PNC Park Bag Policy 2023 And Prohibited Rules

By Ayush Khadka / 30 June 2023 01:43 PM

PNC stadium features many regulations for its guests.
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PNC Park Bag Policy 2023 allows guests to bring bags that do not exceed 16” x 16” x 8”. Medical and diaper bags are exceptional cases.

PNC Park is the home ballpark of the Pittsburgh Pirates which plays in the NL Central division. The ballpark is located at 115 Federal Street, Pittsburgh. Pirates opened this stadium in the 2001 season and played in the Three Rivers Stadium prior to settling here. 

The stadium broke ground on 7 April 1999 and had a construction cost of $216 million then ($357 million in 2022 terms). HOK Sport was the architect for the park, while Thornton-Tomasetti Group Inc was the structural engineer. 

The stadium can house 38,747 people since 2018 and showcased a record audience on 7 October 2015, with 40,889 spectators. The dimensions of the PNC Park are as follows:

  • Center Field - 399 feet
  • Right Field - 320 feet
  • Right Center - 375 feet
  • Left Field - 325 feet
  • Left Center - 383 feet
  • Backstop - 51 feet

The fans wanted to name the ballpark after famous Pirates player Robert Clemente, but PNC Financial Services purchased the naming rights in 1998.

Bag Policy

Pittsburgh Pirates Bag policy is that visitors are allowed to bring bags that are 16” x 16” x 8” or lower.

The Pirates have made strict rules for their bags.
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The guests can bring only one carrier along with them, and they should be soft-sided. Fanny packs and backpacks are allowed, but they are liable for strict searches by security personnel. However, the ballpark has placed exceptions for some bags. 

Any bags that are brought for valid medical necessities will be permitted. These carriers can include breast pumps, prosthetics, monitors, hearing devices, and special dietary supplements. 

Likewise, mothers who are carrying babies will be permitted to bring a diaper bag with them. Many important diaper carrier contents are kids' bottles, sipping cups, infant clothing, and others. Moms can also carry these bags for kids with disabilities. 

Pirates Stadium Entry Rules

Pirates Stadium Entry Rules state that visitors must go through metal detectors for screening. 

Pittsburgh has honored former shortstop Honus Wagner with a statue outside the ballpark.
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The guests should also possess a valid ticket and the people should consent to the inspection of their contents. There is no policy for any refunds if the ticketholder fails to attend the game. 

The people can enter the gates only 1 hour before the match commences from Monday to Thursday for the 6:35 games. Similarly, for the Friday-Saturday games, the gate will open 1 and a half hours prior to the match. 

The bags will be checked for their dimensions, so if people bring larger bags, then they should be left out in a safe outdoor storage facility until the game ends. The visitors can put them in a hotel, shop, or even contact online businesses that deal with this issue. People with a four-wheeler vehicle can also store the bags there. 

If a person is found with a prohibited item, then are liable to leave the gate, along with any child accompanying them. The re-entry policy is also strict, and guests will not be permitted to enter again if they leave the venue. 

Code Of Conduct

The Pittsburgh Pirates organization has placed strict guidelines for the code of conduct they expect from visitors. The Pirates seek to make a pleasant game experience for every ticketholder. 

The Pirates forbid any guest from taking part in any unscrupulous activities that might harm the enjoyment of other fans. The spectators are not allowed to indulge in any physical fights or even verbal showdowns with derogatory language. 

Intoxicated people will be taken care of by security officials, and if a fight happens between intoxicated people, they will be immediately removed. Similarly, fan interference is prohibited, like throwing objects or entering into the field. 

Any clothing that is deemed obscene or harmful to other people by the Pirates will not be allowed entry inside the venue. Likewise, people should only sit in their ticketed seats, and they should not stand too much during the game as it can disturb others' views.

Visitors should also refrain from bringing any smoking items in the venue, like cigarettes, tobacco as well as even smokeless and electronic versions. 

Purse Policy

PNC Park purse policy states that visitors can bring small purses that fit under the 16” x 16” x 8” dimensions.

The Pirates have designated that small purses are permitted.
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The purse should be soft-sided, and adherent to the broader bag policy. Whether you are seeking to bring a clutch or a handbag, PNC ballpark officials will check the purse dimensions and they should match the depicted guidelines.  

Fans are also allowed to bring in a clear backpack, drawstring bag, or fanny pack. Hard-sided coolers are also prohibited from the venue. 

Camera Policy

Pittsburgh Pirates Stadium camera policy allows visitors to bring these electronic devices for personal usage only. 

Cameras are allowed in the venue.
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The guests cannot click or record any photos or videos for commercial purposes without the approval of the Pirates organization. Making photos for any other reasons other than personal use can result in copyright infringement 

The guests should also not transmit any information (image, video, audio) regarding the game's events like pre-game, warmups, or promotional attractions. The MLB players, team events, team names, and logos are all copyrighted. 

Likewise, the guests are recommended to click photos from their seats, and not stand or disrupt others' viewing experience for the pleasure of their own photography. The security requests people not to  Stand in the aisle to click photos too.

Cameras can only be brought in a hand-held manner, and no tripods and bipods are allowed. Bringing hard cases for storing these electronic devices is also restricted.

Stroller Policy

PNC Park stroller policy allows visitors to carry a stroller with them. 

Strollers are permissible but cannot be brought in the escalator.
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However, the guests cannot bring these strollers along with them on the escalators. For that, elevators are the go-to locations for mothers.


Pirates ballpark allows fans to bring banners that are only 4" x 8" or lower. However, there are limitations set forth by the stadium

Banners should not have commercial or political messages.
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These banners should not be put on the baseball field, nor at locations that disturb the baseball players or umpires' eyesight. Similarly, the Pirates prohibit any owner from placing the signs behind the foul poles or at the outfield fence. 

The banners should also not feature any content that is slanderous, obscene or has political or commercial messages. Such signs will be immediately taken down.

Meanwhile, the owner should be responsible with their banners, and they should not disturb other people's views with their signs. 

Other Prohibited Items In The PNC Ballpark

Other Prohibited items that are not enterable in the Pirates ballpark are weapons and inflatables. 

Such items are prohibited because they have a high probability of causing disturbance to the game and the park visitors. 

Here is the list of items that are not allowed inside the PNC venue:

  • Weapons (guns and knives)
  • Fireworks
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Drones
  • Frisbee Discs
  • Hoverboards
  • Inflatables
  • Laser Pointers
  • Motorcycle Helmets
  • Glass bottles, Thermos, and Cans
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Football

Security will conduct a search during the entry and if they deem any other substances besides the aforementioned list as suspicious, then those items will also not be permitted inside the venue. 

Water Bottle Policy

PNC park water bottle policy allows guests to bring a water bottle that should exceed 24 ounces. 

Water bottles are allowed in the stadium, but they must be disposed.
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The water bottles should be clear, factory-sealed, and made up of plastic. These bottles should also be disposable in nature. 

Parents can also bring juice boxes for their kids. However, outside carbonated and alcoholic beverages are not permitted. The guests are also told not to get into the top of the dugout with any water bottles or other items. 

Food Options In The PNC Ballpark

Many restaurants and food chains offer dining cuisines to visitors in PNC Park, including Caliente Pizza and Manny's BBQ. 

Various dining options are present at the park.
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Here is the list of some dining destinations inside the Pirates stadium with their locations: 

  • Chicken Pitt - Section 127
  • Caliente Pizza - Section 313, 304, 113, 114, 123
  • Cinderlands Corner Bar - Left Field
  • Familee BBQ - Section 132
  • Chicken on the Hill & Cannonball Burger - Right Field
  • Manny's BBQ - Left Field 
  • Pop's Plaza - Section 132
  • Primanti Bros - Section 108
  • Deli Dogs & Nachoritas - Sections 135, 137
  • Fat Head's Bullpen Bar - Center Field

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