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Why Do The Mariners Jerseys Say Marineros?

By Roshan Khatiwada / 25 September 2023 02:23 AM

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Mariners Jerseys say Marineros which is the way of giving tribute to the Latin American people. It is the Spanish translation of the franchise name. 

The MLB team from Seattle competes in the West Division of the American League. Their original colors were gold and blue, the colors used by the Seattle Pilots and their successor Milwaukee Brewers.

For the first four campaigns, the team wore white pullover uniforms for home games, with the team name printed on the front and numbers on the left side of the chest. On the other hand, they wore baby blue pullover jerseys with the name of the city on the front.

As of the 2023 season, Nike and MLB have instituted a four-plus-one model for team uniforms in the major league. The model consists of one home jersey, one away jersey, two alternate jerseys, and a City Conney jersey that pays homage to the city of Seattle.

Seattle Marineros Jersey Meaning

Seattle Marineros jersey is part of their Hispanic Heritage Night and pays tribute to the Latin American community. The tradition began in the 2008 MLB season.

The Seattle team first donned the Marineros uniform during a 5-0 win over the Detroit Tigers at Safeco Field on May 31, 2008. The franchise celebrated Latinos in baseball annually before the 2008 season through different events.

Traditional Latin dance and music, along with small ceremonies, were conducted to celebrate the occasion prior to the 2008 MLB campaign. Further, stadium announcements and public addresses are also conducted in Spanish.

The Milwaukee Brewers and the San Francisco Giants team had worn similar uniforms previously. During the 2008 season, the first 25,000 visitors to the ballpark were presented with a Marineros baseball cap.

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The National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15 to October 15. The month celebrates the history, achievements, and cultures of those who trace their ancestors back to Spain, Mexico, and other American Latino countries.

More than 2,000 players of Hispanic descent have played in Major League Baseball throughout and makeup nearly a quarter of the players in the league today. 

The uniform pays tribute to the legacy of the Latin American community of Seattle and the Latino players who have played for the Mariners. Not only the Mariners but the whole of the major league celebrates Hispanic Month with different events and tributes.

The Seattle team debuted their current uniform during the 1993 campaign. The white uniform originally had Mariners printed in navy with Northwest Green trim and featured the compass logo above the M.

Mariners City Connect Jerseys 2023

Seattle Mariners City Connect jerseys are a tribute to the baseball history of Seattle. These are the alternate uniforms made by Nike for the MLB teams.

These uniforms feature different elements, colors, and fonts compared to the normal home and away kits of the teams. Nike introduced these kits during the 2021 season with seven teams.

As of now, twenty of the thirty major league teams have a City Connect jersey. Seven more MLB clubs decided to add City Connect kits as their fifth uniform.

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These kits designed by Nike pay homage to the culture of the teams' home cities. For example, the uniform of the Arizona Diamondbacks reflects the culture of the Hispanic Community of the city, whereas the Boston jersey pays respect to the Boston Marathon.

Similarly, the Mariners uniform pays homage to the two pioneer baseball teams in Seattle. The dark blue base with black pants is a node to the Pilots and the Rainiers.

Seattle Mariners jerseys also include a patch on the sleeve featuring Mount Rainier and the letters PNW, an acronym for Pacific Northwest. The colors used by Nike represent the team's kit from their inaugural season.

The jersey features the word Seattle printed on the front in a style that reflects the first Major League Baseball team of the city, the Pilots. The City Conenct uniform was debuted by the Mariners on May 5 against the Houston Astros.

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Mariners City Connect jerseys 2023 are a way to connect the teams with their fans. The main idea behind the concept was to provide something unique and new in terms of design that looks cool and also respects the root of the city on which the team is based at the same time.

The name City Connect was selected as this marks a new and effective strategy for the club to make a connection with its fanbase and the city. The Mariners wear these uniforms at home games that take place on Fridays.

Mariners Turn Ahead The Clock Jersey

Seattle Mariners turn ahead the clock uniform debuted during the 1998 season. The idea for the uniform came from the Turn Back the Clock uniform of the team.

The franchise wore the Turn Back the Clock kit during the 1997 season in honor of the 20th anniversary of the organization. Martinez, who is now the senior vice president of marketing communications for the Seattle Mariners team, saw the team wear the jersey.

He then sat down with his team and brainstormed ideas on what if they turned the clock ahead instead of turning it back. The idea of the Turn Ahead the Clock or Back To The Future jerseys came from there, which debuted on July 18, 1998.

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The kits were sleeveless and futuristic and stood out due to the completely different colorway from the normal logo of the franchise. After seeing the Mariners wear something that was not common, twenty-two major league teams followed them wearing futuristic kits for a stretch of fourteen days.

The uniforms featured oversized spelling and logos, along with the vertical nameplates on the back of the jersey. The Mariners last wore the uniform during their 20th anniversary in 2018 in a game against the Kansas City Royals, the same team they debuted the jersey against.

Mariners turn ahead the clock hat is a special cap worn by the players of the team during the 1998 season. It featured black, silver, and crimson colors and an oversized baseball logo.

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The hat and the uniform were supposed to represent what the uniform of the franchise would look like in the year 2027. The Mariners star Ken Griffey Jr., who holds the record for the longest home run streak, was one of the men behind the design of the kits.

Seattle Mariners Future Jerseys

Mariners jerseys 2023 replaced the gray kits with the navy blue ones as their standard away uniforms. The franchise also stopped using the powder blue kits during spring training.

The decision to remove these kits was based on the feedback from the fans and players. Seattle Mariners new jerseys in the future are also expected to be designed using the feedback.

Their home kit is a white uniform with navy blue and northwest green stripes on the sleeves and waist. The kit has Mariners printed on the front part.

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