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Reggie Jackson Candy Bar And How It Positively Affected His Net Worth

By Silu Maharjan / 26 March 2023 06:02 AM

Reggie Jackson candy bar
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Reggie Jackson net worth is 20 million dollars. Jackson ventured into other areas apart from baseball, including selling a candy bar.

In 1979, the MLB legend debuted the candy bar named after him, "Reggie," which is also the title of his latest documentary. They had been out of production since 1981 but have now been brought back.

The candy bars are selling for $2.45, and many adults are getting a hit of nostalgia. Jackson had shared the news that they were coming back earlier this year in February. 

In his 21 seasons of playing in MLB, Jackson won five world series rings and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1993. On March 24, he released his documentary on Amazon Prime, where he talked about his past relationships, his family, including his daughter Kimberly and his flashy lifestyle. 

How Much Is Reggie Jackson Worth?

Reggie is worth $20 million, which stems from a highly successful baseball career.

Nicknamed Mr. October for his off-season performances, Jackson said in an interview that if he had played in the current day and age, teams wouldn't be able to count money. During his time, even a million dollars was a huge sum.

Reggie Jackson made his MLB debut for the Oakland Athletics in 1967.
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Jackson played 20 seasons in the MLB, spanning five franchises, winning five world series rings, and starring in 14 All-Star teams. But even during his playing career, Reggie had already started doing commentary, a field he dived into after retirement. 

Before Reggie signed for the Yankees, he had already started his commentary duties for ABC Sports. After his retirement in 1988, Reggie worked as a color commentator for ABC Sports. And with the fame he earned as a player, Reggie transcended it into big and small screens.

Reggie Jackson and his famous car collection amount to $8 million.
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The baseballer started in several projects, including Richie Rich, Summer of Sam, The Benchwarmers, and others. But movies aren't where Reggie's interests stopped. He turned his car collection passion into a business as well. 

Reggie Jackson Vintage Car Collection And How He Lost $3 Million

In an interview with USA Today in 2018, Reggie said he owned $15 million worth of Ferraris, which he planned to sell in a few years. But it doesn't look like Reggie had sold any of it.

An avid fan of vintage cars, Jackson has assembled more than 100 cars during his lifetime. His love for cars began at an early age as he helped his dad, Martinez Jackson, keep their family truck running. 

Reggie Jackson starring alongside Macaulay Culkin in the movie Richie Rich in 1994.
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In 2018, Jackson sold 18 of his vintage car collection, and now his car collection is worth $8 million. His car collection includes a 1968 Chevrolet Yenko Camero RS/SS worth $600,000, and 1965 Pontiac GTO, which was previously priced at $130,000.

But his car collection could've been even more valuable had his warehouse not caught fire in 1988. 35 of his cars were destroyed in the fire, and he lost $3 million. 

Reggie Jackson Candy Bar

Reggie candy bar has returned to stores priced at $2.45.

The candy bar named The Reggie Bar made its debut in 1978 when Jackson was playing for the New York Yankees. But it was discontinued after Reggie left the Yankees for the Angels in 1981.

Reggie Jackson teases the return of his candy bar on his Instagram handle sharing the photos from the Minute Maid Park in February 2023.
Source : instagram

With his documentary "Reggie" hitting the screens on March 24, the famous candy bar made its return. Jackson announced the candy bars were returning to stores from an Instagram post he shared on February 19, 2023. 

The bars are currently being sold in New Hyde Park, New York, and at Economy Candy in Manhattan. A candy bar filled with chocolate, peanuts, and caramel is already in high demand amongst many of Jacksons' fans.


It is a part of childhood for many baseball fans, and many might even remember the commercial for the candy bar. In an interview with Newsday, Jackson said many kept on questioning him whether he would ever bring back the candies, and his latest documentary gave him the chance to introduce the bars to the new generation of baseball fans.

The revenue generated from the candy bar will go toward Reggie's charitable foundation, which focuses on STEM education amongst the youth. 

Reggie Jackson Career Earnings

Reggie Jackson baseball career earnings were $9.15 million, amounting to $32 million on the current date. 

Jackson began his MLB career with the Oakland Athletics in 1967 and earned $4800 in his first year. He played for the Athletics for eight more seasons and earned a total of $520,100. Considering the current days' salary, the Hall of Famer can be said to be severely underpaid. 

New York Yankees(1977-1981)$2,688,000
Oakland Athletics (1967-1975)$524,900
Oakland Athletics(1987)$525,000
Los Angeles Angels(1982-1986)$5,214,840
Baltimore Orioles(1976)$200,000

Jackson, bidding goodbye to Athletics, played for the Orioles for one season in which he earned $200,000. A free agent in 1976, he had his first high-paying contract with the Yankees at $ 3 million for five years.

He also had an offer of $ 5 million from Montreal Expos and $3.5 million from the Padres, which he refused as the lure of the Yankees was too strong. For the next five seasons, Jackson earned $525,000, and his last year with the Yankees gave him $588,000.

In his 21 year long career, Jackson played for the Athletics, Yankees and the Angles earning $9 million in the process.
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His biggest paying contract came with Los Angeles Angels, as he signed a four-year deal worth $1 million a season. Jackson earned $1.1 in his first year and earned $975,000 for the next two seasons.

In his final year of the contract, Jackson made $1.05 million and extended it by a year for $1.1 million. For his final season in the MLB, Jackson returned to Oakland Athletics, signing a contract worth $525,000.

In today's market, you can say that Jackson would have certainly been one of the highest-paid players. And though he didn't earn as much as he would have loved to, Pennsylvania-born and raised right fielder has earned the love and respect of millions of baseball fans. 

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