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Program Stars MLB The Show 23 RTTS

By Roshan Khatiwada / 16 May 2023 06:50 AM

The 99 OVR diamond-tier cards in the latest Set 2 Collection rewards of MLB The Show 23
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Program Stars MLB The Show 23 RTTS can be achieved by tasks and missions in the Road to the Show mode. It also helps to further progress in particular programs.

RTTS is a single-player career mode in the game MLB The Show. The mode allows the player to progress into a professional baseball player starting from the minors.

Developing the player's attributes and character through consistent performance and training is key among its many features. The game's latest edition includes many updates like face scans and storylines.

Road To The Show mode has been improving with each new edition. The program stars feature in the game's Diamond Dynasty mode and allow players to win reward points by completing certain goals with their team.

There are many ways in which fans can earn these. For example, winning a game can earn a player his first star.

What Are Program Stars MLB The Show 23?

MLB The Show 23 program stars are a type of reward earned by completing in-game tasks and missions in the game. Green star icons represent them.

They are similar to the Battle Pass system in most video games, but this is free for all players, unlike Battle Pass. The rewards and progress in the program stars can be checked in the My Ballplayer section.

The game frequently releases events like Mexico City Series, Charisma Series, and the Season 1 program. Each of the events has a specific award path.

Andrés Muñoz and Alejandro Kirk were among the various rewards during the Mexico City Series
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For example, the Season 1 event had prizes like packs, stubs, and Diamond tier players. You must complete all the event's mission and moments, collections, and conquests to earn program stars for that specific event.

Each task completed, whether in mission, moments, or any other section, results in different amounts of stars depending on the task's difficulty and length.

The more stars you collect, the higher you reach in the event reward's path. The prizes are automatically unlocked when you reach the required number of stars.

The developers constantly update the Programs Track with new challenges. You can earn program stars while playing career mode or Diamond Dynasty both.

What Do Program Stars Do In MLB The Show 23?

Program stars are used to win rewards in the Diamond Dynasty. Collecting specific amounts of program stars result in different prizes in the mode.

Further, these stars help to progress in specific program's reward paths such as Team Affinity or Kaiju Series. They guide you to collect all the hidden rewards of those events and complete them with ease.

The Mother's Day Equipment Conquest Map had rewards like  bat skin, socks, and batting gloves
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These stars are the primary way of progressing through the different series in the Diamond Dynasty of the game. Program stars can unlock various perks and items for your player.

Show packs, skill sets, and equipment are examples of what you can unlock using the stars. These stars can upgrade and advance your players and boost their attributes.

You can collect a maximum of seven program stars. After you have them, the series is complete, and you can trade them for 1000 XP points.

How to get Program Stars in MLB The Show 23?

Get program stars MLB The Show by completing missions, moments, and conquests. Completing the showdowns, collections, conquest, moments, and specific event missions results in a certain amount of program stars.

All these different tasks require different skill sets to complete. Missions usually challenge you to win a game in a specific mode, hit a home run, win with a specific player, and more.

On the other hand, moments may ask you to recreate a historic moment in the history of baseball or recreate a fictional scenario. Conquest is about capturing territories on a map, whereas showdown is about facing off with a strong opponent with limited outs or runs.

The Challenge of the Week mode for this week has prizes like a signed jersey and baseball by the Show 23 cover athlete
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Completing these different tasks result in several amounts of stars. Easier missions reward fewer points, whereas harder ones reward more points.

Another way to earn them is simply by playing the game. Winning your first match, scoring a specific number of home runs, extra-base hits, stolen bases, or strikeouts in a game can also earn you stars.

Multiple series and events are released throughout the season, all offering you the chance to win some stars. However, the difficulty in gaining those stars depends on the specific event.

Kaiju Other Program Hidden Rewards

Kaiju program hidden rewards include Diamond Duos Pack, Show Packs, and experience points. The series was released on May 12, 2023, with many other new content and rewards.

The Kaiju Other Program is a new conquest mode in the second season of the Diamond Dynasty. The event has a map shaped like a kaiju, hence the name.

The map consists of eight strongholds, and conquering each stronghold results in different rewards. Out of eight, two rewards are Diamond Duos packs, whereas the remaining is MLB The Show packs.

The Kaiju Diamond Duo Pack consists of two 99 OVR diamond-tier cards. The first is of the Phillies right-fielder Bryce Harper, whereas the second is the Future Stars Series card of the youngest pitcher in Marlins history, Eury Pérez.

Kaiju Choice Pack is among the many rewards in the MLB The Show Season 2 program
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In addition, there are additional goals fans can accomplish and win other rewards. There are five goals; the first is acquiring a hundred million fans.

Completing this goal will earn you a bat skin and 500 XP. Other goals include obtaining a stronghold in the Kaiju's legs, horns, and tails, which rewards 1500 XP and multiple Show packs.

Capturing Kaiju's entire territory will reward you with Diamond Duos Pack and 2000 XP. If you can complete all five goals, you will earn fifteen-star points.

The first Kaiju series event of the year had seven 97 OVR-rated cards. Fans could choose between Corey Kluber, George Brett, Brian Roberts, Blake Snell, Monte Irvin, John Franco, and Shawn Green.

Later, more Kaiju Series players were added to the event. The latest additions include 95 OVR Joe Torre, 94 OVR Harold Baines, 96 OVR Hunter Renfroe, and 97 OVR Billy Williams.

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