kiss that ball good byeye!

2. We Stole On You

This cheer will be applicable once your team's baserunner steals a base successfully. Sing this when they do this to create energy for your side. 

We stole on you, Yeah, we stole on you,

While you were picking your nose, We were

Up on our toes, and we stole on you, 

After this, continue with the following lyrics to add salt to your opponent's wound:

Yeah, we stole on you while you were

Brushing your hair, 

We were already there, and we stole on you,


3. Give Us Back Our Ball

This cheer can be utilized to showcase pride in your batters' capability. Sing this when you want your batting team to make great ball contacts. 

Give us back our ball 

*Clap, Clap*

We're gonna hit it all

After this, repeat the chorus one more time.

Softball Chants For Kids

Softball cheers for 10 year olds include Battle Battle, Hit It To Seattle, and I See A Hole Over There.

Battle Battle Hit It To Seattle

This cheer will motivate the batting side to make a great home run. The kids will love to make a spectacular dinger that goes far away. 

Battle Battle headed to Seattle

Okay okay, headed to the UK

Watch it go, watch it go, 

All the way to Tokyo

I See A Hole Over There

This chant can motivate your team to perform better to win the game during the final moments. 

I see a hole out there, I see a H-O-L-E hole out there 

So hit the ball out there, So hit the B-A-L-L ball out there

After singing this chorus, continue with the following lyrics:

So we can win this game So we can W-I-N win this game!

So we can Celebrate! So we can C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E!

Down By The Softball Cemetery

This chant will encourage your team to crush your opponents and glorifies your club's prowess at the same time. 

Youngsters are going to love these catchy choruses.
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Down by the softball cemetery,

That’s where the other team’s gonna get buried.  

6 feet wide, 7 feet under.  

Now, add these lyrics to compare your squad's powers with theirs:

When we bat, we sound like thunder. 

When you bat, you sound like lightning.  

After singing the above lyrics, sing these to make a raucous chant:

Thunder, thunder, thunderation!

We’re the best team in the nation.  

Nation, nation, nationwide!  

Nationwide is on our side. NOT YOURS!

Softball Dugout Chants

Softball chants for the dugout include Dynamite and Redhot. These dugout chants will boost the team's confidence.


This chant can be used as a motivational element before the game starts or when the teammates are having warm-ups. A leader can begin with others following suit.

Every softballers can sing these choruses from their dugouts for great team motivation.
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Our team is what? - Dynamite (x2)

Our team is tick, tick, tick, BAM Dynamite!

Your team is what? - Dynamite (x2)


This cheer will display the greatness of your team and its roster. Use this at the dugout at any moment of the game to highlight the team's performance. 

Our team is what? - Red hot!

Our team is R-E-D, with a little bit of H-O-T

After that, add the following lyrics to create an emboldening effect:

Oh baby, R-E-D-H-O-T

Redhot! Redhot!

Runs! Runs!

This chant will encourage your baserunners to make speedy sprints for one run. Once the hitter makes a drive from home plate, you can use this for cheering your team's runners.

Runs! Runs! We want runs!

Round those bases, Shake those buns!  

Softball Chants For Batters

Softball cheers for batters include She May Be Small and Hit The Ball. 

She May Be Small

This cheer will motivate your batters and will have additional benefits if she has a smaller frame. This chorus seeks to bring the ferocious side to the smaller player. 

Making home run is a specacular feat in softball and baseball.
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She may be small

She may be tiny

After that, these are the remaining verses:

But when she's up to bat

She'll whip your hiney!

Hit The Ball

This cheer is useful for batters who are going to make a spectacular power hit that can establish a beautiful home run. 

Hit the ball, Up the middle, 

Hit the ball up the middle, 

Make the middle work a little.

Ole Ole, Ole Ole

This chant should be used to motivate the batter who is getting ready at the home plate. This song will also downplay the opponent's skills and showcase the power of your hitter.

Batters need energy for smashing some dingers and these cheers can provided the needed bonus.
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Ole Ole, Ole Ole

Hit that ball the other way,

Our team is hot hot hot,

Your team is not not not, 

Now, you can scream the next verses to energize your hitter's ability:

So hit the ball ball ball,

Over the wall wall wall, Ole

Extra! Extra! 

This chant is a great call to support your new batter who has just arrived at the home plate. Any nervousness by the hitter is sure to dissipate upon hearing this cheer.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it, 

Player's name gotta hit and we're gonna shout it.

Then, sing these next verses loudly until the hitter makes contact with the ball: 

Player's name gotta hit. 

Told you we would shout it. 

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