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Savannah Bananas Roster 2023 With Players Pictures

By Roshan Khatiwada / 17 August 2023 10:46 AM

Bananas introduced an alternate format named Banana Ball with some tweaks on basic baseball rules
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Savannah Bananas roster with pictures includes players like Bill Leory, Mat Wolf and Ryan Cox. They are an exhibition baseball team based in Georgia.

The team founded in 2016, plays its home games at the Grayson Stadium. After 2022, the group transitioned into an exhibition team after their alternate format, Banana Ball, became famous.

Before that, the team competed in the West division of the Coastal Plain League. Bananas won the Petitt Cup Championships three times during their stay in the league, including their inaugural and final season.

The Bananas are one of the most famous collegiate teams, with more than six million followers on TikTok more than any of the major league teams. They recorded over eighty thousand fans in twenty-five games during their first season.


Savannah Bananas Players 2023

Savannah Bananas depth chart in 2023 has players like Malachi Mitchell, Michael Deeb, and Jackson Olson. There are twenty-four players currently on the roster.

The players in the team are from various colleges and universities as some have even played in the NCAA divisions.

Here is the list of all the players on the team and their position:

  • Bill Leroy - C/3B
  • Malachi Mitchell - PR/OF
  • Eric Jones Jr. - C/INF
  • Mat Wolf - RHP/INF
  • Dr Meadows - OF/INF
  • Ryan Cox - INF
  • Michael Deeb - OF/1B
  • Jackson Olson - INF
  • Noah Bridges -OF
  • Alex Ziegler - EH
  • Matt Malatesta - RHP
  • Kyle Luigs - RHP
  • Dalton Mauldin - INF
  • Dakota Albritton - RHP/UTIL
  • Danny Hosley - Everywhere
  • Dan Oberst - 1B
  • Jared Donalson - RHP
  • Dakota McFadden - UTIL/RHP
  • Christian Dearman - RHP
  • Johnny Anderson - LHP
  • Connor Higgins - LHP
  • Bill Lee - LHP
  • Vincent Derubeis - UTIL
  • DJ "The Invader" - RHP

Leroy is one of the best players in the team and plays as a catcher
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Savannah Bananas players Meadows, Jones, Deeb, Oberst, McFadden, Olson, Cox, Leroy, Hosley, Bridges, and Luigs started the last game for the Bananas. They are the players who often start the game for the team.

Leroy is the team's catcher from the University of North Georgia. He is well known for his power-hitting abilities and signature bat flips.

Bill was named to the 2021 Second All-CPL second team for guiding Savannah to the Petit Cup Championship.

Savannah Bananas players 2023 include Eric Jones as the other catcher on the team. Jones is from North Carolina and is a switch-hitter with a perfect arm and understanding with the pitcher.

On the other hand, Luigs is a right-handed pitcher from Georgia Southern University. He has a sharp slider, a changeup, and a fastball that can reach 95 miles per hour.

Savannah Bananas Coaches 2023

Savannah Bananas coach are Tyler Gillum, Eric Byrnes, and Adam Virant. Gillum has coached the team for five years, guiding them to two Petit Cup Championships.

Gillum agreed to a year-round deal as the head coach of the Banana Ball World Tour team by the 2022 season ending. The two-time CPL coach of the year helped in the development of the player as well as in recruiting players for Banana Ball.

Here is the list of all the coaching staff of the team:

  • Tyler Gillum - Head Coach
  • Eric Byrnes - Coach
  • Adam Virant - Coach
  • Berry Aldridge - Banana Ball Operations Coordinator
  • Kyle Luigs - Premier Team Player & Banana Academy Instructor
  • Bill Leroy - Premier Team Player & Banana Academy Instructor

Bananas head coach Gillum with ESPN broadcaster Tim Kurkijan
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On the other hand, Byrnes is one of the most energetic coaches in the world and brings an abundance of energy to the team. Virant joins the dynamic duo of Byrnes and Gillum, making it a trio.

Virant has managed both sides of the Banana Ball matchup and has played the role of assistant coach for both the Bananas and the Party Animals.

Before joining the Bananas full-time, he used to work for one of the premier youth sports programs in New York City, the Bulldog Ball Club. Gillum and Virant help players develop baseball and entertainment skills, whereas Byrnes brings big-league experience and nonstop energy.

Further, Adam handles the logistics and assists the operations coordinator, Berry Aldridge. Berry is a graduate of Armstrong State Universityberry and governs all things related to baseball operations within the team.

Luigs and Leroy are instructors on the team, along with being players.

Savannah Bananas Cheerleaders

Savannah Bananas cheerleaders are also known as the Banana Nanas. They are a dance team of senior women performing at every team home game.

They are not just typical cheerleaders and wear banana earrings, sunglasses, and yellow tutus. They perform on songs like I'm a Believer by Smash Mouth, Banana Boat Song by Harry Belafonte, and Hey Ya! by Outkast.

Nanas clicking a picture with some fans who came to the Banana Ball game
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The Nanas dance and entertain the crowd by interacting with the fans, conducting contests and on-field games, and throwing T-shirts into the crowd. The cheerleaders have their mascot named Nana Split, a giant banana with glasses and a wig.

The group members come from different professions and backgrounds and are of a diverse range of ages. The leader of the Banana Nanas, Karen Olenick, leads the crew, teaching them to dance routines before the game.

Maceo, the dancing first base coach of the team, shows acrobatic moves from the coaches' box, whereas the cheerleading group takes the field and shows their skills.

Banana nanas have become a sensation in Savannah and across the country. ESPN Sports, Sports Illustrated and The Wall Street Journal have featured them.

They also have a cheerleading squad of out-of-shape middle-aged men named Man Nanas. The players also often join both the cheerleading squads performing choreographed dance moves.

How Much Do Savannah Banana Players Make?

Savannah Bananas salary is around $200,000 per home game throughout the season in the league. They further earn by playing Banana Ball exhibition games.

The team decided not to participate in the 2023 Coastal Plain League and embarked on a seventy-game exhibition tour. They are currently on their tour, which covers thirty-three cities in twenty-two states.

Luigs is also an instructor at the Savannah Bananas in addition to being a pitcher
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However, we can take a guess that they earn a decent amount. Playing in the CPL might not result in a huge salary, as even the minor leagues' wages are not that good.

But they earn a decent amount of money by participating in various Banana Ball exhibition games.

Savannah Bananas Tickets Nashville and Rest Of The Tour

Savannah Bananas tickets Tulsa started from $140.00 on Vivid Seats. Kids under three were allowed free entry, given that they do not take up an extra seat.

The tickets to the game have been cheap for the Coastal Plain League games of the team. They started with a $20 ticket price during their initial years, including burgers, hot dogs, and soft drinks.

Bananas tickets in Nashville start from $168 on CloseSeats, whereas the tickets in VividSeats are available for $276 on average. The team will play a game of Banana Ball against the Party Animals as a part of their Banana Ball World Tour.

Their next event is at Frist Horizon Park in Nashville on June 2, 2023.

Savannah have twelve events remaining in their 2023 World Tour
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The tickets for all the remaining events have been sold out. Fans could buy tickets from the Ticket section on the team's official website or from Ticketmaster.

During their World Tour event, Savannah Bananas held events in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Las Vegas in May. Further, Scottsdale, Peoria, Charleston, Tampa, Jacksonville, Montgomery, and Sugar Land are some other cities they toured during the tour.

Here is the list of remaining tour events of the Bananas:

  • June 2 - Nashville, Tennesse, at First Horizon Park
  • June 3 - Nashville, Tennesse, at First Horizon Park
  • June 8 - Savanah, Georgia, at Grayson Stadium
  • June 9 - Savanah, Georgia, at Grayson Stadium
  • June 10 - Savanah, Georgia, at Grayson Stadium
  • June 12 - Savanah, Georgia, at Grayson Stadium
  • June 15 - Savanah, Georgia, at Grayson Stadium
  • June 17 - Savanah, Georgia, at Grayson Stadium
  • June 19 - Savanah, Georgia, at Grayson Stadium
  • June 23 - Birmingham, Alabama, at Regions Field
  • June 24 - Birmingham, Alabama, at Rickwood Field
  • June 29 - Indianapolis, Indiana, at Victory Field

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