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Shohei Ohtani Most Home Runs In A Season

By Biraj Khanal / 27 August 2023 01:41 PM

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Shohei Ohtani Most Home Runs In A Season in 2023 is 44 as of 27th August. Despite his UCL injury he is projected to reach the 62 homers mark this season.

Ohtani debuted in MLB with the LA Angels on 29th March 2018 and has been one of the players to watch throughout the playing season till 2023.

His homers and the strikeouts numbers keep increasing every year. In his first debut season, he stuck a total of 22 homers, followed by 18 in 2019 and 7 in 2020.

Shohei has also been in the race for the MVP award since 2021 and won it in 2021, striking 46 homers that season. 

On the way to date, he has broken some MLB records with his batting skills and dominance in the field. 

He has broken the record for the most homers in a season by a Japanese player, previously held by Hidei Matsuki in 2004 with 31.

With Ohtani home run pace flowing this season, he is expected to break the record of 61 dingers currently held by Roger Maris in the 1961 season.

Ohtani Home Run Record Single Season

Shohei Ohtani home run record is 46 in the 2021 season. He has 44 dingers to his name in 2023 till date.

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Here is the home run record single season of Ohtani since 2018 listed below:

YearOhtani Home Runs by Year
2023 ( as of 27th August)44*

Ohtani has been consistently performing in his dominant form since his MLB debut. The Japanese superstar stuck at 22 in his first season with the Los Angeles Angels.

He had his first on 3rd April 2018 against the Cleveland Indians where his season's last homer was on 26th September 2018 in a match against the Angels at the age of 24.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic scenario, he has only 18 homers in 2019 and 7 in 2020 due to the games being postponed following all the safety protocols by Major League Baseball.

His best season was in 2021, where he hit a total of 46 homers in 40 different games he played. He won the American League Most Valuable Player award in 2021.

2021 was the best year for Ohtani as his performance in hitting and the pitching department was both dominant and historical.

Throughout 162 games played, he maintained a batting average of .257 with 46 dingers with a slugging percentage of .592.

He recorded his final homer on the final day of the regular season against the Seattle Mariners on 3rd October 2021.

With his dingers, he joined the list of legendary players like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jim Rice, and Jimmie Fox as the player to hit 45+ home runs with more than eight triples in the same season.

In 2022, even though he had his best performance on the field, he only managed to strike 34 homers with a slugging rate of .665 in the first 94 team games.

In 2023, he has hit 44 to date, with the last 44th homer coming against the Cincinnati Reds on 23rd September 2023.

He got injured during the Friday game suffering a muscle UCL tear which would keep him away from his pitching duties but might continue to be in the batting lineup this season.

Ohtani Most Career Home Runs 

Shohei Ohtani career home runs totaled 171 in his six seasons.

He is ranked 53rd on the list of active players with the most home runs scored.

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Here is the innings breakdown of every Ohtani home run which is listed below:

  • 1st Inning - 32
  • 2nd Inning - 10
  • 3rd Inning - 31
  • 4th inning - 16
  • 5th inning - 22
  • 6th inning - 16
  • 7th inning - 15
  • 8th inning - 14
  • 9th inning - 14
  • extra innings - 1

Out of Ohtani career home runs total of 171, he scored 99 while playing at the home field, and 72 while on the away games. 

His total home runs have been coming off 140 different pitchers in his career including 92 solo dingers, 56 with solo base runners, 21 with two base runners, and 2 grand slams.

His latest grand slam was against the Tampa Bay Rays and his 43rd home run of the season tying him for the most in MLB with Brave's Matt Olson.

He hit his 100th career home run on June 8, 2021, against the Kansas City Royals.

Shohei Ohtani Home Runs in 2023

Ohtani home runs 2023 is 44 in numbers with 22 coming in at his home field, Angels Stadium.

Ohtani is leading the MLB home run leaders 2023 rankings and also has accomplished some of the rarest feats in baseball.

Even though he won't be pitching in the 2023 season onwards due to suffering from UCL injury, he is still in the lineups and will play as a designated hitter for the team.

Shohei Ohtani 40th home runs came against the Seattle Mariners on 3rd August and became the first player to reach the mark by the halfway point.

His 44th dinger came on a doubleheader game against the Cincinnati Reds on 23rd August.

Shohei Ohtani projected home runs are set to 62 as forecasted based on his dominant performance in the field.

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Here are some of his homers in 2023 against the opposition teams mentioned below:

  • First Homer, 2nd April 2023 - Oakland Athletics, 447 feet
  • Fifth Homer, 23rd April 2023 - Kansas City Royals - 415 feet
  • 10th Homer, 18th May 2023 - Baltimore Orioles - 378 feet
  • 15th Homer, 31st May 2023 - Chicago White Sox - 459 feet
  • 20th Homer, 12th June 2023 - Texas Rangers - 388 feet
  • 25th Homer, 23rd June 2023 - Colorado Rockies - 434 feet
  • 30th Homer, 30th June 2023 - Arizona Diamondbacks - 493 feet
  • 35th Homer, 17th July 2023 - New York Yankees - 403 feet
  • 40th Homer, 3rd August 2023 - Seattle Mariners - 390 feet
  • 44th Homer, 23rd August 2023 - Cincinnati Reds - 442 feet

Ohtani Home Run Pace 2023

Ohtani home run pace 2023 shows that the projected home run in this season is 59 if he plays every remaining game for the Angels.

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The two-way superstar is on pace for 59 dingers this season and might fall short of matching the Maris record for the second-most home runs in a season by American League players.

He had his five dingers in August completing his 44th against the Reds on 23rd August. With the pace he was going, he was forecasted to cross the 600-homer mark this season.

But after suffering the UCL injury, it might fall short as the injury might impact his hitting performance. His longest homer was against the Diamondbacks on 30th June which was measured 493 feet.

Even though he is restricted from pitching duties, he has been in the lineups during yesterday's game against the New York Yankees in their 5-3 win.

In the game, Ohtani laces an RBI triple down the line increasing the Angel's lead by 4-0 in the second inning. Despite the pace he was having in his hitting duties, he might get slow down because of his injuries but will continue to play as a designated hitter but will be relieved from the pitching duties.

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