Shohei Ohtani New Balance Commercial And Contract 2023

By Ayush Khadka / 2 July 2023 04:59 PM

Ohtani has been involved with the Angels since 2018.
Source : twitter

Shohei Ohtani New Balance Commercial is a 15 second commercial for the "We Got Now" campaign for the Shoes and Socks industry. It was released on March 6, 2023.

Shohei is a two-way player for the Los Angeles Angels team in the AL West division. Debuting for the Angels on 29 March 2018, Ohtani has spent six years in the LA Angels and has a one-year contract through the 2023 season. He has a contract worth $30 million and will be a free agent by 2024.

Making a brilliant performance in his first MLB year, the Angels pitcher gained the Rookie of the Year Award with his 22 home runs, 21 doubles, pitching 51.2 innings, and 63 strikeouts.

A player who can conduct both pitching and batting, Shohei Ohtani is considered rare like the baseball GOAT Babe Ruth who also had both hits and pitches during his career in the 1920s and 30s.

In his overall career, he has batted 374 runs and 150 homers from 2259 at-bats. Ohtani has gained two All-Star recognitions, the 2021 AL MVP, and a Silver Slugger award.

Who Is The Baseball Player In The New Balance Commercial?

Baseball player in New Balance Commercial features Los Angeles Angels Japanese star Shohei Ohtani as a new addition to the NB family.

As part of the 'We Got Now' campaign, New Balance hired the famous player Ohtani, who gained great fame with this World Baseball Classic performance in March. With the ad spanning 15 seconds, the Angels superstar made a valuable spotlight in the sports world. 

A new member of the NB franchise, the video features Ohtani entering the diamond field, enjoying baseball through batting and pitching. He was dressed in all-black, with an NB t-shirt highlighting the company's clothing. Likewise, the commercial song is 'Hey You' by Experience Unlimited. 

VMLY&R, a creative agency based in New York City, designed and released it for the 'We Got Now'  NB campaign. The video also got launched in other countries like Ohtani's birthplace Japan. The brand shared the ad on its website and social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. 

What Is The We Got Now Campaign About?

New Balance has made the 'We Got Now' campaign to celebrate the present moment of Now. NB seeks to call for action for the people to live fully in the present situation. 

Ohtani is one of the major contract holder for the NB brand.
Source : twitter

The first global ad featured Ohtani, and the company also has plans for other sports athletes like Tennis' Coco Gauff and hurdler Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone throughout 2023. previously in 2022, the sports brand also conducted this campaign by hiring Chelsea star player Raheem Sterling and NBA's Kawhi Leonard.

Ohtani also had positive things to say about the advertisement and its content. Shohei remarked that the commercial relates to him since he also feels passionate about living in the present moment of his career.

Shohei also added that Now is everything when our future is filled with uncertainties. The Boston-based sportswear firm also resonates with the same message through its advertisement. NB's campaign will showcase the confidence of those athletes with the boldness to embrace the possibility of 'Now.'

Shohei Ohtani New Balance shoes

New Balance baseball cleats are worn by Shohei Ohtani during his pre-game and in-game hours. 

Ohtani seen with the NB shoes before his game.
Source : twitter

The Angels star was seen with upcoming NB shoes on 13 June 2023 before the game against Texas Rangers. He was rocking grey sweatpants, a cool NB T-shirt with the signature white sneakers laced with blue and red NB design. MLB Life got the wind up of it and tweeted about the unreleased version. 

The NB cleats that Shohei wore during his pre-game appearance are the limited editioned Made in USA New Balance 990v6. These white shoes have a blue and red design, like a visual representation of the USA's flag colors. It is the Season 3 collection and will feature a Quickstrike variant too. 

These cleats are made from premium suede with a great combination of magenta and limestone shades. The shoes' price starts from $199.99 and can go upwards depending on the premium nature and shipping. Meanwhile, the NB t-shirt Ohtani is wearing will cost about $65.

New Balance Baseball Glove

New Balance released a unique baseball glove named A2KSO17 in partnership with Ohtani. The glove is present in limited stock. 

NB gloves have a great quality.
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The glove is a classy A2K product, built with quality Wilson's Tan Pro Stock leather, and contains a double palm construction. Similarly, the glove also has the SuperSkin design, considered the best in synthetics, that helps the user to wrap their thumb easily. 

Likewise, this NB glove is custom-made with specifications matching Ohtani's gear. A wrist strap and palm liner are present to make a firm fit in the hands and constrict unnecessary movements. Shohei also prefers to have a more stiff glove bound to his hands perfectly.

The fingers are long and are more based on outfield versions. The pocket is wide to decrease tipping pitches from happening. The gear is lightweight, water-resistant, and has higher durability, making it one of the best long-term investments for any baseball and Ohtani fans.

In addition to its powerful quality features, a custom embroidered insignia of the NB sneakers 574 is on the Wrist strap. This logo adds to the premium feel of the glove. 

Ohtani complimented the gloves, saying he used its prototype in the WBC and helped him win games. Shohei also believes that the glove represents his and NB's special relationship through dedication to product authenticity, innovation, and letting him be himself. The company CMO, Chris Davis, also felt great about having Ohtani in the NB family. 

Shohei Ohtani Commercial Contract

Shohei Ohtani New Balance contract is not less than 5 million dollars. Ohtani has signed a multi-year deal with the sportswear brand. 

Ohtani makes a good earning from brand endorsements.
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Having had multiple endorsements for more than 17 brands like Hugo Boss, Fanatics, and Seiko Watch, Ohtani earned more than $20 million from these organizations annually.  Now, Shohei will add New Balance to his long list of brand partnerships for more revenue. 

NB will be Ohtani's second partnership with a sportswear brand, with the first being Asics. However, Shohei has left the deal after an 8-year-long partnership. He continued to work with Asics in the USA, even though they did not have a strong market presence.

The NB organization is eager to work with the international baseball star on many projects. Their initial project appeared in February 2023, with the 574 cleats that went on sale for $120, ahead of the WBC schedule. 

Ohtani is one of the highest earners in MLB as of the 2023 season, with his multiple brand endorsements and an Angels contract worth $30 million for one year. However, it is expected for Shohei to earn at least $600 million if he signs long-term contracts. 

Francisco Lindor New Balance Commercial

Francisco Lindor in New Balance commercial featured on the We Got Now campaign with the Opening day theme.

The ad got released by NB's Youtube channel on 7 April 2022. Lindor can be seen at Citi Field, batting balls everywhere in the stands and walls during his practice session. The company delivered a great message in the ad that the work never ended since the game never ends. 

Similarly, on 7 October 2022, Lindor and NB partnered together to form another advertisement with the theme that Francisco was ready for October's baseball. The ad features him batting and rounding the bases at the Mets' home stadium. 

Lindor signed a multi-year partnership deal with the NB franchise on 27 February 2017. The Puerto Rican shortstop became the global face of a baseball at that time and followed the likes of popular MLB stars Dustin Pedroia and Jose Altuve to wear the NB gear. 

As of the 2023 season, Lindor is playing for the New York Mets and is one of the highest earners for the franchise. He has a long-term contract worth $341 million for ten years, which bounds Francisco to the Mets until the 2031 season. 

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