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Ring The Bell Phillies Meaning And Celebration 2023

By Aditya Bhattarai / 17 October 2023 10:55 AM

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Ring The Bell Phillies meaning refers to a victory celebration at Citizens Bank Park. It chimes every time when the Phils score a home run or win the game.

Philadelphia Phillies have a huge bell on display at their home stadium. It represents the essence of American independence by the original Liberty Bell placed at the Independence National Historical Park.

The one installed at the Phillies ballpark was one of the two that initially belonged to the Victory Stadium till 2003. They brought it to the Citizens Bank Park in 2004 after the stadium was demolished.

Before moving to the current ballpark, the Phillies had hosted 33 seasons at the Victory Stadium. Citizens of Philadelphia have a tradition of ringing the bell to signify the beginning of something and during a celebratory occasion.

Phillies have followed the custom of tolling the huge bell whenever the team has something to glorify. The 5000-pound bell is currently placed outside the Pass and Stow section of the ballpark which fans can observe when passing through the area.

The Liberty Bell is incorporated by the Phillies in their logos and the stadium is an iconic symbol of Philadelphia and its historical significance. It also features engraved names of the two members who installed them at the stadium.

What Does Ring The Bell Mean Phillies?

Ring The Bell Mean Phillies is a victory chant for the team to score more home runs. It is a symbol of unity represented by a giant Liberty Bell at the stadium.

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The huge bell at Citizens Bank Park lights up and swings back and forth after every home run or win. The Philadelphian fanbase prioritizes the importance of the bell by showing their passion whenever it rings.

Phillies players have also started ringing a smaller version of the Liberty Bell starting after winning a game last year. Right fielder Bryce Harper bought the bell for the team to ring at the dugouts and it quickly became the most anticipated moment for every player on the team.

After the team experienced the rise to the World Series finals in 2022, they enjoyed every victory in the postseason games with a huge celebration at the clubhouse and all the players lining up to ring the bell.

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The massage therapist of the Phillies Sheree McMullen was appointed as the person tasked with holding the bell while the players rang it one by one. Starting with the Harper's desire to ring the bell at the dugouts, it has quickly become a new tradition among the players.

They have advanced to the NLCS twice in the last two seasons and have a high probability of reaching the World Series again this year. The celebration held by the Phils at the locker room became more popular in the past two seasons compared to the huge tolling swinging bell at the ballpark.

Phillies Locker Room Celebration 2023

Phillies locker room celebration last night after the NDLS win featured a wild party among the players. Their joy of second straight NLCS was clearly reflected.

Sheree McMullen ringing the bell constantly had become the best moment of this year at the locker room. Players were shown expressing hyperactive performance spraying beer all over in the room.

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They had won their way to the Championship by defeating the Atlanta Braves who held the highest record this year in the regular season. They defeated the NL East champions with a 3 to 1 victory in the Division Series.

Phillies clubhouse celebration was held after winning the division series against the Braves on Thursday night. Their party was wild with champagne and beer all over.

The victory bash had players wearing huge goggles to see clearly in the showering beverage spray that lasted for a long time. Bryce Harper, Trea Turner, and rookie Orion Kerkering were among the most excited bunch jumping around the locker room on the Phillies song "Dancing on My Own."

It all began after a victory toast from manager Rob Thompson and the ecstatic bunch quickly turned the party into showering festivities. Garrett Stubbs and other players wore overall jeans with shirtless attire while enjoying the party.

They are destined to make a return to the World Series for the second consecutive year as they are facing the Arizona Diamondbacks in the NLCS.

Phillie Base Hit Celebration

Philadelphia Phillies Base hit celebration is a juggling gesture of two hands. It was started by Garrett Stubbs, J.T. Realmuto, Kyle Schwarber, and Trea Turner.

The unique style quickly became famous in the dugouts as Christopher Sanchez laughed tears of joy finding it the most funny expression. Later, Cristian Pache started doing it after hitting a home run.

It became one of the most controversial and popular stories of the season as other players began doing it on the field after every base hit.

They perform the juggling gesture to notify the opposing team that they can score runs and smash homers in the big events without getting scared. It has especially become popular recently considering thier rising performance in the past two seasons.

This base hit celebration is influenced by the 1994 movie about baseball named Major League 2. There have also been other hand gestures that have remained famous among the players celebration after a hit.

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Bryce Harper's sign for an I Love You by raising only the pinky, index, and thumb is also among the popular victory signs. He was inspired by his mother for using this gesture on the field.

Phillies Win Song 2023

Phillies Win song 2023 is Dancing On My Own by Callum Scott. It became the top Philles track after the team reached the World Series in 2022.

They had played the son after every win in the previous season including the postseason games. It had played a major role in building the vibe for the team.

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The team had decided to make the song unique for the 2022 season and did not continue the tradition in the first half of this year. However, it eventually made a comeback midway through the season. 

When the Phillies won against the Washington Nationals on 3 June 2023, hitting coach Kevin Long entered the clubhouse to request for the former victory track to be played at the stadium.

It certainly helped the team get on track by having a winning streak after facing a losing season before that day. Following that day, it has become the anthem for the team working as a good luck charm for their successful season this year as well.

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They have continued to play it after every victory till the recent NLCS game 1 victory against the Diamondbacks. Catcher Garret Stubbs commented on this matter stating good vibes can lead to good results as well.

Phillies Dancing on My Own 2023 performance was done by Bryce Harper, Trea Turner, and Orion Kerkering. They danced at the celebration party after NLDS.

Callum Scott has also made a statement about performing at the Phillies Stadium if the team wins the World Series this season.

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