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Precision Rings MLB The Show 23

By Roshan Khatiwada / 27 August 2023 08:59 AM

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Precision rings MLB The Show helps gamers control the PCI with more accuracy and precision. They add resistance to your stock thumbsticks for better accuracy.

Most video game players use them as they help pitch exactly where they want and hit balls with more precision. These factors help to improve performance while playing MLB The Show and allow players to take accurate shots, even at maximum in-game sensitivities.

They are an add-on accessories that must be attached to the thumbstick of the controller. They are compatible with PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch Pro.

These rings also prevent the gamers from slamming the Plate Coverage Indicator (PCI) to the edge of the zone. Slamming the PCI to the edge results in weak swings, contact, and misses.

How To Use Xbox Precision Rings?

Xbox precision rings help to make more controlled and precise movements with the PCI. They help to improve the hitting and pitching skills in the video game.

These rings are available in three different strength levels: soft, medium, and hard. The soft rings are green, the medium rings are purple, and the hard ones are black in color.

The one that suits your playstyle, comfort, and preference must be selected. They must be attached at the bottom of the thumbstick on the controller.

Precision rings can be easily attached and detached whenever required. Many MLB The Show users have seen positive results after using the accessory, according to the reviews on Reddit.

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Further, players have mentioned that using the rings has helped them to increase their batting average, hit more home runs, and reduce strikeouts while batting. They also help to pitch with accuracy and precision, resulting in more success as a pitcher.

They are a simple and effective method of improving your hitting skills in the video game. They can benefit all the users, whether you are a veteran or a beginner.

For more details and reviews, you can visit the official site of KontrolFreek, which specializes in manufacturing performance gaming gear. The precision ring product has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5, based on more than 300 reviews.

More than 200 users have given a five-star rating for the product. A mixed pack of soft, medium, and hard rings costs $10.99, whereas packs with only one strength accessory item cost $9.99, according to KontrolFreek.

Best Kontrol Freeks For MLB The Show

KontrolFreek MLB The Show precision ring product helps to improve pitching and hitting skills in the game. It also enhances the gaming experience of the users.

They are a company dedicated to manufacturing products that help to improve performance while playing games. They have multiple products, such as performance thumbsticks, designed to increase the arc distance, grip, accuracy, and agility of the controller.

They offer better grip, especially for players with larger hands, in addition to better accuracy and control. They are one of the must-have accessories for The Show that help to take their gameplay to the next level.

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The product comes in various styles and sizes of grips, which helps players find the perfect fit according to their personal preferences. The right stick of the controller is primarily used for pitching, whereas the left stick is used for hitting.

Different KontrolFreek options are recommended to be used for each stick. A medium or tall stick is recommended for the hitting stick as it adds control and precision, whereas a shorter stick is recommended for pitching as it improves accuracy.

Hitting Stick

FPS Freek Galaxy stick is one of the best products, which is sold as a mixed pack containing one medium stick and one tall stick. These sticks come with a concave grip, providing a secure and comfortable grip while playing.

Inferno Performance Thumbsticks is another product that is best for the baseball video game. It is only available in tall sticks and has a concave grip, with a specialization in precision.

The Inferno stick is a bit more flat, providing a wider area feel than the Galaxy thumbsticks. They provide a secure and comfortable grip, allowing you to hit and pitch with precision.

Pitching Stick

While pitching in MLB The Show, the main element is having a secure grip on the controller. A low-profile KontrolFreek product is the best in terms of a secure grip.

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These products do not add height to the analog stick but help to provide a wider grip and 145 percent more surface area compared to others. They make sure that the hands of the players do not slip off the controller when the palms are sweaty.

Omni is one of the top choices that fits the above criteria. It comes with a concave option, improving the grip of the controller while throwing different types of pitches in the game.

Kontrol Freeks For Nintendo Switch

Kontrol Freeks products for Nintendo Switch include No-Slip Thumb Grips and FPS Freek Vortex. They enhance the playing experience on the Switch controller.

They offer gaming cables, performance grips, precision rings, and performance thumbsticks for various platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox. These products help to improve the gameplay.

No-Slip Thump Grips are rubber covers placed over the Pro Controller thumbsticks or Switch Joy-Con. They are designed specifically to fit over the Switch controller.

Further, they also prevent gamer's thumbs from slipping off the sticks and provide superior control and grip. They are available in four color options: red, blue, green, and black.

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FPS Freek Vortex is another product specially designed for the Switch platform. They are performance thumbsticks that can be attached to the controller.

The product increases the precision and accuracy in first-person games, including MLB The Show and other shooting games. They have one low-rise stick of 4.5mm and one high-rise stick of 5.8 mm, which helps in optimal movement and aim.

Another product for Nintendo Switch is the Black Galaxy, a performance thumbstick that can be attached to the Switch Joy-con. They increase the range of motion, grip, and comfort during the game.

It has a mid-rise stick of 6.1mm with a convex grip and a high-rise stick of 10.4mm with a concave grip. They help to improve movement and aiming while playing MLB The Show.

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