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Shark Conquest Map MLB The Show 23

By Roshan Khatiwada / 1 August 2023 07:44 PM

There are eleven strongholds in the shark conquest map, the latest in MLB The Show 23
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Shark conquest map hidden rewards include a 2023 All Star Game Choice Pack and an Alter Ego Choice Pack. It was released on 25th July 2023.

The video game, since its release on March 2023, has been very popular among fans. The game has various features and modes available on platforms such as PS5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Diamond Dynasty, Road to the Show, Franchise, and Legends are some game modes available. Diamond Dynasty allows fans to create their team and compete.

A conquest map is one of the features inside the game mode where gamers have to conquest strongholds in a given map. The video game has been releasing fresh content, including missions, moments, and conquest maps, to challenge its users regularly.

The Shark Map has eleven strongholds for gamers to conquer and earn rewards.

Shark Map Hidden Rewards

MLB The Show 23 Shark Map hidden rewards consist of five Diamond Duos Pack. Fans must conquer all territories to complete the map and earn all the rewards.

The map is in the shape of a shark hence the name. As in previous seasons, the fans are excited to take over all territories on the map and earn prizes.

The game mode resembles the strategy board game of conflict, conquest, and diplomacy called Risk. Each match is of three-inning in the Diamond Dynasty mode against the CPU.

There are eleven strongholds for fans to capture on the map and five overall goals. Completing the goals will complete the map and reward the players with prizes.

Mark Mulder and  Alex Gordon are the players in the Diamond Duos 29 Choice Pack
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Here are the five goals, along with the rewards for completing them:

  • First Goal - Achieve 123 million fans (Rewards: Five MLB The Show Packs)
  • Second Goal - Capture the Padres and Astros strongholds at the tail end of the Shark Map (Rewards: MLB The Show 23 Pack)
  • Third Goal - Conquer any three forts of the enemy (Rewards: Ballin' is a Habit pack, 500 XP, and 500 stubs)
  • Fourth Goal - Capture six of the enemy strongholds (Rewards: Diamond Duos Choice Pack 24, 1,000 XP, and 500 stubs)
  • Fifth Goal - Capture all the territories on the Shark Map (Rewards: Chase Pack 5, 2,500 XP, and 1,000 stubs)

These maps always have hidden rewards located at various positions. These rewards can include 99 OVR cards to help fans upgrade their squad and some regular packs and stubs.

The Shark Map has some of the best-hidden rewards of any conquest map released in the 23 edition of the video game. The map offers plenty of rewards that are all good and help gamers increase the strength of their side.

Best Conquest MLB The Show 23, Shark Map, has the most rewards among any of the conquest maps released by the video game.

Playing Weekly Wonders provides players the opportunity to earn 10,000 XP
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Here are the hidden rewards available on the map:

  • 13-MLB The Show 23 packs
  • Home Run Derby CBallin'ack
  • 2023 All-Star Game Choice Pack
  • Ballin’ is a Habit pack
  • Alter Ego Choice Pack
  • Random Diamond Duos Pack
  • Diamond Duos Pack 22
  • Diamond Duos Pack 23
  • Diamond Duos Pack 24
  • Diamond Duos Pack 25
  • Diamond Duos Pack 26 CHo

MLB The Show 23 Extreme Program

MLB The Show 23 Extreme Program was released on July 28. The program has introduced new content to the Diamond Dynasty mode.

The program includes moments, missions, conquest maps, showdowns, and mini-seasons. Hitting a home run with Ken Griffey Jr. in one plate appearance, saving seven games while pitching seven innings, and not conceding a run with Billy Wagner are some tasks in the program.

Here are some of the missions and rewards in the Extreme Program:

  • Hit a home run in one plate appearance (3 points)
  • Save seven straight games without conceding a run (5 points)
  • Pitching a perfect game (5 points)
  • Hitting two home runs in a game (3 points)
  • Win a game after trailing 8-1 in the sixth (5 points)

These are the five marquee cards in the Extreme Program of MLB The Show 23
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The program has five player cards with an overall rating of 99, including one of Ken Griffey Jr. It is the last reward in the path, and users must accumulate 100 points to earn the card.

Extreme Conquest hidden rewards MLB The Show 23 include some of the best prizes in the video game. Completing the Extreme Conquest will result in 25 points, whereas completing the Extreme Showdown will reward 20 points.

Three cards in collections can be earned through the Turn it Up event resulting in 28 points. All three Collections cards will expire on August 11, but the program will not expire.

Completing these tasks result in various rewards, including 12,500 stubs, 25,000 XP, and forty-two total packs.

Here are the Extreme Programs rewards for The Show 23:

Player CardsPosition and Team
99 OVR All-Star Game Series Ketel MarteSecond Baseman, Arizona Diamondbacks
99 OVR Incognito Series Billy WagnerCloser, Philadelphia Phillies
99 OVR All-Star Game Series Mike PiazzaCatcher, Los Angeles Dodgers
99 OVR Milestone Series Matt CainStarting Pitcher, San Francisco Giants
99 OVR Home Run Derby Series Ken Griffey Jr.Center Fielder, Seattle Mariners

MLB The Show 22 Extreme Program

MLB The Show 22 Extreme Program helps users earn progress towards rewards such as bat skin, player items, and player cards. The program featured some extreme moments by some of the best players to enter the diamond.

99 OVR Retro Finest card of the 2016 MLB The Show cover athlete Josh Donaldson was the final reward in the path for which users needed to accumulate 100 points. The program includes four 99 OVR Retro Finest cards as the marquee rewards.

The program included ten moments rewarding three points for completing each one. The program had six parallel PXP missions, and completing them resulted in 33 points.

Fans have to face Randy Johnson in the ultimate showdown
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Further, completing the extreme showdown and extreme conquest rewarded users with twenty-five points each. Some parallel missions were repeatable, meaning completing them again would reward further points.

The showdown featured a face-off against one of the best left-handed pitchers, Randy Johnson. Fans needed to select their Showdown Squad leader from Retro Finesh cards, then draft their team and face one of the most dominant pitchers in the sport's history.

Here are the four marquee cards of MLB The Show 22 Extreme Program:

  • 99 OVR Retro Finest Kerry Wood - Starting Pitcher, Chicago Cubs
  • 99 OVR Retro Finest Aroldis Chapman - Closer, Cincinnati Reds
  • 99 OVR Retro Finest Robinson Cano - Second Baseman, New York Yankees
  • 99 OVR Retro Finest Josh Donaldson - Third Baseman, Toronto Blue Jays

In addition, the Kraken conquest map required fans to be strategic and calculated while conquering territories while moving through the map. The map had eight turn-based goals that needed to be completed.

Amed Rosario MLB The Show 23

Amed Rosario MLB The Show 23 has an overall rating of 80 with an A-grade potential to develop. He had an OVR of 81 in the previous edition.

Rosario is a professional baseball shortstop playing for the MLB team Los Angeles Dodgers. The player was drafted by the Mets and also played for Cleveland before joining the Dodgers on July 26, 2023.

Amed Rosario is a Dominican professional baseball shortstop playing for Los Angeles Dodgers
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The shortstop had an overall rating of 79 with the potential of a B-grade during the 21 edition of the game. He had a good clutch and contact rating, as well as elite durability and speed.

Amed has been able to maintain his high ratings in speed, durability, clutch, and contact throughout the editions. His contact against left-handers is 92, whereas clutch and durability are 85 and 94, respectively.

Here are his attributes in MLB The Show 23:

Hitting Attributes:

  • Contact R (CON R) - 73
  • Contact L (CON L) - 92
  • Power R (POW R) - 41
  • Power L (POW L) - 50
  • Vision (VIS) - 78
  • Plate Discipline (DISC) - 35
  • Batting Clutch (CLT) - 85
  • Bunting (BUNT) - 41
  • Drag Bunting (DBUNT) - 31
  • Durability (DUR) - 94

Fielding and Base running attributes:

  • Speed (SPD) - 91
  • Arm Accuracy (ACC) - 54
  • Reaction (REAC) - 7
  • Stealing (STL) - 37
  • Baserunning Aggressiveness (BR AGG) - 43
  • Fielding (FLD) - 66
  • Arm Strength (ARM) - 66

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