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Shortest Right Field In MLB History

By / 1 June 2023 03:47 AM

Opening day at Nationals in Washington DC.
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Shortest right field in MLB is Fenway Park. The ballpark of the Boston Red Sox was opened in 1912 and is still in use.

MLB grounds' measurements have changed over time, with certain stadiums being larger or smaller than others. However, most MLB fields are roughly 100 yards by 350 yards in size.

It's worth noting that ground sizes can change to match the sport's growing popularity. Progressive in Cleveland now has the smallest ground in Major League Baseball, although Fenway Park has one of the lowest outfield distances.

The size of the grounds has a tremendous impact on gaming, generating distinct challenges for players and increasing the interest of the audience. 

The Major League Ballparks are known for their modern amenities and ability to facilitate thousands of fans in the seating area. Some of these organized sandlots are known for their historical events as well.

Shortest Right Field Stadiums

Shortest Right Field in the baseball coliseum includes Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium, and Camden Yards. PNC Park also has the shortest right ground.

There are several ballparks with a dimension of less than 320 feet on the right. The shortest ballpark in terms of the right and left dimensions is Fenway. It is known for its incredible maneuverability and beautiful design.

Here is the mentioned shortest right field ballparks listed below:

Truist of Atlanta Braves335-L, 400-C, 325-R
Kauffman Stadium387-L, 410-C, 387-R
Globe Life Ballpark329-L, 407-C, 326-R
Camden Yards333-L, 400-C, 318-R
Minute Maid of Houston Astros315-L, 409-C, 326-R
Rogers Centre328-L, 400-C, 328-R
Angel Stadium347-L, 396-C, 350-R
Yankee Stadium318-L, 408-C, 314-R
Nationals Ballpark of Washington Nationals337-L, 402-C, 335-R
Guaranteed Rate Ballpark330-L, 400-C, 335-R
Tropicana of Tampha Bay Rays315-L, 404-C, 322-R
PNC of Pittsburgh Pirates325-L, 399-C, 320-R
Citizens Bank of Philadelphia Phillies329-L, 401-C, 330-R
RingCentral Coliseum330-L, 400-C, 330-R
Oracle of San Francisco Giants399-L, 391-C, 365-R
Fenway of Boston Red Sox310-L; 389-C, 302-R
Chase Ballpark330-L, 407-C, 334-R
American Family Field342-L, 400-C, 337-R
Dodger Stadium330-L, 395-C, 330-R
Petco of San Diego Padres357-L, 396-C, 382-R
Wrigley Field335-L, 400-C, 353-R
T-Mobile of Seattle Mariners331-L, 401-C, 326-R
Busch Stadium336-L, 400-C, 335-R
Great American BallPark328-L, 404-C, 325-R
LoanDepot of Miami Marlins344-L, 400-C, 335-R
Comerica of Detroit Tigers342-L, 412-C, 330-R
Citi Field335-L, 408-C, 330-R
Target Field339-L, 404-C, 328-R
Progressive of Cleveland Guardians325-L, 400-C, 325-R
Coors Ballpark347-L, 415-C, 350-R

Fenway Park  

Fenway Park in Boston is widely acclaimed as a work of art in sports architecture. Its design goes beyond the famed Green Monster in left field.

The playground's distinction extends to the center area, where "The Triangle" provides a space designed for big hitters like Jackie Bradley Jr. to blast balls and precisely track them down. The Pesky Pole is located in the right area, 302 feet from the home plate.

Fenway - the historic home of the Boston Red Sox.
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It causes high flyballs to become home runs. It does, however, offer difficulty for left-handed batters because the wall extends to a distance of 380 feet.

Fenway was first inaugurated in 1912 and is the oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball. It can accommodate 37,755 spectators.

Yankee Stadium 

The ground dimensions in Yankee Stadium are the same as at the previous coliseum, but several small changes affect the game.

Even though the outfield boundaries are the same, hitting homers over the short porch in the right ground is noticeably easier at the new coliseum.

It measures 318 feet to the left ground, 399 feet to the left center, 408 feet to the center area, 385 feet to the right center, and 314 feet to the right field. The backstop is 52 feet 4 inches long.

When the coliseum first opened in 2009, the club undertook wind research to understand the increased ball distance, but the results remain secret. 

However, the short porch remains an iconic feature. The seating capacity of Yankee Stadium is 50,287, with standing room for up to 52,325 spectators.

Camden Yards

In 1992, the Baltimore Orioles relocated to Oriole Park at Camden Yards. It had a significant impact on coliseum design in the United States.

It is designed in the nostalgic style of historical baseball coliseums and blends in with the historic charm of downtown Baltimore. The addition of the B&O Railroad Warehouse added to its allure.

The ground has gained great acclaim for restoring baseball traditions, blending in with the cityscape, and providing beautiful views of the Baltimore skyline.

A view of Camden Yards from a nearby place.
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The Orioles changed the dimensions of Camden Yards' left area in 2022 to decrease home runs, which resulted in the loss of some outfield seats. As a result, Oriole Park now has the most spacious left ground in the American League.

The right ground dimension of the coliseum is 318 feet while the left is 333 and the center is 400. It has a total capacity of 45,971.

PNC Park

PNC Park, which opened in 2001, is the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates in Pennsylvania. The Coliseum has a seating capacity of 38,747 and is notable for its innovative use of the city's three rivers.

The playing ground is made of Tuckahoe Bluegrass, which was chosen for its resilience to northern climates. It has a warning track constructed of broken lava rock and boasts an excellent drainage system capable of handling heavy rain.

The outfield barrier has an homage to Roberto Clemente and varies in height. The neighboring Allegheny River has seen several spectacular home runs, one of which landed in a boat.

It has a rightfield dimension of 320 feet. The left ground is at 325 feet and the center is located at 399 feet.

Tropicana Field

Tropicana Field is the smallest baseball coliseum in St. Petersburg, Florida. The playground is home to the Tampa Bay Rays and has a capacity of 25,000 after being reduced in 2019.

The dimensions of the ground are 315 feet in the left, 404 feet in the center, and 322 feet in the right domain.

The shallow corners and straight walls on the left and right areas control the deep power alleys. However, the presence of catwalks above the domains has been a controversial matter because they tended to alter batted ball projection.

Shortest Left Field Stadiums

Shortest Left Field In MLB is at Fenway Park, Tropicana Field, and Minute Maid Park. Yankee Stadium and PNC Park also have short left areas.

Some of these ballparks are among the coliseum having a short right area in the Major League Baseball Stadiums. In terms of left dimensions, Fenway Park has 310 feet leftfield, and Tropicana has 315 feet.

The Yankee Stadium and PNC Park have 318 feet and 325 feet left domain dimensions. Here we'll discuss several other ballparks with short leftfield dimensions. 

Minute Maid Park

Minute Maid Park can be found in Houston, Texas. It is a retractable roof coliseum that has served as the Houston Astros' home since 2000.

The ballpark has a seating capacity of 41,168 people and offers fans club seats and luxury suites. The "Crawford Boxes," a short porch in the left area that adds an intriguing element to the game without greatly reducing home run rates, are one of Minute Maid Park's unique features.

Minute Maid - The home of Houston Astros with a view pf spectators and watching area.
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The outfield dimensions range from 315 feet in the left domain to 326 feet in the right with variable distances in between. The backstop is 49 feet from home plate, making for a thrilling baseball experience for players and spectators.

Progressive Field

Progressive Field is located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland Guardians play on this ground.

The seating capacity of Progressive has been reduced to 34,830 people, even though the official capacity is 42,865.

The Guardians have had a lot of success at Progressive, winning a lot of division crowns and league pennants. The ballpark has unusual dimensions, featuring a 19-foot "Little Green Monster" wall on the left, as well as 9-foot barriers in the center and right areas.

The classic hunter-green seats are three tiers high, with bleachers in the left domain and a row of seating in front of the bullpens in the center area. It's 325 feet to the left, 325 feet to the right, and 400 feet in the middle.

Rogers Centre

The initial name for Rogers Centre was SkyDome. It is a retractable roof multi-purpose coliseum in Downtown Toronto, Canada. 

This place is one of the smallest MLB stadiums and has served as the Toronto Blue Jays' home coliseum since its inception in 1989.

The Coliseum has hosted an annual National Football League (NFL) game for the Buffalo Bills. Aside from sports, the Rogers Centre is a popular location for large-scale events, including conventions, trade exhibits, concerts, and shows.

Stunning view of Rogers Centre with Playground, Roof and Fans attending the Match.
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It has a 328-foot left and right domain length. The ballpark is now undergoing extensive renovations, including alterations to outfield seats, bullpens, and dimensions, resulting in a reduced capacity of 41,500 spectators.

Great American Ball Park

Great American Ball Park, located in downtown Cincinnati along the picturesque Ohio River, is the home of the Cincinnati Reds. It contains 42,271 seats spread across three levels.

The lower grandstand runs from left to right, while the second deck features luxurious club seats, press boxes, and opulent suites. The upper deck is divided into two areas, each providing a unique perspective on the game.

The ballpark boasts an outstanding video/scoreboard, well-placed bullpens, a variety of dining options, and fascinating home run features. It has a small outfield and a high wall in the left and developed a reputation as a haven for batters, distinguishing it from Yankee Stadium. 

GABP has dimensions of 328 feet on the left, 325 feet on the right, and 404 feet in the center.

What Is The Average Right Field Distance In MLB?

Average right field distance MLB is 334 ft. The rightfield length of MLB ballparks lies between 302 ft and 387 ft. 

Home of the Toronto Blue Jays - The Rogers Centre.
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Baseball grounds exist in diverse forms and sizes, and there's a reason for it. Historical considerations, local customs, and the specialized needs of different leagues and divisions can all determine the size of a playground.

These variances might make it challenging for teams and players to acclimate to unfamiliar dimensions. While baseball fields do not have a prescribed size, the purpose of stadiums is to provide a comfortable and entertaining experience for both players and fans.

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