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Pittsburgh Pirates Record By Year Recorded

By Aditya Bhattarai / 20 November 2023 06:47 AM

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Pittsburgh Pirates record by year was 76-86 in 2023, 62-100 in 2022, 61-101 in 2021, and 19-41 in 2020. The Bucs had last qualified for the postseason in 2015.

Their winning percentages had always been below .500 in the past five seasons. The win rates from 2020, 2021, and 2022 were the worst records in the franchise.

The Buccaneers is one of the oldest baseball clubs in the National League with 136 years of history since 1887. Initially established as Allegheny City in 1882, they changed their name to Pittsburgh Pirates in 1891.

Although the Buccos are one of the pioneer teams in MLB since 1903, they have only won five World Series titles in a total of seven appearances till 2023. Moreover, they have been successful in playing postseason games 17 times over the last 130 years in MLB.

Their performance has taken a big dive after the current manager Derek Shelton started leading the team in 2020. The coronavirus pandemic also played a major role in their decline in the last few seasons.

Former Pirates manager Clint Hurdle had last led the team to playoffs from 2013 to 2015. They have always finished in the lower ranks of the NL Central division since then.

Pirates Record In Last 10 Years

Pirates record in the last decade was the highest at 98-64 in 2015 with a .605 win rate. Their lowest record was 61-101 in 2021.

The team recorded the worst winning percentage of .317 in 2020 when they had 14 wins and 46 losses out of 60 games. It was the second-lowest record of the franchise in MLB with their first being 42-112 in 1952.

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Pittsburgh had finished the season with 76 wins and 86 losses in 2023, which was a considerable improvement for the team in the last five seasons. They have finally posted a win rate above .400 after three miserable seasons in the club's history in MLB.

Here are the Pirates win-loss records in the last 10 years from 2014 to 2023:

2023 - 76 Wins and 86 Losses (4th in NL Central Division - Missed PLayoffs)
2022 - 62 Wins and 100 Losses (4th in NL Central Division - Missed Playoffs)
2021 - 61 Wins and 101 Losses (5th in NL Central Division - Missed Playoffs)
2020 - 19 Wins and 41 Losses (5th in NL Central Division - Missed Playoffs)
2019 - 69 Wins and 93 Losses (5th in NL Central Division - Missed Playoffs)
2018 - 82 Wins and 79 Losses (4th in NL Central Division - Missed Playoffs)
2017 - 75 Wins and 87 Losses (4th in NL Central Division - Missed Playoffs)
2016 - 78 Wins and 83 Losses (3rd in NL Central Division - Missed Playoffs)
2015 - 98 Wins and 64 Losses (2nd in NL Central Division - Lost in Wild Card)
2014 - 88 Wins and 74 Losses (2nd in NL Central Division - Lost in Wild Card)

Pittsburgh has been on a losing streak for 8 straight years by failing to qualify for the playoffs since 2016. They were unable to clinch the top two positions in the NLCD even once in the last 10 years.

They have mostly fallen behind the Milwaukee Brewers, Cincinnati Reds, Chicago Cubs, and St. Louis Cardinals ever since they shifted to the National League Central Division in 1994.

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The Buccaneers have only played two playoffs in the past decade and lost them both in the Wild Card series. They were ranked fourth in the NL Central Division in four seasons and finished fifth in three.

Similarly, the Bucs had better records in 2014 and 2015 which ranked them second in the NLCD. They had qualified for the playoffs in both seasons but were unable to advance ahead of the Wild Card games.

Apart from the last two seasons in 2014 and 2015, the Pirates have qualified for the playoffs only 15 times more over their long history of 130 years in MLB. Among them, they had won seven NL Championships and five World Series titles.


Pirates win loss record 2023 was 76-86 with a .469 winning percentage. They were 16 games behind the Brewers to clinch the playoffs this year.

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The Bucs started the season with a victory and two defeats against the Reds at Great American Ballpark. Following that, they defeated the Red Sox thrice and won another single over the White Sox.

Their biggest win streak occurred from 17 to 23 April as they swept three games against the Rockies and four against the Reds. On the contrary, their longest losing streak went on for 10 games from 13 to 22 June.

The team had won 39 games on their home ground at PNC Park compared to the 37 victories on the road. Although they had a decent start in the first half of the season, they lost their chances to make it to the playoffs with 7 more games remaining at the end.

They were eliminated from the playoffs on 23 September 2023 with a 74-81 record and ranking 4th in the NL Central Division.


Pirates record 2022 had 60 wins and 100 losses over the regular season. They had a .383 winning rate which was among the worst records in their history.

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The Bucs had lost 100 games over the season for the second consecutive year under new manager Derek Shelton. 47 of the losses occurred on their own home ground making it disappointing for their local fanbase.

They had the longest losing streak of 9 games from 7 June to 14 June as they were defeated back-to-back by the Detroit Tigers, Atlanta Braves, and St. Louis Cardinals. They blew their playoff chances by finishing 31 games behind the Cardinals to clinch the NL Central Division ranking till the end.


Pirates record 2021 was 61-101 with a .377 win rate. They ranked fifth in the NL Central Division ranks falling behind the Milwaukee Brewers by 34 games.

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They ranked 14th in the National League ranking by finishing ahead of Arizona Diamondbacks by 9 wins. It was the lowest season finish for the team after 11 years since their last record of 57-105 in 2010.

June had been their worst month of the year for both the 2021 and 2022 seasons as they had their biggest losing streak always occur over this period. They had been defeated in 10 consecutive games from 6 June to 16 June 2022 by Marlins, Dodgers, Brewers, and Nationals.


Pirates record in 2020 was 19 wins and 41 losses over 60 games in total. They had the second-lowest win rate of .317 in 130 years of their history in MLB.

The Pittsburgh team was affected the most by the coronavirus pandemic that year. It was the beginning of their decline after Derek Shelton took charge as the manager of the team.

They had the longest defeat streak of 8 games that year when the White Sox, Royals, and Red had defeated them one after another. The team had won 13 and lost 19 games at their home base while only recording 6 victories and 22 defeats in away games.


Pirates had a record of 69 wins and 93 losses in 2019. They had posted a .417 win rate and were unable to reach playoffs by ranking 5th in the NLCD.

The team finished 22 games behind the Cardinals for clinching the division ranks that day. It was the season when former Pirates manager Clint Hurdle was fired on 28 September after failing to lead them into playoffs for four consecutive years.

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Their performance before the All-Star break was 44 wins and 45 losses which ended up with more defeats by the end of the season. They had multiple losing streaks of eight and 9 consecutive defeats throughout the season.


The Pirates had an 82-79 record in 2018. They had ranked 4th in the NLCD ranks with a .499 winning percentage and falling behind the Brewers by 13 games.

It was the third season when Hurdle failed to lead the team into the playoffs. They started the season with 3 victories against the Tigers followed by another win from the Twins.

They also had the longest winning streak of 11 games from 11 July to 24 July as they had six home games before the All-Star break and five away games after the break. They were fourth in the NL Wild Card ranks but failed to qualify by 8 games.


The Pirates finished the 2017 season by ranking 4th in the NLCD. They had a record of 75-87 falling behind the division winner Chicago Cubs by 17 games.

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The Buccos had won 44 home series games and 31 on the road. Their longest winning streak was 6 games from 16 to 21 July against the Cardinals, Brewers, and Rockies.

 They had a .463 winning percentage ranking right behind the Miami Marlins in the fifth position of the NL Wild Card teams.


The Pirates had a record of 78 wins and 83 losses in 2016. They were ranked 3rd in the division with a .484 win rate over the regular season ranks.

They were left 9 games behind on clinching the NL Wild card ranks. However, the Cubs had led the NLCD ranking by finishing 25 games ahead of the Buccaneers.


Pittsburgh Pirates had a 98-64 Record in 2015 as they finished second in the NLCD rankings. They had clinched the NL Wild Card rankings with a .605 win rate.

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The Bucs were leading the ranks by a game against the Cubs that year. It was the last season when the Pirates had qualified for the playoffs as they failed to clinch the playoffs over the next 8 seasons.

Over the season, they obtained 53 victories on their home field while the remaining 45 were obtained in the opponent's ballpark. While they reached the postseason successfully, they failed to advance ahead of the Wild Card game.

They started the season with three defeats against the Reds at the GABP. However, they recorded multiple 7 and eight-win streaks in the following month till the season ended.


Pirates had a win loss record of 88-74 in 2014 with a .535 win rate. They had qualified in the playoffs by ranking first in the NL Wild Card.

The Pittsburgh team had finished only 2 games behind the Cards to clinch their respective division that year. Moreover, they failed to advance ahead to the NLDS that year after being defeated by the SF Giants in the wild card.

Their home game victories were 51 over the season while they only won 37 matches in other ballparks. While they had a bad start to the season with more defeats, they balanced it after the All-Star break in June.

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