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Reggie Jackson Parents Martinez Jackson And Clara Jackson Divided Six Children After The Divorce

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In his latest documentary, titled
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Reggie Jackson parents Martinez and Clara Jackson came from a mixed ethnic background. Martinez ran a tailor shop in Philadelphia.

The MLB legend, Reggie Jackson, was raised by his father, Martinez Jackson, in his formative years with his brothers Joe and James. Martinez came from an Afro-Latin background, whereas Clara was African American. 

Reggie received the athletic gene from his dad, who at one point played in the minor leagues. The former Yankees player continues to share a strong bond with his siblings despite being raised apart in their childhood. 

In his latest documentary, "Reggie", the former Yankees player, Jackson, talks about his first marriage with Jennie Campos, his daughter Kimberly Jackson and all the pros-cons that came from being a highly successful baseball player. 

Reggie Jackson Parents Martinez And Clara Jackson

Reggie Jackson parents Martinez Jackson and Clara Jackson divorced when he was seven. 

In an interview, Reggie said he always saw his dad and mom constantly fight, which led to him not knowing what a successful married life looks like. The baseball legend glanced at this topic during a conversation with Geto Boys Reloaded in 2022.


Martinez Jackson came from Afro-Latin roots, and when he separated from Clara, he took Reggie and his two other kids, James and Joe, with him. Martinez Jackson was a former minor-league player having previously played for Newark Eagles.

His father ran a tailor shop in Philadelphia and would carry a business card that read, "Marty the tailor, Father of Famous Reggie Jackson." Martinez was a war veteran and was deployed in World War 2 as a member of the 99th Airborne Squadron. 

Martinez would walk around with a bad limp, a sign of having competed in the war. Along with being a baseballer, Martinez was a boxer and though not highly skilled, proficient enough. 

Reggie Jackson pictured with his family member in 1993 during his induction to Hall of Fame.
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Martinez passed away at age 89 on April 29, 1994, after suffering from a stroke several weeks before his demise. But prior to his demise, Martinez Jackson was able to see his son getting inducted into Cooperstown. 

Despite being separated from his mom Clara Jackson at a young age, Reggie Jackson continued to have a strong bond with her. Both Clara and Martinez were present on the day Reggie signed for the Yankees, which was their reconciliation after 17 years. 

Reggie Jackson Family

Reggie Jackson came from a family with Latin roots infused from his dad side.

The Yankees legend, Reggie Jackson, didn't have the perfect upbringing. His parent divorced when he was young, and he had to separate not from his mom but also from his three siblings.

Reggie Jackson(left) pictured with his brother Joe(right) and his nephew Mark in 2019.
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Speaking to EBONY magazine, Reggie's older sister, Beverly, complimented her brother's money-making skills along with his baseball skills. Jackson was raised alongside his older brother James and half-brother Joe.

Previously on Facebook, Reggie has shared a photo of him with his half-brother Joe and nephew Mark Jackson. The picture was taken at an event raising awareness around prostate cancer, a disease his brother, Joe, had defeated. 

In 2015, Reggie also shared a photo of him with his daughter, Kimberly Jackson, his youngest sister, Tina Jackson, and his nephew and niece, Tony and Alex. 

Reggie Jackson(second from right) pictured with his daughter Kimberly(right) and sister Tina(middle) and niece and nephew Tony and Alex in 2015.
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The five-time World Series Champion, Reggie Jackson, doesn't hold any connection with his first wife, Jennie Campos, whom he met during his time at Arizona State University. The two didn't have any kids and went their separate ways in 1973.

A man who has admitted to having committed infidelity, Reggie Jackson, had a daughter Kimberly Jackson from a relationship with a woman he hadn't married. Kimberly is married to Tim Levesque, with whom she shares two kids. 

Reggie Jackson pictured with his daughter Kimberly and his grandson in 2021.
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The father-daughter duo has a strong bond, with Kimberly attending several baseball games throughout the season with her father. Reggie is also fond of his grandsons and talked about them in his recent interview with Howard Stern.

On his Instagram, Reggie has shared several photos with his daughter and a few pictures with his grandsons, who one day might follow in the footsteps of his legendary grandfather. 

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