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Reid Detmers Girlfriend Rachael Cawthon Studied Engineering

By / 2 February 2023 09:02 AM

Reid Detmers looks sharp in his blue suit as he takes his partner Rachael Cawthon for a date night on Valentines Day 2021.
Source : instagram

Reid Detmers girlfriend Rachael Cawthon is a graduate of the University of Louisville. Rachael and Reid started dating in 2019.

From being by their side when Reid was announced as the overall 10th pick in the MLB draft to sitting alongside them in the stadium during his debut game, Rachael has already become a big part of the Detmers family.

The couple started dating while they were pursuing their respective careers at Louisville. Though there isn't any sign that Rachael, like her partner, was interested in sports. The 24-year-old was a student much more focused on academics graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering in 2020.

2022 was an up-and-down year for the young pitcher. If he pitched a no-hitter in May, then in June, he was dropped to the minor league. But was able to make a comeback and looked like a brand-new player. So, the 2023 MLB season comes in with many expectations for the Angels' future star. 

Reid Detmers Partner Rachael Cawthon Is An Engineer

Reid Detmers girlfriend Rachael Cawthon is a former member of Chen Research Group. 

Chen Research Group is the Mechanical Engineering group established by Dr Yanyu Chen of the University of Louisville. This probably has given you the idea that Reid Detmers' partner went to the same university as him. 

Born on April 1, 1998, Rachael Cawthon, age 24, graduated from the University of Louisville in 2020 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. The older of two siblings, Rachael kept up the family tradition as her mother, Karen Cawthon, available on Facebook, is also a graduate of UofL.

The young couple Reid and Rachael look cute as they celebrate Christmas 2022 together with their pet Goldenpoodle joining them
Source : facebook

Her younger sister, Sarah Cawthon, joined her in Louisville in 2018 and is the one who is more active on social media compared to her older sister. On Twitter, Sarah can be seen reposting videos of her could be future brother-in-law Reid's games with the Angels and also seems to be a huge fan of gymnastics. 

In the past, the two sisters have contributed on their behalf to the philanthropic organization RaiseRED, run by the University of Louisville. RaiseRED is an 18-hour dance marathon which raises awareness for pediatric cancer and blood disease. 

Rachel(right) and her sister Sarah pout for a picture posted by Rachael on her Facebook handle in 2016
Source : facebook

The country girl, Rachael and her partner share a common religious belief and are devoted Christians. In some of his interviews, the pitcher can be seen wearing his cross-chain.

On Twitter, Rachael is available with the username @rachcawthon. Though she has kept the handle private, her profile picture with Reid and a cute pet Goldendoodle gives us an idea that her page might be filled with videos of Reid's baseball games. 

And not to mention, she is a big fan of Dolly Parton. I mean, who isn't? 

Reid Detmers And Rachael Cawthon Started Dating While In Louisville

Reid Detmers and Rachael Cawthon relationship began whilst they were at the University of Louisville.

One of the first photos of the couple on Reid's Instagram handle dates back to April 22, 2019, as the two celebrated Easter together. 2019 was also the year, Detmers had one of his best seasons, with Louisville winning the 2019 ACC Pitcher of the Year and being inducted into the Al-ACC First Team.

The UofL students at the time Rachael and Reid went public with their romance in 2019 with Reid sharing the photo on his Instagram handle.
Source : instagram

Since then, Rachael hasn't only been able to make a special place in Reid's heart but also in that of his family. On Facebook, Rachael is friends with Reid's parents, Erica and Kris, and on Reid's biggest day on June 11, 2020, Rachael was with the Detmers.

In the video shared by Reid on his Twitter handle, Rachael can be seen sitting behind Kris Detmers as Reid is announced as the overall 10th pick of the 2020 MLB Draft. In the ending moment of the video, an emotional Reid can be seen hugging his girl after sharing a hug with his parents and brother. 


Rachael has also been seen accompanying Erica and Kris to Reid's games. On the day of Reid's debut, Rachael was sitting alongside Reid's two brothers, Drew and Parker. And the proud parents, Erica and Kris, sat behind her being interviewed by Bally Sports West. 

Though the reporter couldn't extract any words from Rachael, it was clear from her expression the supportive partner was excited to see her man live his dream. Rachael celebrated Christmas 2022 with the Detmers family, with Erica sharing the photos on her Facebook handle. 

Rachael celebrated Christmas 2022 with the Detmers family with Reid clicking the picture of them in his hometown in Illinois.
Source : facebook

The young couple take their drinks seriously as they decided to visit Buffalo Trace Distillery for one of their dates in November 2022. Rachael, available on Instagram with the username @rachaelcawthon, has decided to keep her handle private.

But with the MLB season soon going to kick off, get ready to see more of the Angels' pitchers partner at the Angel Stadium cheering for her boyfriend all by herself and with his family. 

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