Percentage Of MLB Players By Country [2023]

By Roshan Khatiwada / 4 October 2023 10:40 AM

The United States of America has seventy-one percent athletes in the major league
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Percentage of MLB players by country is dominated by Americans, who represent 70.7% of the total league. The Dominican Republic is in second place with 11.4%.

Baseball is one of the most famous sports in the States, so it's unsurprising that most personnel in the major league are from the USA. But the number of international athletes has been increasing.

Last season, there were two-hundred and seventy-five international personnel, whereas, at the start of the 2023 season, MLB had 268 athletes representing countries other than America.

That adds up to twenty-eight percent of the total athletes in the league. The number might have decreased from the previous year, but the ratio has increased as the 2022 season had a 28-man roster, whereas the current season has 26.

The 268 international sportsmen are the third-highest on opening day in terms of numbers in major league history. Athletes on injured and inactive lists are also included in the statistics.

MLB Players By Country 2023

MLB players by country include over 1,000 athletes from the States. The Dominican Republic is second on the list, with a hundred and seventy-one personnel in the league.

Australia3 (0.2%)
Germany2 (0.2%)
South Korea6 (0.4%)
Venezuela106 (7.1%)
Japan7 (0.5%)
Mexico24 (1.6%)
Panama9 (0.6%)
Dominican Republic171 (11.4%)
USA1,057 (70.7%)
CountryNumber of Players (Percentage)
Columbia13 (0.9%)
Puerto Rico33 (2.2%)
Curacao5 (0.3%)
Canada15 (1%)
Cuba28 (1.9%)

Mexico has twenty-four representatives in the major league this season, the most since 2005. Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Cuba are other countries that have ten or more athletes in the major league.

Here is a list of some countries with the most representatives in the league:

1. USA - 70.7 per cent

The States had seven hundred and ninety-six players during the MLB opening day roster, which has now crossed the thousand mark. The States has produced about nineteen thousand MLB athletes, including 277 Hall of Famers.  

The USA has been home to some of the greatest baseball representatives, including Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Ty Cobb, and more.

2. Dominican Rebuplic - 11.4 per cent

The Dominican Republic has been the second-highest producer of MLB representatives ever since data were kept. The country has produced some of the best generational talents like Albert Pujols, David Ortiz, and Sammy Sosa.

Dominican Republic crashed out of WBC early even though they were one of the favorites
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Fernando Tatis Jr., Nelson Cruz, and Juan Soto are among some of the best personnel representing Dominica this season. Further, they have four legends in the Hall of Fame.

3. Venezuela – 7.1 per cent

Venezuela, the country that produced talent like Luis Aparicio, the only Venezuelan Hall of Famer, has a hundred and six players in the 2023 MLB season. The country has given birth to a total of 462 MLB personnel.

Miguel Cabrera, Ronald Acuna Jr., and Luis Arraez are among some of the best athletes from the country in the league.

4. Cuba – 2.2 per cent

Cuba has thirty-three representatives in the ongoing major league season. The country has six HOFers, the most from a country other than the USA.

Yordan Alvarez and Miguel Vargas are some of the best athletes in the major league from Cuba. The country has been home to legends of the sport like Rafael Palmeiro, Tony Oliva, and Jose Mendez.

5. Puerto Rico – 1.9 per cent

Three hundred and two players have represented Puerto Rico in the major league till now. Twenty-eight are still active in the league, including Willi Castro, Javier Baez, and Roberto Perez.

Puerto Rico has given four Hall of Famers to the major league baseball
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Roberto Clemente is perhaps the best sportsman to come out of the country. He is one of the four HOFers from Puerto Rico, joining the likes of Ivan Rodriguez, Orlando Cepeda, and Roberto Alomar.

6. Mexico - 1.6 per cent

Mexico, with twenty-four representatives, is sixth on the list. The country has given birth to a hundred and forty-five major leaguers throughout history, including Fernando Valenzuela, the first Mexican superstar in the league.

Mexico was one of the semi finalist during the 2023 World Baseball Classic
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Randy Arozarena, Julio Urias, Victor Gonzalez, and Luis Cessa are some of the current Mexican athletes in the league.

7. Canada - 1 per cent

Canada is the last nation on the list to produce more than a hundred major leaguers. The country has been home to two hundred and sixty-two major league players, including two HOFers, Fergie Jenkins and Larry Walker.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr., James Paxton, and Zach Pop are some of the current players.

What Percentage Of MLB Players Are Hispanic?

About thirty percent of the major league personnel were Hispanic in the 2023 season. The number of Hispanic athletes is increasing each season in the league.

Jose Miranda, Miguel Vargas, Ronald Acuna Jr., Alejandro Kirk, and Edward Cabrera are among the best Hispanic sportsmen in the league. Some of the greatest athletes in the league have been Hispanic, including Alex Rodrigues, Albert Pujols, and more.

The league and teams have greatly impacted the rise of Hispanic players through their constant effort to promote and respect them. For example, the Dodgers celebrate the history of Hispanic players through Mexican Heritage Night.

Similarly, other MLB teams also celebrate the Hispanic roots through different events.

Top MLB players Born By State [USA]

MLB players by state in the USA include Aaron Judge from California and Matt Olson from Georgia. The state has the highest number of athletes in the major league this season.

There are no representatives for eight states in this year's MLB. Alaska, Idaho, Maine, Montana, South Dakota, and Vermont are those states.

Further, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, West Virginia, and Wyoming have a single representative in this year's league from their state. Every state other than California has less than a hundred athletes in the league.

California is the state with the highest number of baseballers in the MLB
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Here is the list of top players by state in MLB:

  1. Alabama - Corey Kluber
  2. Arizona - Cody Bellinger
  3. Arkansas - Drew Smyly
  4. California - Aaron Judge
  5. Colorado - Marco Gonzales
  6. Connecticut - George Springer
  7. Delaware - Paul Goldschmidt
  8. Florida - Pete Alonso
  9. Georgia - Matt Olson
  10. Hawaii -  Kolten Wong
  11. Illinois - Collin McHugh
  12. Indiana - Lance Lynn
  13. Iowa - Michael Wacha
  14. Kansas - Jacob Stallings
  15. Kentucky - Adam Duvall
  16. Louisiana - Aaron Nola
  17. Maryland - Bryan Reynolds
  18. Massachusetts - Alex Cobb
  19. Michigan - Eric Hasse
  20. Minnesota - Caleb Thielbar
  21. Mississippi - Corey Dickerson
  22. Missouri - Max Scherzer
  23. Nebraska - Alec Bohm
  24. Nevada - Bryce Harper
  25. New Hampshire - Ian Hamilton
  26. New Jersey - Mike Trout
  27. New Mexico - Alex Bregman
  28. New York- Harison Bader
  29. North Carolina - Alex Wood
  30. North Dakota - Matt Strahm
  31. Ohio - Kyle Schwarber
  32. Oklahoma - J.T Realmuto
  33. Oregon - Brandon Drury
  34. Pennsylvania - Christian Walker
  35. Rhode Island - Trevor Kelley
  36. South Carolina - Whit Merrifield
  37. Tennessee - Mookie Betts
  38. Texas - Clayton Kershaw
  39. Utah - Tanner Banks
  40. Virginia - Justin Verlander
  41. Washington - Jake Lamb
  42. West Virginia - Michael Groove
  43. Wisconsin - Jared Walsh
  44. Wyoming - Brandon Nimmo

Best MLB Players By Birthplace [USA]

MLB players by birthplace include two hundred and thirty from California this season. The second highest is Florida, with a hundred and seven representatives.

Half the states of the USA have more than ten athletes in the league, whereas five have no representatives. There are 1,057 US-born personnel in MLB this season from forty-six states.

Here are the top five states with the most athletes in MLB:

1. California - 230

California has been the biggest contributor to the major league for the last several decades. Last season, there were 235 sportsmen representing the state.

Judge celebrating after smashing his seventh homer of the week
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The number has decreased by five this season, but it is still a hundred and twenty-three more than the second state on the list. Aaron Judge, Nolan Arenado, Matt Chapman, Freddie Freeman, Evan Longoria, and DJ LeMahieu are some of the top talents from California this season.

2. Florida - 107

Florida has a hundred and seven players in the league for the ongoing season, nine fewer than the previous. One of the best modern-day players in the league, Pete Alonso, is one of many players representing the state.

Trea Turner, Anthony Rizzo, Brad Miller, Bo Bichhette, and Ryan Weber are some of the other world-class talents representing Florida.

3. Texas - 100

Texas is the next entry on the list, having seven personnel less than the second entry. The second-largest state in the USA is the home of one of the top pitchers currently, Clayton Kershaw.

Noah Syndergaard, Jose Trevino, Anthony Rendon, and Max Muncy are some of the top talents from the area.

4. Georgia - 55

This season, the largest state east of Mississippi has fifty-five athletes in the major league. Matt Olson of the Atlanta Braves is one of the top talents from Georgia.

Buxton is one of the forty-one athletes representing Georgia in the major league
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Byron Buxton, Zach Wheeler, and Adam Wainwright are some of the other top talents from the region currently in the league.

5. New York - 49

The home to the winningest team in the history of Major League Baseball has forty-nine players representing them this year. Harrison Bader and George Kirby are among the best prospects from the region.

Adam Ottavino and Marcus Stroman are other top talents from New York.

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