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Reggie Jackson Has Found Love Again After Divorcing Wife Jennie Campos

By / 24 March 2023 07:51 AM

Reggie Jackson (right) pictured pitch side for an interview and on left is his former spouse Jennie Campos.
Source : facebook

Reggie Jackson former wife Jennie Campos works as a professional consultant in Desert Dweller. Jackson was married to Campos for five years.

The former baseball player, Reggie Jackson, thought he had found the love of his life when he was a freshman at Arizona State University. He tied the knot with Jennie after her graduation in 1968, but it didn't turn out to be a successful marriage. 

Currently, promoting his documentary, Reggie Jackson revealed his infidelity didn't serve him well in his marital life. After his divorce from Jennie, Reggie Jackson had a daughter, Kimberly Jackson, from an extramarital affair.

But Reggie hasn't lost hope in love. In a conversation with Howard Stern, Reggie admitted he is in a relationship and plans on marrying his girlfriend.

Jennie Campos Has Worked As A Senior Consultant For USAID

Reggie Jackson former wife Jennie Campos has a doctorate from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Dr. Jennis Campos is a woman with several years of experience working in international consultancy, including working with the USAID team in Rwanda in 2015 and with Creative Associates International in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Jennie Campos pictured with a family member in Grand Canyons in 2017.
Source : facebook

Dr. Jennis's academic career began at Arizona State University. In 1968, Jennis graduated with a bachelor's degree in education, setting the foundation for her in years to come. 

1968 was also the year Jennis tied the knot with Reggie Jackson. And though the young couple might have started strong in their relationship, their marriage only lasted five years. 

Per her LinkedIn profile, Jennie had a considerable gap before enrolling at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. In 1982, Jennie graduated with a master's degree in educational foundations and, later that year, applied for a doctorate at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in international development.

Jennie Campos pictured with bunch of kid during a trip to a Balkan country for the Catholic Relief Services Project.
Source : facebook

Since receiving her doctorate in 1992, Jennie has worked with several clients as an independent consultant. For 11 years, Jennie worked for Desert Dweller & Association as an education specialist in 35 developing countries, representing the UN, UNDP, and USAID.

Jennie later joined CAII, the social impact company, in 1999 and worked for seven years before she joined Raytheon as a Six Sigma Expert. After working for seven years with Raytheon, Jennie rejoined CAII and worked until 2013.

For two months, Jennie worked with USAID in Rwanda and facilities the 2015 Kick-Off Retreat for Economic Growth. Jennie seems to have returned to working for Desert Dweller Association as an International Development Professional. 

A young Jennie Campos pictured with her parents, Joe and and her mother before they left for a trip to Japan.
Source : facebook

Jennie is available on Facebook, where she shares snaps of her travels to various states and countries. In a post from 2021, Jennie shared a group picture with little kids and said it was from her trip from years ago to a Balkan country where she had traveled for her assignments with Catholic Relief Services. 

From her Facebook handle, it is also known that Jennie is the daughter of a former US Air Force pilot, Joe Catano Campos, who perished in the Korean War. In 2017, Jennie shared a black-and-white image of her younger self with her parents before they traveled to Japan, where her father was stationed. 

Reggie Jackson Has Been Married Once

Reggie Jackson was a married man and was the husband of Jennie Campos until 1973.

Since his divorce from Jennie, Reggie hasn't tied the knot with any other woman but has been in a relationship. One such relationship after his divorce also led to the birth of his daughter, Kimberly Jackson. 

Reggie Jackson and Jennie Campos were married for five years before getting divorced in 1973.
Source : facebook

Reggie married Jennie Campos in 1968, a year after his MLB debut for Kansas City Athletics. And though he had gained success on the diamond, Reggie Jackson was unable to have a stable marital life.

In an interview with Howard Stern, Reggie admitted that he had the power and access to a bevy of beauties during his heyday, which led him to cheat more than often. He said he doesn't want to blame his habit on anyone, but it's all because of his nature. 

In the interview, Reggie also talked about his child, Kimberly Jackson. It is not known who Kimberly's mother is, but she was born years after his divorce from Jennie. 

Reggie Jackson Girlfriend

Baseball legend Reggie Jackson confirmed his girlfriend is someone he has known for 30 years.

Speaking with Howard Stern on SiriusXM radio, the former Athletics player, Reggie Jackson, confirmed he has a girlfriend and also said he plans to marry her someday. 

When Howard asked him if he is anti-marriage, Reggie quickly replied he isn't anti-marriage but finds it hard to be married. The host further asked him if he had popped the big question, which was met with a "No" from Reggie.


The former Yankees player, Reggie is available on Facebook and has shared tons of snaps from his outing with friends and all the work he has done after retirement on the field. He has also shared a couple of snaps of him with his daughter, but none of the photos give any hints about Reggie and the woman he talked about in the interview. 

The day the baseball legend plans to announce his engagement with the special someone, there's no doubt that it will be met with several congratulatory messages from fans and friends. 

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