San Diego Padres TV Announcers And Commentators

By Ayush Khadka / 16 May 2023 05:19 AM

Don Orsillo has been an instrumental announcer at Friars.
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San Diego Padres TV Announcers are Mike Pomeranz, Jesse Agler, and Don Orsillo. Bob Scanlan and Mark Sweeney are analysts in the 2023 season.

The 2023 season will be broadcasted by Bally Sports San Diego and some games will be found on other platforms like ESPN, Fox Sports, and TBS. Furthermore, Bally Sports also is directly available on DirectTV, Mediacom, and AT&T U-Verse. 

With the production of the MLB matches through live streaming and with its availability in a dedicated App, now every Padres fan can watch their team's games easily if they do not visit Petco Park

A 'Padres Live' pre-game show will be showcased before every match, and a plethora of hosts and analysts will join the booth to talk about the roster and upcoming games. Moreover, there will also be a post-game show titled 'Padres Live' as well, which will feature hosts talking about San Diego's performance.

TV Announcers

Padres Announcers 2023 include Mike Pomeranz and Jesse Agler. 

These baseball announcers have offered their talented voices and broadcasting experience to give excitement to the Padres' audience. 

Jesse Agler

Jesse Agler Padres joined the organization in February 2014 as a broadcaster. 

Agler has been with the Bally Sports since the 2014 season.
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Moreover, Agler also directed content for the Padres, monitoring the franchise's social media operations. For five years, Agler worked as an announcer (fill-in) for Bally Sports San Diego to conduct play-by-play voice for the Padres matches. 

Agler also conducts his announcing role on the radio station, 97.4 The Fan, which is the flagship channel for the San Diego Padres. During the MLB off-seasons, Jesse contributes his voice to other sports like the NBA and NFL. He was also a post-game member of the Dolphins Radio Network in 213. 

Agler graduated from the University of Miami and upon his graduation, joined Jayhawk League's baseball announcing duties. He also worked as a radio host for the Florida Marlins and the Miami Hurricanes programs. 

Mike Pomeranz

Mike Pomeranz started his engagement with Bally Sports San Diego in March 2012. 

Pomeranz had a short stint in the Minor League before his broadcasting life.
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Pomeranz has various responsibilities in Bally Sports, where he is involved as a host for the 'Padres Live' shows. However, he also has filled in for the announcer role after Dick Endberg's demise. 

Before his broadcasting career for the Friars, Mike was involved in Fox Sports North as its Studio Host from 2010 to 2012. Moreover, he also operated for KARE-TV as its News Anchor, from January 2006 to 2012. 

Mike graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. He began his broadcasting life on KRDO TV in 1994 and then moved to WATE-TV the following year. 

Moreover, Mike is a former MiLB reliever for the Minnesota Twins's affliatied Kenosha Twins in 1989. There, he contributed a 2.99 ERA, and 54 strikeouts from 81.1 innings pitched. However, an injury led to his retirement in the 1992 season. 

Don Orsillo

Don Orsillo started his Padres announcer journey in 2016 as a successor to former broadcaster Dick Endberg. 

Orsillo left Red Sox's play-by-play announcing role and joined the Padres, where he works to broadcast the Friars' games on TV. Don ultimately became a full-timer in the 2017 season as the Californian team's play-by-play voice. 

A veteran in the sportscasting world, Orsillo spent 9 seasons for the TBS Network as its broadcast team. There, he had the opportunity to call many NL and AL games from 2007 to 2013. 

A winner of four Emmy awards for being the best announcer, Orsillo has appeared in many TV shows too, including The Heat and Fever Pitch. Don studied at Northeastern University and was also involved in the MiLB as a broadcaster for Pittsburgh Mets.

Radio Announcers

San Diego Padres Radio Announcers include Eduardo Ortega and Carlos Hernandez. 

Eduardo Ortega

Eduardo Ortega has been involved with the Padres organization since 1987, making him one of the most loyal employees of the franchise. 

Ortega with a young Padres fan in April 2022.
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Ortega has spent 41 years calling games for the Friars on their Spanish radio station named XEMO. A Tijuana native, Eduardo also displays his play-by-play voice for the FOX Deportes on TV for Spanish listeners.

Having veteran experience with 25 World Series game calls and 20 All-Star matches, Eduardo is a great person to listen for the Padres' match experience without being there visually. 

Eduardo began his professional calling career on his home city's Potros de Tijuana baseball team. He also has experience making announcements for the San Francisco Giants and the World Baseball Classic. Moreover, he also spent his radio career announcing matches for the Mexicali Aguilas in the Mexican Pacific League. 

For his great achievements for Mexican baseball fans, Ortega got honored in the Tihjuana Hall of Fame in 2004. He also received the Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum honorary membership. 

Carlos Hernandez 

Carlos Hernandez has been engaged with the San Diego Padres since the 2012 season. 

Hernandez is from Venezuela and played in the MLB.
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The 55-year-old player turned broadcaster returned to his old team to contribute to the flagship Friars' Spanish Radio Sation XEMO. He also acted as an analyst for the Fox Deporte on television. 

Before his interest in the broadcasting world, Carlos was active as a player and then as a manager. As a player, the Dodgers signed him in 1984, and played for the Boys in Blue till 1996. However, he got traded to Padres in 1997, where he played 3 seasons. 

As a San Diego catcher, Carlos played 237 games for the team and had 478 At-Bat appearances. From there, he scored 14 home runs, and 33 doubles and maintained a batting average of .269 and 91 RBI. He ultimately retired in the 2000 season, playing for the St. Louis Cardinals. 

After his playing career, Hernandez joined the managerial road in the Mexican Professional League for the Toros de Tijuana team. Carlos also traveled to his home country, Venezuela, to manage the Leones de Caracs till the 2008 season. 


Padres Commentators are Tony Gwynn Jr., Bob Scanlan and Mark Grant. 

Tony Gwynn Jr. 

Tony Gwynn Jr. is a color analyst for Bally Sports San Diego since March 2017. 

Tony (left) with the Friars' PR member Danny Sanchez.
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Gwynn Jr has been an integral figure in the Friars' broadcasting team on both the radio and television. A regular appearance in Bally Sports, Tony also is involved with 97.3 FM for radio updates of the Padres.

However, his initial career as a sportscaster was for the LA Dodgers where he got hired in February 2016. There he worked for the KLAC radio show for only one year. 

A former baseballer for the Padres from 2009 to 2010, Tony contributed 5 homers, 20 doubles, and 89 runs from 682 At-bats. He also showcased a .242 batting average and a .320 slugging percentage during the two seasons there. 

Mark Grant

Mark Grant started his career for the Friars broadcast team in the 1996 season and has spent 26 years in the network. 

Grant is a former baseballer for the San Diego franchise in 1987.
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Joining Prime Sports initially (a part of the Friars' TV), Grant then moved to the San Diego Channel 4 in 1997. In 2012, Fox Sports San Diego (now Bally) got launched and immediately hired him to conduct commentary for the Californian team's matches.  

With his partner being Orsillo, the duo has commented on many games since the 2017 season. Mark began his professional career in 1994 by working for the KFMB Radio Station. 

A former athlete for the Friars, Grant played four seasons from 1987 to 1990. During his time there, Mark made 217 strike-outs, 3.98 ERA, and achieved 17 victories. He also displayed 3.5 Walks per Nine innings and allowed only 168 runs.

Bob Scanlan

Bob Scanlan initiated his engagement with the Padres Broadcast team in the 2012 season. 

Scanlan joined the network as a color analyst for their radio channel. Prior to joining there, Bob was a member of the YurView California cable channel that saw its operations in the San Diego Area. 

Bob's commentating role came to its height when he was chosen to conduct color commentary for the 97.3 radio station alongside Gwynn Jr. He had replaced Agler who transferred to a TV role and worked for the 97.4 radio. 

Scanlon saw his baseball career progress with many MLB teams, starting with his debut for the Chicago Cubs in the 1991 season. However, he did not play for the Friars, and spent most of his time for the Cubs and Brewers, 3 years each.

In his nine years of MLB career, pitcher Scanlon pitched 536.2 innings and conducted 245 strikeouts and a 4.63 ERA. Moreover, he also showed 20 wins, 3.5 Walks per 9 innings, and 17 saves. 

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