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Savannah Bananas Runs vs Points Rules

By Aditya Bhattarai / 8 August 2023 04:26 PM

The rules of play are uniquely different compared to the normal baseball games.
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Savannah Bananas Runs vs Points rule awards a point to the team that has more runs in an inning. The Banana Ball is strictly limited to 2 hours time period.

Each inning becomes more valuable for the competing teams because of the extra reward score. Additionally, teams are not allowed to start another inning after the 1 hour 50 minutes mark.

Banana Ball is a fun and entertaining version of baseball with a unique set of rules. They attract more attention from the audience by conducting dance and music performances included in the ticket.

Founded by the enthusiastic owner Jesse Cole in 2016, the Bananas used to play for the Coastal Plain League of the Collegiate Summer Baseball League in NCAA before beginning the play for Bananas Ball.

Later, Cole had the vision of creating a baseball game that is less boring for the guests in the stadium. His intention of creating a baseball game that uses an entirely different set of rules has brought life to Banana Ball World Tours.

The new traveling league could go around different cities during the World Tours. They play against teams around the world on their home grounds while attracting much attention from the fanbase.

Banana Ball Runs Vs Points

Banana Ball Runs Vs Points is related to the use of points in deciding the winner instead of runs. The teams that score more runs in an inning obtain one point.

Runs are only used for evaluating points at the end of the inning when both teams finish one set each. Exceptions are only applicable for the ninth inning where each run is equivalent to a point.

A Youtube video by the Bananas in 2020 explains it as a race to score more runs than the other team. However, rather than compiling runs at the end of every game, they are used to determine who won an inning and gets the point.

Banana Ball does not allows runs to govern the outcome of the games while it does plays the part in racking points for doing so. The teams that score more runs at the end get credited with a point.

Any team that gets five points earlier than the other, they are declared the winner by default. The two-hour time limit is also important to note as they might not complete the required point to win the game until the end. 

Unless there is a tie between the teams, the one with the highest point is the winner. In case of a tie, the tie-breaker is a scenario where the pitcher and hitters compete one on one scenario. The pitcher would have to play the role of catcher and fielder to get the ball back in this case.

Savannah Bananas Crazy Rules

Savannah Bananas Baseball Rules mention a reduced time frame and no bunting regulations. Foul balls that are caught by fans will lead to an out.

These rules are developed while focusing on the interest of the audience and are more interactive as well. Savannah Bananas owner Jesse Cole has created a new type of play. It is based on his observation of the response of players and guests.

Teams Savannah and Party Animals play by following the unique rules for Banana Ball.
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Here are all the Rules of Banana Balls that are unique yet effective in attracting fans.

Fans in the game - Fans will become more interactive since every foul ball they catch will count as an out.

Mound Visits Are Not Allowed - The managers and catchers cannot visit the mound to take up more game time. Additionally, the batter is restricted to step out of the box, if they do then they get a strike.

Sprinting Over Walking - When the umpire calls for ball four, the batter has to run while the defense takes action. At that moment, the runners can keep moving over the bases and a walk can become a home run.

Batters Stealing Bases First- Batters can steal any bases first over the passed ball and wild pitches even if it is not counted.

No bunting - Butning is not allowed at any cost. Performing a punt intentionally will lead the batter out of the game.

Match play - Banana Ball follows a match play system where the team where the highest scoring team in runs gets a point for that inning. The team with most point at the end wins the game.

Skeleton crew - It used one pitcher for all roles in the tie-breaker game at the end if the points are tied after nine innings. The extra-inning games are usually between the batter and pitcher only.

Reduced Time Frame - Banana Ball follows a time limit of 2 hours strictly without any concession. They do not allow starting a new inning after the pitch clock hits 1 hour and 50 minutes have passed into the game.

Challenge Rule
Each team can challenge one play with the opposing teams per game in both fair or foul ball. They can still challenge even if the runner is tagged out at the Home plate and any other base paths or the ball gets caught.

The winning team retains the right to challenge while they lose the right if they lose or the call stands for review.

Party Animals Banana Ball Rules

The Party Animals baseball rules are based on the crazy banana ball guidelines. They follow the same rules as an extension team at the Banana Ball.

The Party Animals are ready to take over the stadium with their performance while dancing in their party songs.
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Below are all the rules for the Party Animals from Banana Ball;

  1. Two Hour Time Limit
    There is two-hour limit on the game after the clock begins right before the first pitch. The innings cannot begin after the 1 hour 50 minutes timeline.
  2. Tiebreaker Games
    When a game gets tied after 2 hours, it becomes a showdown between pitcher and hitter. The defence is only allowed one catcher, fielder and pitcher while the offence has the batter.
    Retiring the batter will allow the other team to hit. Likewise, getting one out will bring the ball back into play and the fielder has to retrieve it from the ground.
  3. Innings Are More Valuable
    The teams are awarded with points for scoring the maximum runs in an inning. If both teams remain scoreless or get tied in an inning, then that inning is even and they move on to another.
  4. No stepping out 
    Batters are not allowed to step out of the hitter box. They receive a strike if they step out.
  5. No bunting 
    Bunting will directly lead to ejection from the game in Banana Ball.
  6. Batters can steal first
    Wild Pitch and passed ball can provide an opportunity for batters to take off the base first.
  7. No walks
    Walks are restricted while the batter has to rush for first base or further when the catcher throws it towards the infielder. To tag out a batter, the defensive players have to touch the ball in the least. 
    Those with fast reflexes can complete the third run or become an inside-the-park homer if the defense cannot complete the task in time.
  8. No mound visits
    The catchers, coaches, managers, or any other fielders are restricted to meet the pitcher. They are not allowed to take breaks for team discussions.
  9. Fans can make an out
    A foul ball on the fly caught by a fan will also result in an out.
  10. Challenge Rule
    Each team can challenge one play with the opposing teams per game.

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