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Randy Arozarena Parents Jesus Arozarena And Sandra Gonzalez

By / 9 February 2023 07:37 AM

Randy Arozarena wishes his mother on her 48th birthday. Sandra is now 51.
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Randy Arozarena parents Jesus Arozarena and Sandra Gonzalez Izquierdo are of Cuban nationality. Randy moved his family to Mexico.

The Cuban-Mexican baseballer is the #56 outfielder for MLB's Tampa Bay Rays. He was traded to the Rays by the St. Louis Cardinals in January 2020.

That year, he set the MLB record for most home runs (10) in a single postseason. Four came against the Houston Astros in the 2020 AL Championship Series, earning him series MVP honors.

The following year, Randy won the AL Rookie of the Year award. Over his MLB career, he has batted .269 with 48 home runs, 171 RBIs, and 58 stolen bases.

He represented the Palm Beach Cardinals, Springfield Cardinals, Mayos de Navojoa, and Memphis Redbirds during his minor league career before making his major league debut versus the Kansas City Royals in August 2019.

In October 2022, the Cuban native was announced to represent Mexico in the 2023 World Baseball Classic.

Randy Arozarena Father Jesus And Mother Sandra

Randy Arozarena father Jesus Arozarena and mother Sandra Gonzalez raised three sons in a small town in Pinar Del Rio of Cuba.

Jesus and Sanda gave birth to their first child in 1995. Their youngest son, Ronny Arozarena, was born in 2002.

Throughout his journey in baseball and life, his father, Jesus, was his greatest supporter. He never missed his son's practice or games. 

In 2014, while attending one of Randy's playoff games in another town, Jesus happened to eat a seafood plate that gave him a severe allergic reaction. He died shortly after.

“Losing my dad at such a young age was the hardest thing I have ever had to go through, and losing him in a baseball field, that has really stuck with me and gets me really sad when I think about it,” Randy said, adding that he felt alone after what happened.

An old childhood picture of Jesus Arozarena with his three sons.
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Following his father’s passing, Randy also had a changed role around the house. His financial responsibilities toward the family suddenly increased, creating more urgency to begin a professional career in the United States.

The baseballer made up his mind about leaving Cuba and had a difficult conversation with his mom, his closest companion in the wake of his dad's passing.

While both understood the consequences of the said action, including the chance of never seeing each other again, Sandra gave him her blessings. Randy's mom is on Instagram under the handle @sandragonzalez58, but she is not very active on the platform.

Randy and Sandra hug for a sweet mom-and-son snap.
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In June 2015, the then-19-year-old made an eight-hour trip to Mexico on a small boat - as small as a kayak. He recalls, "I saw waves 5-6 meters high in the Gulf of Mexico. It was very bad. But I had to risk it to survive and to help my family."

Fortunately, Randy made it. “I took the chance and thankfully, I got here without any problems, and now I am representing the Tampa Bay Rays,” he said.

Randy Arozarena Had A Challenging Family Situation

Randy Arozarena is the oldest child in his family and has two younger brothers Raiko and Ronny Arozarena.

Raiko Arozarena, the middle son, plays soccer. The 25-year-old represents Tampa Bay Rowdies in the USL Championship as a goalkeeper.

As of now, he is on loan at Forward Maddison and made 16 appearances for the club in 2022. He also played for the U20 Cuban national team.

Brothers Raico, Ronny, and Randy Arozarena pose for a picture together.
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The youngest one, Ronny Arozarena, is 20 and has also had his shot at baseball. He is currently a free agent outfielder.

The Arozarenas have made their mom proud who says, "The best part is they believe in themselves and continue to try to accomplish their goals every day."

Randy and Cenelia with their daughters Lia and Luna.
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The brothers live apart but see each other whenever they have the chance. And there is clearly mutual admiration among them.

The 27-year-old Randy says Raiko is his idol, definitely more athletic, and would be better at baseball than he would be at soccer.

Likewise, Raiko showed his respect by requesting his big brother's No. 56, stating, "it's a cool thing that two brothers are wearing the same number and playing at the professional level."

Randy wishes wife Cenelia on her birthday on January 24, 2023.
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Randy is a married man. He and his Columbian wife Cenelia Pinedo Blanco wed at the Kantoyna Ranch, near Mérida, Mexico, in 2020.

Randy Arozarena Was Born In Cuba But Also Loves Mexico

Randy Arozarena hails from a small town on the northwestern coast of Cuba called Arroyos de Mantua.

Randy, who earned the nickname El Cohete Cubana or "the Cuban Rocket," recalls his late dad watching him play for the pro baseball team called Veguroes de Pinar Del Rio. 

He also has fond memories of dancing and playing soccer in the Cuban streets, with his brothers and friends. In fact, Randy considers soccer his first love. He still follows the game, rooting for Real Madrid and looking up to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Source : instagram

However, he had to give up the sport to focus on baseball – the most popular game in Cuba. His professional baseball career began at Vegueros de Pinar del Río in 2014, when he was counted among the elite players of the Cuban National Series.

After the unfortunate irreversible turn in his life, Randy moved to Mexico, where he spent a great deal of his baseballing career. 

He holds the country close to his heart and has stated his wish to become a Mexican citizen and to represent the nation in the 2023 World Baseball Classic.

"I am Cuban, but it would be an honor for me to represent Mexico," Randy shared. His story is similar to many other Cuban-born MLB players who had to flee the island nation for a better livelihood.

Although he describes the situation in Cuba as bad, he still feels a bond with his homeland due to the family and friends he left behind. He also remembers the little town where he was born.

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