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Phillies Stadium Bag Policy [Citizens Bank Park 2023]

By Roshan Khatiwada / 4 October 2023 05:08 AM

Citizens Bank Park is one of the most iconic venue for sporting and live events in Philadelphia.
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Phillies stadium bag policy allows purses smaller than 5" x 7" and some fanny packs. Citizens Bank Park modified some rules on stadium policy in 2023.

The ballpark of the Phillies, opened on April 3, 2004. The ballpark named after Citizens Financial Group was built to replace the multipurpose Veterans Stadium, which no longer exists.

The ballpark was host to Game 5 of the 2008 World Series, where the Phillies defeated the Bay Rays, becoming the World Champions after twenty-eight years.

The ballpark is the first in MLB to use green power generated from a hundred percent renewable energy. This is an initiative to minimize environmental impact and increase awareness about the use of renewable resources.

The stadium has a specific code of conduct and strict policy toward bringing bags and other items. Everyone entering the ballpark must obey the rules and procedures.

Citizens Bank Park Bag Policy 2023

Under CBP bag policy, Phillies stadium restricts any backpacks and bags to the arena in 2023.

The size of the single-compartment bags must not exceed 16*16*8, which is the same for all MLB ballparks.

The management has loosened a little regarding their strict bag policy, which was in place at the start of the season. The reversal was a result of backlash from fans.

Most of the protests came from fans with disabilities or in need of medical aid. The new strict bag and purse policy was implemented just at the start of the season.

The new policy restricted fans from bringing wallet-sized carriers and single-compartment totes, both of which were allowed previously. After receiving backlash from the fans, the club reversed its decision.

The Phillies scoreboard is seventy-seven percent larger than the previous one
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There are still some prohibitions on what kind of bags you can take, but there have been a few changes. After the change, fans can bring fanny packs, drawstrings, and single-compartment bags to the stadium.

Diaper and medical bags have been allowed since the beginning, but they must be within the given size and conform to Major League Baseball security regulations.

Some exceptions are given for fans who require medical aids or are with infants carrying manufactured diaper bags.

Here is a list of bag types prohibited in Citizens Bank Park:

  • Duffel Bag
  • Camera Bag
  • Backpack
  • Cooler
  • Purse larger than 5*7
  • Binocular case

Purse Policy

Citizens Bank Park purse policy prohibits fans from entering the stadium with a purse larger than 5*7. All purses and bags will be examined during entry to check whether they meet the standards.

If the bag or purse is deemed prohibited, fans must either return it to their vehicle or discard it. There is also an option to store them in the bag storage locker at the ballpark.

However, a fee of $10 will be charged.

What Can You Take Into Citizens Bank Park?

These are some of the things you can bring into the Phillies games:

Blanket Within bag policy requirement
Cameras Still Cameras, no cases
Pagers/Cell Phonesallowed
Drones no remote controlled aircrafts
Smokingnot allowed
Weaponsno firearms, knives and teasers
Bottleunopened plastic bottles/ baby bottles/ soft juice container
Bannersonly of paper, clothes and light materials


Can You Bring Food Into Citizens Bank Park?

Citizens Bank Park has an outside food policy allowing soft-sided packed containers into the stadium. Soft-sided coolers are also allowed.

However, smoking is prohibited inside the ballpark.

Various food items that represent the city of Philadelphia are available at the ballpark
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Unlike other stadiums, fans are allowed to bring their own food. The food must be in a soft container and conform to the bag policy of the ballpark.

The security officials will thoroughly check all the food items upon entry. Anything considered prohibited must be discarded, returned to the vehicle, or kept inside the locker, similar to the bag policy.

Plenty of food options inside the ballpark provide a wide variety of foods. Some of those options include Chickie's & Pete's Crabfries, Colbie's Southern Kissed Chicken, and Manco & Manco Pizza.

All kinds of food items and drinks, including hot dogs, cheesesteaks, salads, brownies, cookies, and various beers, are available at the ballpark. Bull's BBQ, situated on the scoreboard's left side, is one of the famous concessions in the stadium.

The concession is famous for burnt ends cheesesteaks, BBQ ribs, sliced smoked turkey sandwiches, pulled pork, and more.

Coca-Cola Corner, Drink Mkt, Jim Beam Highball Bar, and The Yard Bar are some of the concessions famous for drinks. They provide all sorts of juices, beers, wines, cocktails, and other brews.

Can You Bring Drinks Into Citizens Bank Park?

The stadium policy does not allow glass bottles, cans, or opened containers. Fans can enter with a clear plastic water bottle factory-sealed per person.

Baby bottles and single-serve soft-sided juice containers are permitted inside Citizens Bank Park. Any hard-sided, soft-sided, and Styrofoam coolers or thermoses are also banned from entry.

Alcoholic beverage is strictly prohibited, but fans can buy them inside the ballpark after showing a valid ID. However, the liquid can not be taken outside the stadium while leaving.

Parking Citizens Bank Park

Parking at Citizens Bank Park is available for about $25. Rates vary according to parking sections, but usually, $25 is the price for parking at the ballpark.

An oversized vehicle that takes up more than one spot is charged double. Buses have designated spaces, lots M and N, and are charged $50.

You can park your vehicles outside the main parking complex of the stadium for cheaper rates. However, you must take a long walk to the stadium before and after that game.

Handicap spaces are all available at the Park. Sections K, P, Q, R, S, and V are designated for that, and you will require a handicapped parking pass or a placard notice to use that space.

The Citizens Bank Park parking service is cashless and fans need to make use of cards or mobile apps
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The parking facility at the Phillies stadium is cashless. You can pay through a debit card, card card, or mobile apps like Apple and Google Play.

In addition, you need to bring your mobile parking pass while arriving at the ballpark. You need to load the pass before getting to the entrance and show the pass to the parking attendant when asked.

If you need clarification about where to park or parking rules, you can ask the attendants for help.

Phillies Tailgating Rules 2023

As with other ballparks, tailgating is allowed in Citizens Bank Park. There are designated lots for tailgating, and fans can enjoy a party before or after the game.

A fan posing for her photo at the parking lot outside the ballpark.
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Parking lots from A to H, M, N, and O allow fans to tailgate. Tailgating in parking lots West of Darien Street and North of Pattison Avenue is prohibited.

Parking lots that allow tailgating open five hours before the match scheduled start time, whereas the rest open three hours before the start time.

However, you cannot bring alcoholic beverages to the lot while celebrating. Other than that, you can freely enjoy without causing any interference to others.

Some FAQs

Can I Bring A Blanket Into Citizens Bank Park?

You can bring a flodable blanket to the Phillies home game only if it meets the bag policy requirements. Otherwise, you are subject to left it in the car or paid locker.

Can You Bring Water Bottles Into Citizens Bank Park?

Unopened plastic bottles, baby milk bottles and soft juice containers are allowed. Hard glasses, thermoses, and Cans are not permitted in the stadium.

Is Citizens Bank Park Cashless?

Yes, the Phillies' home ground is cashless. A reverse ATM is available at the ballpark, where you can convert cash into a debit card.

How many people does Citizens Bank Park hold?

Citizens Bank Park can hold 42,901 people. The capacity was increased by 109 seats at the start of the season.

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