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Kansas City Royals Record Since All Star Break

By Aditya Bhattarai / 7 August 2023 06:39 AM

Royals captain Perez was the only player to represent the team in All-Star games.
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Royals Record Since All Star Break is 8 wins and 10 losses leading to a .444 winning percentage in 18 games. The team is ruling in Triples in 2023.

The Kansas City Royals is a Major League Baseball franchise representing the American League Central Division. It was founded by Ewing Kauffman as an expansion club for MLB in 1969.

They are among the only few franchises in MLB that remain situated in the same city. While they moved from AL West Division to AL Central Division in 1994, the team has always been known by the same name.

After the former Major League team Kansas Athletics moved to Oakland in 1967 after representing the city for 13 seasons, Kansas City felt the need to create another MLB team for their hometown.

The team has played all their home games at the Kauffman Stadium since 1973. Their records include four World Series appearances with only two wins between 1985 and 2015.

Apart from that, they have six divisional titles from the West and one from the Central Division of the American League. While they have been operating constantly for the past 55 seasons, the Royals are listed among the teams with the lowest winning percentages in MLB history.

Royals Record After All Star Break

Kansas City Royals 2023 record has a better winning percentage of .444 after the All Star break. The Royals have won 8 games scoring 20 homers and 75 RBI.

Heart and Hustle award winner Bobby Witt Jr is in the middle of Royals progressing record this year.
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They are currently ranked fifth in the American League Central Division. Since only the top two teams can make it to the playoffs every season, Kansas City will probably miss out on the postseason games this year.

Royals had a troubling season before the All star as they only won 265 games while losing 65 among 91 total games. They are aiming for better results as the post-break season shows a higher win rate considering the 18 games they played.

Although they are farther behind in terms of homers and RBI, the team has one of the best records in Triples this year. They had entered the Midsummer Classic leading the records with 21 Triples and maintained it with another 7 3B after the gap.

Salvador Perez is the All-Star representative for the Royals in 2023 MLB season. Perez had the best records before the Midsummer Classic with 15 dingers and 40 RBI in 81 games.

After the gap, the hitting records for the Royals are led by Bobby Witt with 15 RBI and 4 taters.

Witt has made 22 hits among 77 at-bats over 17 games after the gap. His on base percentage is .311 along with a slugging rate of .575. He remains a centerpiece for the club with his records as a rookie from the previous season.

While the batters are trying to improve the hitting records for the team, pitchers Ryan Yarborough and Brady Singer are attempting to raise the pitching records.

Yarborough has made his comeback after two months by breaking a six-game losing streak. He led the team to win against the Guardians on 9 July 2023 before the Midsummer break.

Left handed pitcher Ryan Yarborough has begun showing his magic as he made his return from injury.
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The Royals pitcher has pitched 18.2 innings after the all-star with a 2.41 ERA and 10 strikeouts in total. Leading ahead is Brady Singer with 23 Strikeouts in 19 innings and a 3.79 ERA.

Royals Record Before All Star Break

Kansas City Royals All Stars representative is catcher Salvador Perez for the 2023 season. Perez had the best records before the All Star Break began.

The Royals placed second from the last in terms of home runs with only 78 HR and 322 RBI. However, they had the highest Triples in the 91 games before entering the all-star break.

Perez is the only player headed towards the All-Star in 2023 from the KC Royals.
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Additionally, they had made 337 runs, 720 hits, and 145 doubles in the total 3031 at-bats they played prior to the Midsummer classic. Their total On Base Plus Slugging (OPS) was recorded as .666 with a higher slugging percentage of .371 SLG.

Considering the performance, Kansas City is leaning towards ending the 2023 MLB season with one of the worst statistics in the franchise's history. Previously, the club had recorded the lowest record in 2005 with only 56 wins over 106 losses in 162 games. They had made 375 runs while allowing 475 runs to the opposing teams that year.

In comparison with the 2005 records, the Royals have scored only 337 runs while allowing 578 runs to the opponents. Based on the statistics they seem to be falling backwards as they make the record for the worst-ever season in the franchise's history.

Royals Record Spring Training

Royals Spring training record in 2023 season is similar to the Atlanta Braves. Their 42 home runs is behind by only 2HR from the Braves with a similar RBI of 173.

Dozier posing for the portrait photoshoot for the Royals during the Spring Training.
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They held the highest slugging percentage with an OBP of .332. The club obtained the best spring training records this season in 1098 at bats over 33 games.

The records for runs ranks first with 182 along with 76 doubles over the training season. Likewise, they also scored 297 hits which contributed to their better On base plus slugging rate.

Win Loss Record 2023

Kansas City Royals Win Loss record is 34 victories and 75 losses over 109 games in 2023. They are behind by 21 wins to qualify for the MLB playoffs this year.

The Royals have been constantly ranked among the lower 10 teams since 2015. Kansas City has been unable to reach the postseason games for the past eight seasons.

Royals scored their 2000 wins in franchise history at the Kauffman stadium on 5 June 2022.
Source : facebook

Ranking fifth among the Central Division teams in American League, the team will not be able to make it to the playoffs this season. While the post-break season could provide some hope to the team, they would have to beat the 21 wins difference with the Guardians for making it into the playoffs.

They have been constantly ranked in the lower tiers due to their degrading performance each year. This year could mark the lowest ever in the history of the club.

Here is the list of Kansas City Royals Records by year for the last decade.

  • 2022 - Wins 64, Losses 97, PCT .401, and ranking 5th with 27 Games Behind.
  • 2021 - Wins 74, Losses 88, PCT .457, and ranking 4th with 19 Games Behind.
  • 2020 - Wins 26, Losses 34, PCT .433, and ranking 4th with 10.5 Games Behind.
  • 2019 - Wins 59, Losses 103, PCT .364, and ranking 4th with 42 Games Behind.
  • 2018 - Wins 58, Losses 104, PCT .358, and ranking 5th with 33 Games Behind.
  • 2017 - Wins 80, Losses 82, PCT .494, and ranking 3rd with 22 Games Behind.
  • 2016 - Wins 81, Losses 81, PCT .500, and ranking 3rd with 13.5 Games Behind.
  • 2015 - Wins 95, Losses 67, PCT .586, and ranking 1st, Winning Divisional and League Championship, and Winning World Series. 
  • 2014 - Wins 89, Losses 73, PCT .549, and ranking 2nd with 1 Games Behind.
  • 2013 - Wins 86, Losses 76, PCT .531, and ranking 3rd  with 7 Games Behind.

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