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OSU Softball Wearing Blue Uniforms - Reasons To Explain

By Biraj Khanal / 11 May 2023 10:34 AM

Oklahama softball team wore blue colored uniforms to honor Alex Wilcox.
Source : instagram

OSU Softball wearing blue uniforms to honor the legacy of Alex Wilcox. 13 SEC Softball teams participated on April 22 in the third annual "All for Alex."

Wilcox was a softball player for Mississippi's state team and was fighting against ovarian cancer. It took her life in 2018.

To honor the legacy of the softball warrior, all SEC teams participate in the annual day on the weekend to honor the Wilcox contributions in softball every year.

All 13 teams joined together to wear the same colored uniforms acknowledging her impact on the softball community.

In 2018, all teams were awarded the Best Sportsmanship Award for their unity for the Wilcox in her final year of completion.

The campaign began after people all over the county rallied around Alex sharing love and support for the player for her fight against cancer.

Why Is OSU Softball Wearing Blue Uniforms In 2023?

OSU softball uniform is worn as a tribute to Mississippi's softball player Alex Wilcox. All 13 teams wore the same colored jerseys in her honor.

The University has its softball team named Oklahoma State Cowgirls Softball. The team participates in NCAA D1 college softball.

The SEC teams in the league give tribute to the cancer fighter Wilcox every year to honor her softball legacy. Oklahoma also wears their blue-colored jerseys during the match as a tribute to her.

OSU players gathers around for a team talk during the game in a blue jersey.
Source : instagram

Blue is also the official color of OSU, along with Ohio University, and a part of their color identity. Besides blue, the team prefers to have their uniforms orange and scarlet as their uniform color. 

The color blue can be worn for special occasions or events, such as fundraisers, awareness programs, or at the time of giving tribute to the players of the team. Cowgirl's softball team wore the color as it is their official color and also for paying homage to the cancer fighter Alex who departed fighting in 2018.

The SEC teams all wear the jerseys for their respect supplies the message to the other cancer patients fighting to boost them during their hard times to recover in quick succession.

Why Is Alabama Softball Wearing Green?

Alabama softball uniform is worn green in order to recognize Alex Wilcox's legacy in softball. She inspired many people in her fight against ovarian cancer.

Crimson Tide softball team is the official team of Alabama participating in NCAA Division I college softball. The team participates in the South Eastern Conference league.

They now have 13 WCWS appearances, 16 Super Regional appearances, 24 NCAA tournament appearances, and have won one NCAA tournament.

As a part of the South Eastern League, Alabama teams also participate in honoring Wilcox's legacy in the softball world. 

As the green ribbon is aware of mental health awareness, the teal or green ascent is aware of ovarian cancer. The SEC softball teams decided to wear the teal ascents after her departure in 2018 and have followed the trend. 

Alabama, as a part of the SEC, has also been participating in recognizing the legacy of Alex honoring her every year and creating awareness about the disease in the community around them.

Alabama wears green on that day during the games on the weekend as a tribute to State's players. 

On April 2, 2022, Alabama shared the tweet on their official Twitter account handle, remembering the legacy of Alex Wilcox, where they decided to wear teal-colored uniforms in their weekend match.

They further share the awareness campaign and the symptoms of ovarian cancer to be noticed by an individual in their tweet. 

Before her departure, Alex was honored by the Alabama Sports Writers Association for her courage in tackling the dangerous disease. 

Why Are Softball Teams Wearing Teal?

Softball teams wearing teal participate in the "All for Alex" campaign to honor Alex Wilcox's contribution.

All the teams were together for the second year running to unite to give tribute to Wilcox's legacy.

In 2022, SEC softball teams wore teal ascent kits to recognize her contributions to softball. She was a member of 2018 Mississippi State's 2018 team and was an inspiration in the softball community in her battle against ovarian cancer.

 She departed on June 18, 2018. The teams further create social awareness among the community about the early symptoms of ovarian cancer.

In 2018, NCAA softball further mentioned in their official Facebook handle stating the cause for supporting the No One Fights Alone campaign by sharing a video on their wall.

Mississippi wore teal-colored uniforms against Tennessee teal jersey tops. The Bulldogs also support the campaign #NoOneFightsAlone by wearing the teal kits during their midweek games.

The campaign was jointly performed by LSU head coach Beth Torina and MSU head coach Samantha Ricketts and approved by the SEC board coaches' meeting.

In her honor, MSU further immortalized her Jersey number "8," making her the first female college athlete to have her jersey number retired in Mississippi State history. The college immortalized Alex on September 15, 2018.

In 2023, the teams reunited for the cause in the third annual "All for Alex" campaign.

MSU softball shared a beautiful picture of the softball players being united at All for Alex day game.
Source : instagram

The Mississippi Bulldogs team wore teal-tinged white jerseys for the games in the 2018 season and promised to wear fully teal uniforms from the 2019 season. The kits were donated to those battling the disease that took Alex's life away in a motto that no one will fight alone against ovarian. 

As treatments are rough, Wilcox had her scheduled chemotherapy sessions; she used to be a regular at the Bulldogs games.

MSU kept a flag stating NoOne Fights Alone in their home stadium during the game, including the in-game graphics creating a teal atmospheric feel.

They further created special programs allowing their fans to write down their special ones' names battling with cancer. Also, the fans were invited to join the moment of silence for the support in the stadium to fight alongside, stating no one fights alone. 

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