Philadelphia Phillies Managers By Year

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Phillies Managers by year include Rob Thomson, Joe Girardi, Gabe Kapler, and Pete Mackanin. Thompson has been the active Phillies manager since 2022.

Philadelphia Phillies has been managed by 58 managers in their 140 years of history. Founded in the year 1883, the team has only won two World Series in 1980 and 2008.

The team had been led by Dallas Green and Charlie Manuel during their World Series years. Manuel ended his career with the team with the best managing record of 780-636 over his 9-year term from 2005 to 2013. He had managed 1,416 games for the team with a .551 win rate. 

Hall Of Famer Harry Wright had the longest of ten years career with the Fighting Phils from 1884 to 1993 with a record of 636-536. He had managed 1,227 games for the team with a .529 winning percentage.

Gene Mauch is another manager with the longest tenure of nine years with the Phillies from 1960 to 1968. He recorded 645-684 with a .486 winning percentage while overseeing 1332 games in his term.

The current team leader Thomson was promoted from the position of bench coach after the team fired Girardi in just two seasons.

Phillies Managers Since 2000

Phillies manager history contains Charlie Manuel, Larry Bowa, Terry Francona, and 6 others since 2000. Manuel led the team to their last World Series in 2008.

Here is the list of all Former Phillies Manager since 2000;

Phillies ManagersCoaching Year (Record)
Terry Francona1997 to 2001 (285-363)
Larry Bowa2001 to 2004 (337-308)
Gary Varsho2004 (1-1)
Charlie Manuel2005 to 2013 (780-636)
Ryne Sandberg2013 to 2015 (119-159)
Pete Mackanin2015 to 2017 (174-238)
Gabe Kapler2018 to 2019 (161-163)
Joe Girardi2020 to 2022 (132-141)
Rob Thomson2022 to present (100–80)

Terry Francona

Terry Francona had taken the role of Phillies manager after the 1996 season. He replaced Jim Fregosi after the team lost three seasons since the NL pennant in 1993.

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He led the team to rank third in the National League East over his tenure. The 1999 season was his most successful season receiving a record of 77 wins and 85 losses.

They placed third in three consistent seasons ranking behind their rivals the Atlanta Braves and the New York Mets. After the 2000 campaign, Francona was removed from his managerial position.

His total record was 285 wins and 363 losses over his tenure when managing the Phillies.

Larry Bowa

Larry Bowa had a favorable reputation for being a reliable manager during his tenure as the Phillies manager. He was also a former infield player of the team.

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Leading the team to a successful era in the early 2000s, Bowa had the aim to make a successful managing career similar to his experience as a shortstop for the team.

Being named the manager on 1 November 2000 by the Phillies after they fired Francona, Bowa took over a team with a record of 65-97 and led them to 86 wins by 76 losses in 2001.

They were only two games behind the NL East champs Atlanta Braves which led him to be honored with a National League Manager of the Year and a Sporting News NL Manager of the Year Award.

Bowa was fired in 2004 with only two games remaining for his inability to lead the team to the postseason for three years. He had a managerial record of 337 wins by 308 losses with the Phillies.

Gary Varsho

Gary Varsho was the manager of the Phillies for two games after the team fired Bowa in 2004. Varsho led the team to one win and one loss in the final games.

Although he led the team for a brief tenure, it played an important role in his career in the following years. Varsho also worked as an interim manager for the Phillies in 2002.

Known for his ability to connect with players, he maintained an affable environment at the club throughout his tenure. His involvement in the management had earned him a respectable position among the Phillies.

Charlie Manuel

Former Phillies manager Charlie Manuel had led the team to win the World Series in 2008. He was the only Phillies leader to accomplish this feat since 1980.

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Over his 8 years tenure with the Phillies, he led the team to improve while facing many tumultuous seasons. Follwoing their first NL East title in 2007 they pushed even ahead further in 2008.

After guiding them to their first World Series title in 28 years, Manuel also earned the Manager of the Year award that season.

Continuing the performances in the following years, the Phillies secured five consecutive playoff berths through NL East titles till 2011. Manuel stepped down as a manager in 2013 after a record of 780 wins with 636 losses in his eight-year stint with the team.

Even after being removed from the managerial position, his legacy continued in 2019 after he was hired as a senior advisor for the club as a respected Phillies figure.

Ryne Sandberg

Ryne Sandberg became the Phillies manager on 22 September 2013. The former second baseman signed a three-year contract with an option to further extend in 2017.

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Sandberg was the first Hall of Fame player to manage a team as a manager for the Phillies franchise. He first took the lead as an interim manager after Charlie Manuel was removed on 16 August 2013. 

Prior to his managing tenure, he was a coach for the team. Sandberg obtained his 100th win as an MLB manager on 16 April 2015 after winning a game against the Braves by a 5-4 score.

The former hall of famer player turned manager gave his resignation two months later on 26 June 2015 leaving the Phillies ranked last in the NL East. He had a managerial record of 119 wins with 159 losses over his 2.5-year tenure.

Pete Mackanin

Pete Mackanin was appointed as an interim manager for the Phillies to lead on 26 June 2015. Mackanin was promoted after Sandberg left the team in mid season.

He managed the stability of the team after the change in leadership for the remainder of the season. They had the worst record of 26-48 when he took over.

His managerial strategies emphasized more on developing young players over his two and half years at the club. He had a major role in training players like Aaron Nola and Odubel Herrera making their position in MLB.

After his tenure finished in 2017, he was reassigned as a special assistant to the General Manager to continue his work on player development and other prospective aspects of the team.

Gabe Kapler

Phillies hire new manager Gabe Kapler as the 54th leader for the Philadelphia Phillies on 30 October 2017. Kapler was chosen to lead the team after Mackanin.

He was chosen by then General Manager Matt Klentak and principal owner John Middleton of the Phillies for Kapler's ability to connect with people. They had the worst record of losing 96 games in the previous season.

Starting with a theme slogan to become bold, he led the players to win 56 out of 100 following games. The team had reached a record of 81-81 with a .500 win rate for the first time since 2012 in 2019.

However, he was still fired in the next season for being unable to lead the team to postseason games during his career.

Joe Girardi

Joe Girardi was appointed on 24 October 2019 before beginning the shortened season of 2020. He had the worst bullpen ERA of the season in his first year.

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They missed the playoffs by one game after being overtaken by the San Francisco Giants led by former Phillies manager Kapler. During the second season, the Phillies made the record of most blown saves in the MLB history.

The Phillies once again lost the playoff berth by being eliminated in the last three days of the 2021 season. Philadelphia fired Girardi on 3 June 2022 when the team had the worst start of the season with a 22-29 record.

They won 14 out of the next 16 games after removing Girardi and led the team to win the National League pennant in 2022 under the lead of Rob Thomson.

Rob Thomson

Rob Thomson was promoted as interim manager after removing Girardi. He led the team to win the NLCS starting with a 22-29 record on 3 June 2022.

Thomson is a former coach with a World Series record with the Yankees in 2009. He was also inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall Of Fame in 2019 for his coaching records.

Hall Of Famer baseball coach Thomson has shown a record of 100 wins over 80 losses in his first season as a manager for the Phillies.

List Of Phillies Managers Fired

Phillies managers fired include Joe Girardi, Terry Francona, Larry Bowa, and Gabe Kapler. Philadelphia has changed 58 managers in their 140 years history.

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They were tasked with leading the team to better records and were removed or fired if they were unable to do so. The team had only won two World Series in 140 seasons, making them change the management in hopes of better results.

Here is the list of Phillies managers fired by the club over the years;

  • Joe Girardi
  • Terry Francona
  • Larry Bowa
  • Gabe Kapler
  • Dallas Green
  • Gene Mauch

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