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Shane McClanahan Strikeouts Per Game In 2023

By / 1 June 2023 04:35 AM

Shane McClanahan during a play wearing Rawlings gloves in hand and prepped for the action.
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Shane McClanahan strikeouts per game are in the range of 3 to 10. Shane had 10 strikeouts against Chicago White Sox on 22nd April 2023.

Throughout his baseball career, McClanahan has proven an effective strikeout pitcher. In the minor levels, he struck out 74 batters in 53 innings, earning him the accolade of Midwest League All-Star in 2019.

McClanahan continued to amaze, striking out 141 batters in his debut season in the MLB. However, it wasn't until 2022 that McClanahan showed off his strikeout skills.

He struck out 11 batters in a single game against the Minnesota Twins and the Los Angeles Angels, both of which were career highs. McClanahan emerged as a powerful force on the mound, striking out 194 batters in 166.1 innings.

He led the American League in several statistical categories, including strikeouts per nine innings (SO/9). This outstanding performance earned him a well-deserved place as the American League's starting pitcher in the 2022 All-Star Game.

Shane McClanahan Strikeouts In 2023

Shane McClanahan Strikeouts 2023 are 82 in the regular season. The projected strikeouts (SO) by the player are 233, and the career record is 417. 

The Tampa Bay player is known for his incredible skills in the SO. For any pitcher, a good record of these events is considered remarkable. 

Regarding the SO achieved, the participant ranks 3rd in 2023, administering 82 in American League. He was 7th in the American League, with 194 SO issued in 2022. 

The player wearing Rays Jersey and just in action to pitch the ball.
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Here is the pitching SO record by Shane Mclanahan in the 2023 season listed below

2023 Pitching SO Records by Shane McClanahan 

Wednesday, May 31st (Opponent Chicago Cubs): 7 strikeouts

Thursday, May 25th (Opp. Toronto Blue Jays): 7 strikeouts

Saturday, May 20th (Opp. Milwaukee Brewers): 7 strikeouts

Saturday, May 13th (Opp. New York Yankees): 3 strikeouts

Tuesday, May 9th (Opp. Baltimore Orioles): 7 strikeouts

Thursday, May 4th (Opp. Pittsburgh Pirates): 9 strikeouts

Friday, April 28th (Opp. Chicago White Sox): 5 strikeouts

Sunday, April 23rd (Opp. Chicago White Sox): 10 strikeouts

Sunday, April 16th (Opp. Toronto Blue Jays): 6 strikeouts

Wednesday, April 12th (Opp. Boston Red Sox): 9 strikeouts

Wednesday, April 5th (Opp. Washington Nationals): 6 strikeouts

Friday, March 31st (Opp. Detroit Tigers): 6 strikeouts

Shane McClanahan Strikeouts last 5 Games

Shane Mcclanahan stats shows that he made 31 strikeouts in the last 5 games. The matches were held in May. 

Shane is known for some amazing records. He faced off against the Cubs on the 31st of May and delivered an impressive performance. 

In the game, he pitched for 5.2 innings and allowed six hits, including a homer and two earned runs. He struck out seven batters, including three ground and 12 fly balls. However, Tampa Bay lost the match 2-1. 

In the game of the 25th, the player pitched for seven innings and allowed four hits while making one earned run. He struck out 7 batters and induced 7 ground and 11 fly balls. 

The game was with Toronto Blue Jays, and the Rays team won 7-3. 

The athlete holding a mitt in hand in the Rays Jersey,
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The 20th match was also remarkable as the player pitched 7 innings and allowed six hits and 7 SO without any homers. He issued one walk in the contest while playing against the Brewers, and the Rays won the game by a tight margin of 1-0. 

On the 13th, the athlete of Rays was against the Yankees. He pitched four innings and allowed five hits and four earned runs, including two homers. 

The player recorded 3 SO and issued four walks. He induced three ground balls and 11 fly balls on the mound; however, the Rays lost that game 9-8. 

In the match of 9th, the athlete delivered a wonderful performance by pitching for six innings, allowing four hits with no homers and runs. He recorded 7 SO and induced 7 ground balls and six fly balls, resulting in the Rays winning the match against the Orioles by 7-0. 

Here is the list of the last 5 strikeouts with the date of the match played and the number of SO.

25th May against Blue Jays7
31st May against Cubs7
9th May against Orioles7
13th May against Yankees3
20th May against Brewers7

Shane McClanahan Strikeouts last game

Shane McClanahan Strikeouts today is 7 as recorded on 31st May 2023. The Rays player was performing against Chicago Cubs. 

The athlete has played multiple times to demonstrate his striking-out skills. The 2022 season of the player was remarkable, and the 2023 season is also in the limelight due to his performances.

He is considered a wonderful performer on the pitching mound. The athlete showcases his grip in the contest with a remarkable streak of strikeouts if we look at the data of his recent matches. 

In the last seven contests, the athlete has recorded 45 strikeouts. It emphasizes his capacity to conquer opposing batters.

The electric avatar of the player during the pitching moment.
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In a total duration of 40.2 innings pitched, the player was consistent and showcased impeccable command on the mound.

This impressive run has resulted in a strong win-loss record of 4-1, indicating his key role in his team's success. His incredible performances earned him an outstanding ERA of 2.21. 

If we look at a larger time span of the last 15 matches, McClanahan's strength becomes spectacular. The athlete accumulated a total of 82 SO over 69.2 innings pitched.

During these matches, the team demonstrated a wonderful win-loss record of 8-1. Throughout the contests, the player garnered an ERA of 2.07, which portrays his good performance. 

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