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Puerto Rican Baseball Players In The Hall Of Fame

By Aditya Bhattarai / 5 July 2023 05:14 AM

2017 Baseball Hall of famer Rodriguez works as a Puerto Rican shadow representative at the US house of Representatives.
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Puerto Rican Baseball Players In The Hall Of Fame are Roberto Clemente, Roberto Alomar, Ivan Rodriguez, Orlando Cepeda, and Edgar Martinez.

Clemente is the most valuable talent that has made numerous records in the annals of MLB history. Others like Yadier Molina, Carlos Correa, Javier Baez, and Francisco Lindor can get inducted in the future.

Major League Baseball has the fourth-highest number of active players from Puerto Rico compared to other Latin American countries. It falls behind Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Cuba for that matter.

Hiram Bithorn was the first player ever from this nation to ever play in MLB as he joined the Chicago Cubs as a pitcher in 1942.

Since then, there have been more than 270 players in the Major League from this country from North America. It is located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean.

Puerto Rican Baseball Hall Of Famers

Puerto Rican Hall of Famers include Roberto Clemente, Ivan Rodriguez, and Roberto Alomar. Five players have been inducted as of 2023.

Former Giants hitter and hall of famer Cepeda turned 85 years old in 2023.
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Orlando Cepeda and Edgar Martinez are the other two names to be recorded in the Baseball Hall Of Fame. Puerto Rico has provided more than 270 talents to MLB since 1942.

Star catcher Yadier Molina and shortstop Javier Baez are potentially in line to get inducted soon in the coming years. Meanwhile, five legends have been recorded from Puerto Rico in the Hall of Fame.

Below is the list of all the top Puerto Rican players to ever get inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame;

Hall Of Famers From Puerto RicoYear Of Induction
1. Roberto Clemente1973
2. Orlando Cepeda1999
3. Roberto Alomar2011
4. Ivan Rodriguez2017
5. Edgar Martinez2019

1. Roberto Clemente (1973)

Clemente is one of the greatest players in the history of MLB for his numerous career achievements. This Pirates right fielder was a batting legend of his era.

Clemente is the player that scored a world series grand slam walk-off homer inside the park.
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Roberto was inducted into the Baseball Hall Of Famer in 1973 after the baseball world lost this gem to a plane crash in 1972. The four-time National League batting champion Clemente had crossed 3,000 hits in his 18 years of MLB career.

With a batting average of .317, he had scored 240 home runs until his last game on 3 October 1972. The Pittsburgh star hitter also holds the title for landing the first ever inside-the-park grand slam walk-off home run in the 1956 World Series.

Leading his team to win the World Series Championship titles twice in 1960 and 1971, he received the WS MVP title in the later season.

2. Orlando Cepeda (1999)

Orlando Cepeda is a former first baseman known for his consistent power hitting in the sixties National League. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1999.

Cepeda was named an All-Star player seven times over his 16 years of career with six MLB teams starting with the SF SF Giants. He was NL Rookie of the Year by a unanimous vote in 1958 after scoring 25 homers with a batting average of .312. Meanwhile, he led the league with 38 doubles.

The hitter had also become the NL RBI Leader twice during 1961 and 1967, respectively. Cepeda was the second Puerto Rican player inducted into the Hall Of Fame after Roberto Clemente.

3. Roberto Alomar (2011)

Alomar is a former second baseman with a history of working with 8 MLB teams over his 17 years of career. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2011.

Alomar was inducted into the Baseball HOF in 2011.
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His induction was voted 90% during the second ballot of that season. The Baltimore Orioles have listed him as an Orioles Hall Of Famer in 2013 in honor of his achievements with the team.

The Puerto Rican player is considered the greatest second baseman in MLB as the only player in his position to win 10 Gold Gloves in their career. He also ranks in the top ten for games played, stolen bases, plate appearances, doubles, assists, hits, runs, at-bats, and double plays.

4. Ivan Rodriguez (2017)

Ivan Rodriguez is a former baseball player that got inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2017. Rodriguez is one of the greatest catchers in MLB History.

The 2003 World Series Champion Ivan was named an All-Star 14 times throughout his MLB career. He also received the title of MVP twice in that period.

This Puerto Rican catcher has the best career caught-stealing percentage of 45.68% and recorded a 50% and higher caught-stealing rate for nine seasons or higher.

Ivan is honored into the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame and has received the Washington Nationals Ring of Honor.

5. Edgar Martinez (2019)

Edgar Martinez is the most recent Puerto Rican player inducted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame. Martinez spent his entire baseball career with Seattle Mariners.


The former Mariners designated hitter and third baseman debuted in MLB on 12 September 1987. After playing 17 years with the team, he retired professionally in 2004.

Later, he joined the team again in 2015 as a coach and worked for three years before taking a sabbaticall. Edgar was a 7-time All-Star player and a two-time AL Batting champion.

Martinez had also been awarded the Roberto Clemente Award in 2004, making him honored as a fellow native player.

Who Was The First Puerto Rican Baseball Player?

First Puerto Rican Baseball player in MLB was Hiram Bithorn from San Juan. Bithron was signed by the Chicago Cubs and debuted on 15 April 1942.

Bithorn has a stadium on his name to remember his contribution towards the Puerto Rican baseball legacy.
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The following year, Bithorn led the National League pitchers with seven shutouts during the 1943 season. He was a hard-throwing pitcher that delivered a distinct throw using his long legs and built size.

His fastball toward home plate used to grab a lot of attention whenever he began to pitch. Although he had only played four seasons in the Major League, he opened a path for numerous legendary Puerto Rican players to make a name for themselves in baseball.

Meanwhile, several African American leagues from the 1920s were later considered to be major league teams. Regardless, the name Hiram Bithorn will always be remembered as the pioneer for the successful baseball career of Puerto Rican players.

There is a stadium named after Bithorn to honor his contribution to helping the nation understand the baseball skills of its citizens. 

MLB Players From Puerto Rico In 2023

Current MLB players from Puerto Rico include Javier Báez, Carlos Correa, Enrique Hernández, and others. There are 32 players that are actively playing in 2023.

Javier Báez is an infielder player that has most potential in getting inducted into hall of fame.
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There have been more than three hundred players in Major League Baseball from the island nation of Puerto Rico. After the debut of Hiram Bithorn in 1942, numerous others followed suit.

Puerto Rico was also among the sixteen primary teams that participated in the inaugural season of the World Baseball Classic in 2006.

Beginning with the legendary hitter Roberto Clemente, there have been five players from this nation to get inducted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame. Other players like Yadier Molina and Carlos Correa are in line to get inducted in the upcoming years as well.

Similarly, the Puerto Rican players could sign with MLB teams as free agents without entering the draft until 1989 when the MLB began to list them as a jurisdiction within the USA. Thus, they have to enter the MLB draft compulsorily during their first year of college in order to get a contract.

Here is the list of active MLB Players From Puerto Rico In 2023 roster;

  1. Carlos Correa
  2. Enrique Hernández
  3. Javier Báez
  4. Yadier Molina
  5. Nolan Arenado
  6. Christian Arroyo
  7. José Berríos
  8. Víctor Caratini
  9. Edwin Díaz
  10. Josh James
  11. Joe Jiménez
  12. Alex Lange
  13. Francisco Lindor
  14. Jorge López
  15. Seth Lugo
  16. Martin Maldonado
  17. MJ Melendez
  18. José Miranda
  19. Tomás Nido
  20. Emilio Pagan
  21. Michael Pérez
  22. Roberto Pérez
  23. Emmanuel Rivera
  24. Derek Rodriguez
  25. Eddie Rosario 
  26. Héctor Santiago
  27. George Springer
  28. Marcus Stroman
  29. Lou Trivino
  30. Duane Underwood Jr.
  31. Christian Vázquez
  32. Andrew Velazquez

Who Is The Puerto Rican Player Who Played For The Pittsburgh Pirates?

Puerto Rican Baseball player played for the Pittsburgh Pirates is Roberto Clemente who won 2 World Series with the Pirates.

Carlos Rivera is another player to play for the Pirates. There were fifteen Puerto Rican athletes to ever play with the Pirates in Major League baseball.

Here is the list of 15 Puerto Rican players who played for the Pirates:

  1. Carlos Rivera
  2. Roberto Clemente
  3. Carlos Bernier
  4. John Candelaria
  5. Luis Figueroa
  6. Fernando González
  7. Alex Hernandez
  8. Jose Lind
  9. Ángel Mangual
  10. Javier Martínez
  11. Orlando Merced
  12. Danny Ortiz
  13. Junior Ortiz
  14. Ian Snell
  15. Eddie Vargas

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