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Slow Pitch Softball Batting Tips - 5 Easy Steps

By Aditya Bhattarai / 25 May 2023 07:19 AM

Understanding the basics behind the slow pitch game is important to hit the ball farther with a proper swing.
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Slow Pitch Softball Batting Tips include batting equipment selection and grip techniques for the best swing. Balance, practice, and confidence are crucial as well.

A slow pitch is used when a pitcher throws an underhand ball while keeping a leg connected with the pitching plate. The pitching arc should be between 3-10 feet. 

Mastering batting techniques requires enough confidence and skills that develop after much practice. Keeping that aside, the basics of hitting a slow-pitch throw require the player to be comfortable with his equipment in the first place.

The hitting angles are different for regular pitch and slow pitch in softball. Players hope to learn the swinging styles from the get-go before understanding their equipment and the importance of basics.

However, getting the best bat that ensures the player's comfort and grip while swinging the bat should be the initial step. Also, if batting gloves provide better grip and confidence, it's better to get fully equipped with that gloves.

When learning how to bat a slow pitch, there is a universal debate between choosing an uppercut or a chop-down motion. While the uppercut seems best for hitting the ball farther in a normal scenario, it gives the opposite result, when it comes to slow pitches.

5 Easy Steps

Slowpitch softball batting steps begin with getting suitable equipment and developing a hitting stance. Proper swings and mental fortitude come next.

Slow pitch pitches are easier to hit, compared to a fast-pitch, since the speed of the throw is lower. The players can hit the ball comfortably during a slow pitch game as long as they understand the rules. 

Here are five steps for batting slowpitch, from getting the equipment to the swing action. 

1. Selection Of Batting Equipment

The first step is selecting a proper softball bat that is durable and comfortable for the player. It is better to use gloves depending on the comfort.

Gears for batting take priority before going further into the stance and swinging techniques.
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They will play a vital role in the performance with the player's physical fitness and practice. Choosing a light and durable bat is the optimal choice for softball.

Similarly, the players should prepare all the gears, which increases their confidence before standing inside the batting box. With proper gear, players with safety concerns can hit more confidently without worrying about protection.

2. Gripping Techniques And Stance

Gripping techniques are crucial to improve hitting in the slowpitch game. The overlapping grip of using one hand on top of the other is the optimal choice.

For those with more comfortable with standard gripping, it is recommended not to force themselves into using the overlapping method. These methods are suggested based on the performance so sticking with your best grip is also vital.

Gripping techniques for traditional and dropdown full overlap for batters.
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Likewise, a stance determines the outcome force while hitting the ball. So, keeping a posture more comfortable for each player is the recommended choice, rather than learning the styles from others. 

Keeping a gap between the legs equal to the length of the shoulder is optimal for distributing the body weight evenly. Carefully striding forward while swinging the bat will deliver more power toward the bat, resulting in the ball getting shot farther.

Plan the steps after confirming the pitch and rotate the hips matching with the shoulder swing for more power.

3. Ready Position for The Hands and Bat

The hands and bat should be placed above the shoulder in a comfortable position. The bat should be held lightly before strengthening it during the swing.

For the batter to focus on the ball thrown by the opposing pitcher, they must remain relaxed. Being distracted due to an uncomfortable position can ruin the play.

Keeping the bat hovering near the shoulder while pointing toward the back is cozy for most players. When the pitcher starts their action, get ready to stride forward and swing the shot.

4. Choosing The Pitch To Hit

Deciding on which pitch to hit is also crucial following the previous steps. Softball players get impatient to hit the ball in a Slowpitch game.

Choosing the best pitch to hit the shot is the optimal choice for utilizing the power.
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Batters need to have some patience and analyze the type of pitch coming toward them to hit their best shots. There are many instances when the swing fails to hit due to the wrong pitching calculation.

They should strengthen their mental fortitude to utilize their power and skill on the best possible ball rather than wasting it on unsure shots.

5. Deciding On Uppercut Swing And Chop Down

Slowpitch softball is a complicated game where the perfect swing is not always the uppercut. Depending on the angle, chop-down motion is better.

Chopping down on the ball will lift it to a higher hitting angle and result in the ball, reaching farther than hitting the uppercut. A perfect swing will determine the best outcome for the game.

The player must have to plan the shot and swing by going with the flow without forcing the body to hit it instantly. If the ball is far from reach, it will disrupt the balance when coming into contact. 

Keep the focus on the ball and be ready to make decisions based on its trajectory. The body needs to swing a half circle while making the shot, and the grip gets tighter when reaching the end of the arc before hitting.

How To Hit A Slow Pitch Softball With Power?

Hit slow pitch softball with power by fully rotating the torso to bring more momentum in the swing. The power travels from hips to hands and then to the bat.

While muscle weight and physical strength are vital for power, batting techniques plays a crucial role in delivering a powerful hit in a slow-pitch softball. However, building stronger muscle capability will provide better results without error.

Landing a perfect shot on the slow pitch softball will require patience, practice, and a suitable swing. It can be developed and improved through enough practice and experience.

Being able to hit with power will provide the opportunity to cover more bases after the shot, which can lead the team to victory.

Here are the requirements for hitting a powerful shot on a slow-pitch softball.

  1. Make a full-body rotational swing that is sure to hit the ball. 
  2. Delivering more push from hips by striding forward while making the rotation.
  3. Bending the back leg a little and hit with full strength after making a firm stand to support the swing.
  4. Keep the body fit and well-trained for muscle strength. 
  5. Practice the swing to hit it without a miss.
  6. Work on bat speed and stance that support the batting styles.
  7. Use techniques to raise the hitting angle to a higher level.

How To Hit Home Runs In Slow Pitch Softball?

Slow pitch softball home runs can be hit using the hips and wrists snapping motion during the swing. Hips can deliver more power when the posture is suitable.

Unlike fastpitch softball where the ball goes further by swinging the bat faster and landing a hit, slowpitch softball requires the player to bring more power to their hands.

Softball batter after a landing a perfectly executed swing for a probable homerun.
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To obtain the strength for a home run, the batter should utilize their muscles from the hips and wrists and their speed of rotating the torso during the swing. When timed correctly, the ball will fly further upon contact, making it possible for a home run.

Here are some tips to help players strike a home run in a slow-pitch softball game.

  1. Understand the concept of snapping the hips and wrist for power.
  2. Learn ways to strengthen the core and back.
  3. Hamemring the shot with a stronger grip on the bat.
  4. Practice swings that can precisely deliver more power to the shot. 
  5. Plan the stance to distribute the power to the strike while striding forward.
  6. Building muscles on arms and back for a high-power swing to strike the ball farther.
  7. Land a chopping motion on the ball for a higher angle trajectory of the ball after the shot.

Slow Pitch Softball Swing Vs Baseball Swing

Slow pitch softball swing is similar to the baseball swing mechanism despite their difference in the field and ball size. The swings are comparatively similar.

Softball coaches prioritize the reaction time for slow pitches to have a more compact swing than for baseball. It is supported that most softball players have restricted movement, having less consistent contact with the ball.

Some primary differences between the slowpitch swing in softball and baseball can be highlighted with the following points.

1. Swing Path Comparison

Both sports have some key differences in swing path while making the hit. They can be determined by using the attack and launch angles.

An attack angle is an invisible line from which the ball comes toward the batter. In baseball, a pitcher throws the ball from a higher axis, while the softball pitcher throws it from a lower stance due to the underhand pitch rule.

These attack angles can make a difference in the stance and delivery of the swing for softball and baseball batters.

Similarly, the momentum of the ball after being hit, whether it flies higher or lower, is known as the Launch angle. With the change in field size and attack angle, the launch curve also changes depending on the game's requirement.

Pitching path and reaction for the ball can make a difference in being able to make contact with the ball.
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Baseball requires a higher launch angle, while a softball batter can get similar results with a lower inclination.

2. Speed And Reaction Comparison

Baseball throws have more speed compared to softball because of their pitching power and required reaction time. The velocity of the throw is higher in baseball.

While baseball requires more speed and reaction timing to match that, softball requires relatively lower numbers. The reaction speed is the dominant weapon of a baseball player, as the average fastball can come at more than 90-100 Mph.

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