Red Sox Tickets Student Discount And Neighborhood 9s

By Biraj Khanal / 28 August 2023 02:42 PM

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Red Sox Tickets Student Discount allows the students to purchase tickets at $9 for selected home games. Tickets are available on the official Red Sox website.

Boston Red Sox is one of the most successful MLB teams and plays their home games at Fenway Park. It is considered one of the oldest ballparks in MLB with a historic landmark.

This 2023 season, the team has provided several offers for college students who are the die heart baseball fans and can't afford to watch them play live inside the ballpark.

The offers include free tickets to the Museum of Fine Arts and a $9 Red Sox ticket for students to watch the selected games at the Fenway.

You must be registered through the official website or the MLB Ballpark app to claim the discounted tickets and should have a valid student ID card.

This offer is launched under the program #Student9s program for college students who can't afford to watch their favorite team play live.

Red Sox Student Discount Tickets

Red Sox student discount ticket offers are received starting at $9 after completing the Student9s Registration form for 2023 Red Sox home games and events.

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You can also get a free MLB TV for the rest of the 2023 season as a perk of buying a student ticket.

The fans should complete the registration form given on the official website providing all the legal information to get the special discounted tickets. The tickets are available for students for selective 2023 Home games and promotional events at Fenway.

Students should carry their valid Student ID card for the game entry along with the special tickets for the program's integrity.

The distribution of 9s special offer tickets will be done through the MLB Ballpark app. They are made visible 90 minutes before each game and can be scanned directly from your phone.

The student9s tickets must be scanned for entry at Gate B and can't be resold nor used for any promotional proposes. 

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Here are some of the terms and conditions to be agreed by the students during the completion of the registration form for special tickets at $:

  • The Boston Red Sox will allow eligible students to purchase the Red Sox 2023 home game tickets and access exclusive 2023 student offers.
  • Tickets are available at and are subject to terms and conditions governing Red Sox tickets.
  • All eligible ticket-purchasing customers must be active students aged 18 or older at a high school, college, or university. Minor students below 18 should provide the ID of their legal guardian while filling out the form.
  • Parents or legal guardian should use their valid email ID at the registration time while purchasing tickets. Unverified applications of minor students are subjected to void or refunded.
  • They must have a compatible device and should download the MLB Ballpark app to receive the purchased tickets. It is visible till 90 minutes before the game.
  • The Boston Red Sox Baseball Club Limited Partnership ( Club or Red Sox) has the full authority to determine the games for which program tickets can be made available to the students.
  • The tickets are not for resale or use for any commercial or promotional purposes under the sole discretion of the club.

Red Sox Neighborhood 9s

Neighborhood Nines Red Sox is the program the club offers tickets to its local neighborhood residents and surrounding communities at $9.

The program allows eligible fans to purchase tickets at a lower price at Fenway Park which are kept reserved in the right field grandstand or bleachers, based on availability.

Throughout the year, the Red Sox provides a calendar to its residents showing all baseball home games promotional events, and scheduled concerts, and the tickets at a lower price.

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To get Neighborhood 9s tickets, fans should verify their living address online using a valid ID card or any utility bill available. 

A confirmation email will be sent to buy up to four tickets per game using the official MLB Ballpark app on mobile phones. They should show their ID or utility bill uploaded while registering at the ballpark entrance.

For Red Sox fans searching for an affordable means of experiencing the legendary Fenway Park, Neighborhood Nines tickets are an excellent choice that also allows you to display your team loyalty. 

Red Sox Student 9s Login

Students 9s login can be done after the confirmation email received after the registration through the Red Sox student 9s sign up option.

The best way to buy tickets is through the team's official website or the MLB Ballpark app.

For the Registration, they should first select whether they are a high school student and are 18 years or older or are minor students.

Then, the students should fill out all the personal information needed for the registration including First Name, Last Name, Birth Date, Mobile number, and Valid Email ID for confirmation.

You can enter your mobile phone information to receive any latest updates and texts from the Red Sox Student9s program. Message rates may apply.

Then students have to fill out all the information regarding their school or college information and where they are enrolled in either College, University, or High School.

Finally, they should be entering their expected year of Graduation and submit their registration form for signing up which allows the officials to send the confirmation email to log in for the 9s program.

Student 9s Red Sox 2017 

Student 9s Red Sox 2017 tickets were available for the team's home games at only nine dollars.

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The game day alerts were enabled by sending a text message "students" to 23215 to get notified about the 9s tickets in which games were available.

The students could easily purchase the tickets on days when they are available directly from their smartphones with the MLB Ballpark app.

Especially for Simmons College students, a local college in Boston, there was easy access to Fenway as it was barely a five-minute walk from the park.

The local newspaper editors from several colleges also took the chance to visit the stadium and learn about Student 9's program and the training practices, warmups, and game day.

The fans enjoyed the 13-inning pitching duel between the Red Sox and the Pirates ended with a Red Sox victory through a 13th-inning walk-off of catcher Sandy Leon.

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