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Red Sox Record In Yellow City Connect Jerseys

By Mahesh Bajagain / 10 November 2023 06:55 AM

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Red Sox Record In City Connect Jerseys is 22-4 since the Red Sox started this jersey in 2021. City Connect jerseys have brought good fortune for team's result.

Boston Red Sox has been playing the American League since 1901 and the AL East Division since 1969. It was named Boston Red Sox in 1908 as it was called Boston Americans before. Boston Red Sox plays its home games in Fenway Park. The club has won the World Series title in 9 seasons and has won 14 American League pennants along with 10 AL East Division titles.

City Connect is a Nike brand that produces alternate MLB uniforms for 20 of the league's 30 teams. With different colors, typefaces, and decorations than their ordinary attire, these unique uniforms highlight the culture of each team's city.

Seven MLB teams had started to wear the City Connect Jerseys in 2021 including the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox's on-field debut with this jersey was on 17 April 2021 and has been used on Patriot's Day weekend and in several home games as well.

The fun fact is that the jersey is used when the performance is worse as it is believed that this jersey brings good fortune to the team.

Red Sox Record In Yellow Jerseys

Red Sox record in yellow jerseys is 22 wins and 4 losses in the 26 matches with a winning percentage of .846 in the past three seasons.

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Red Sox's winning percentage record in the last three seasons with other jerseys is .502 which is 0.344 less than the winning percentage of the Sox while playing with yellow jerseys. The Red Sox have won the last 10 games in yellow jersey which includes all the six games in the season 2023. The Red Sox's winning record in 2023 wearing a yellow jersey is 100% in the 2023 season.

The latest victory of the Red Sox wearing the yellow jerseys is against the Kansas City Royals at Fenway Park on 8 August 2023. The Red Sox won the match by 6-2. 

The 22-4 record in the yellow jersey depicts the 137 wins over the 162-game season. The statistics are amazing as many fans are wondering about the connection between the yellow jersey and the winning record of the Boston Red Sox. Some fans are suggesting making this jersey color official instead of the Red Sox's previous traditional red and navy blue color.

Red Sox Record In Last 10 Years

Boston Red Sox record by year includes a win-loss ratio of 71-91, 108-54, and 78-84 in 2014, 2018, and 2023 respectively. The winning percentage in 2018 was .667.

The Boston Red Sox played a total of 1518 MLB games in the last 10 years with a record of 799-719. Boston Red Sox's winning percentage in this time frame is .526. The Boston fans enjoyed 1750 home runs in this interval from the hitters of the Boston Red Sox. Likewise, the pitchers of the Red Sox have claimed 12,180 strikeouts since 2014. The average batting average of the team is .330 in this decade.


Boston Red Sox record 2023 is 78 wins and 84 losses with a winning percentage of .481. This is the 123rd MLB season of the Red Sox.

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Boston Red Sox spring training record in season 2023 is 14 wins and 14 losses with a winning percentage of .500.

The club made 39 victories in both home and away matches this season and is positioned at the bottom of the American League East Division. The Red Sox was 23 games behind clinching the ALED title as the Baltimore Orioles won it with 101 wins.

Rafael Devers hit the most home runs for the Boston Red Sox with 33 homers followed by Triston Casas with 24 home runs in the 2023 season. Right Fielder Wilyer Abreu is the player with the highest batting average among Red Sox batters with an average of .316 in 28 games. Likewise, Brayan Bello is the most used pitcher of the club as he pitched 157.0 innings with an ERA of 4.24 and claimed 132 strikeouts.


Red Sox record 2022 includes a similar win-loss ratio as of the 2023 season which is 78-84. However, the Red Sox batter had hit 27 more home runs in 2023 than the 155 homers they hit in 2022.

The Red Sox was 21 games behind the champion of ALED 2022, New York Yankees, and placed at the bottom of the table. They could secure only 43 home wins and 35 away wins this season. The player who hit the most home runs in 2022 was Rafael Devers with 27 who hit the most homers in 2023 as well. However, the player with a better batting average is Xander Bogaerts with .307 in 150 games.

Likewise, Nick Pivetta made the most 175 strikeouts among the Red Sox pitchers in the 179.2 innings he pitched with an ERA of 4.56.


Boston Red Sox record 2021 is 92-70 with a winning percentage of .568. This record puts the Red Sox in the second position of ALED and made it to the post-season by clinching the wild card.

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However, the Red Sox was defeated by the Houston Astros in the American League Championship Series by 4-2 before thrashing the Tampa Bay Rays by 3-1 in the AL Divisional Series. The Boston Red Sox haunted the New York Yankees by 1-0 in the AL wild-card game winning the match by 6-2 in the postseason of 2021.

In the regular season, the Red Sox taste 49 and 43 home and away wins respectively. The most successful hitter of the Red Sox this season was Rafael Devers with 38 home runs in the regular season followed by J.D. Martinez with 28 home runs. Likewise, Nathan Eovaldi made 195 strikeouts pitching 182.1 innings with an ERA of 3.75.


Boston Red Sox record 2020 is filled with 24 wins and 36 losses in the 60-match season due to the pandemic. The club finished the season in the 5th position with a winning percentage of .400.

The winning percentage of .400 is the worst among the last 10 seasons. In fact, it is the worst since the winning percentage record of .383 in season 1965. The team won only 11 home games this season losing 20 in the 30 home matches. While on the road, it played 29 matches winning only 13 of them. 


Boston Red Sox record 2019 includes 84-78 with a winning percentage of .519. The Red Sox finished the season in 3rd position in the American League East Division this season.

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The Red Sox won 38 out of 81 home games they played in the 2019 season while they faced 49 losses in 81 away games. Boston Red Sox was 19 games behind the ALED champion, New York Yankees with 103 wins. Similarly, they could not clinch the wild card berth as they were 12 games behind the Tampa Bay Rays which secured the wild card being second in the list.

The designated hitter J.D. Martinez hit the most home runs 36 followed by Xander Bogaerts with 33 home runs. Likewise, Chris Sale is the starting pitcher to have 218 strikeouts which is the most among the Red Sox's pitchers in 2019.


Best record of Boston in this decade was in the 2018 season as the club clinched the postseason with a winning percentage of .667. The Red Sox won the World Series this season by defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers by 4-1.

the Red Sox record in 2018 was 108 wins and 54 losses and those 108 wins the Red Sox registered 57 wins at home and 51 wins on the road. The Red Sox won the AL East Division for the third consecutive season and defeated New York Yankees by 3-1 in the AL Divisional Series and Houston Astros by 4-1 in the AL Championship Series before defeating the Dodgers in the World Series.

In the regular season, Rafael Devers hit 33 home runs which is the most by any Red Sox hitter while Masataka Yoshida with a batting average of .289 is the best batting average among the most used Red Sox batter. Likewise, the relief pitcher Nick Pivetta claimed 183 strikeouts followed by the starting pitcher of the Boston Red Sox, Kutter Crawford with 135 strikeouts.


Boston Red Sox record 2017 includes a 93-69 win-loss record with a winning percentage of .574. The Red Sox clinched the AL East Division this season and made it to the playoffs.

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The 117th MLB season of the Red Sox includes 48 home wins and 45 wins on the road. In the postseason, the team was thrashed by Houston Astros by 3-1 in the American League Divisional Series. Later on, the Houston Astros lifted the World Series trophy of this season.

Mookie Betts is the Red Sox's right fielder who hit the most home runs for the club with 24 homers followed by 23 home runs by Hanley Ramirez. Likewise, Chris Sale was the Red Sox's star pitcher as he pitched 214.1 innings securing 308 strikeouts with an ERA of 2.90.


Boston Red Sox record 2016 is 93 wins and 69 losses with a winning percentage of .574. This helps to clinch the title of the American League East Division this season.

However, Red Sox was swept away by Cleveland Guardians by a straight 3-0 win in the American League Division Series of this season. In the regular season, the Red Sox make 47 home wins and 46 wins on the road while playing 81 games each in those conditions.

David Oritz hit the most home runs in his last season at the Red Sox with 38 homers followed by 31 home runs from Mookie Betts. Likewise, the relief pitcher David Price claimed 228 strikeouts pitching 230.0 innings with an ERA of 3.99.


Boston Red Sox record 2015 included 78 wins and 84 losses with a winning percentage of .481. Red Sox was 15 games behind the ALED champion, Toronto Blue Jays, and ended the season in the bottom of the season.

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Red Sox registered 43 home wins and 35 away wins among the 81 games they played in home and away venues. The hitters of the Red Sox put the ball to the crowd 161 times as home runs among which David Oritz hit the most 37 home runs followed by Hanley Ramirez with 19 home runs. Likewise, the player with the best batting average of 3.90 was Xander Bogaerts in this season.

Wade Miley was the most-used pitcher this season as he pitched 193.2 innings and made 147 strikeouts with an ERA of 4.46. Similarly, Rick Porcello made the most 149 strikeouts this season pitching 172.0 innings.


Boston Red Sox did not qualify for the post-season of 2014 after having a season of 71 wins and 91 losses. They finished the season at the bottom of the ALED with a winning percentage of .438.

Among the 81 home matches, the Red Sox won 34 losing the 47 other matches. The Red Sox were defeated 44 times while they were on the road. At the end of the season, the Red Sox was 25 games behind the ALED champion, Baltimore Orioles.

This season, the Red Sox hitters hit a total of 123 home runs among which David Oritz hit the most 35 home runs. Likewise, Clay Buchholz was the most used pitcher of the Red Sox who pitched 170.1 innings with 132 strikeouts.

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