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Baltimore Orioles Record Last 10 Years

By Mahesh Bajagain / 8 November 2023 10:13 AM

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Baltimore Orioles record last 10 years includes 3 playoffs without championships. The Orioles have a long and rich history of 123 seasons in MLB.

In the MLB history of the Orioles, they have been crowned with 3 World Series Championships in 1966, 1970, and 1983. They have won 7 AL pennants and have won 10 American League East Division titles.

Baltimore Orioles win loss record since 1901 is 9,029 - 10,013 with a winning percentage of .474. However, the winning percentage of Orioles after the club moved to Orioles is .505 with a win-loss record of 5,567 - 5,459. 

Best Orioles records in MLB is in the season 1979 when the Orioles won 102 games and lost only 57 with a winning percentage of .642 in the regular season. Similarly, Orioles worst record came in season 2018 with a winning percentage of .290.


The Baltimore Orioles record in 2014 is 96-66 with a winning percentage of .593. The Orioles won the AL East Division in 2014 and made it to the postseason.

In the regular season, the Orioles played 81 home games and made 50 wins out of it. While on the road, the Orioles clinched 46 victories out of 81 matches. The Orioles Swept the Detroit Tigers by 3-0 in the AL Divisional Series in 2014. In Game 1 of ALDA, they scored a franchise-record 12 runs, marking their highest run tally in a postseason game. However, they were also swept by the Kansas City Royals by 4-0 in the American League Championship Series. 

Nelson Cruz was the most successful hitter of the Orioles in the regular season of 2014 as he hit 40 home runs followed by Adam Jones with 29 home runs. Similarly, Chirs Tillman is the most used pitcher of the Orioles as he pitched 207.1 IP and claimed 150 strikeouts with an ERA of 3.34 in the regular season.


Baltimore Orioles record in 2015 is 81 wins and 81 losses with a winning percentage of .500. They finished 3rd in the AL East Division and missed Playoffs.

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The 115th MLB season of Orioles did not go as expected as they finished the season behind Toronto Blue Jays and New York Yankees. The 81 wins of the season include 47 home wins and 34 wins on the road. Likewise, they lost 31 matches at Orioles Park at Camden Yards and 50 away matches.

The player who hit the most home runs from the squad of Baltimore Orioles is Chris Davis with 47 home runs followed by 35 home runs by Manny Machado. Likewise, Ubaldo Jimenez claimed 168 strikeouts pitching 184.0 innings but the most-used pitcher in the 2015 season was Wei-Yin Chen who pitched 191.1 innings as a relief pitcher.


In the MLB season 2016, the Baltimore Orioles recorded a win-loss of 89-73. A winning percentage of .549 pushed Oriole's season to the playoffs in 2016.

The Orioles made improvement in 2016 than that of their previous season as Orioles made 89 wins this season. However, they finished third in the American League East Division after the Boston Red Sox and Toronto Blue Jays. They clinched the wild Card berth for the postseason in the American League but lost against Toronto Blue Jays.

 The win-loss record of the Orioles at home this season was 50-31 while it was 39-42 in the away matches. Mark Trumbo had a fantastic season in 2016, winning both the MLB and American League home run championships with an amazing 47 home runs. This was the Orioles' fourth straight home run champion, following Chris Davis in 2013, Nelson Cruz in 2014, and Davis again in 2015.

Zach Britton, the Orioles' pitcher accomplished an unbelievable milestone by compiling a perfect 47 saves in 47 chances. Notably, Britton established a new all-time record by appearing in 43 consecutive games without allowing an earned run. His outstanding performance was highlighted by an astounding 0.54 ERA, the lowest ever recorded by a pitcher with at least 50 innings worked.


Baltimore Orioles record in 2017 includes 75 wins and 87 losses. They finished the season at the bottom of the AL East Division table.

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This season Orioles faced 35 and 52 losses at home and away respectively while they made 46 wins at home and 29 wins on the road. A winning percentage of 0.463 was recorded this season in which Manny Machado leads the table with 33 home runs followed by 32 home runs by Jonathan Schoop.

Likewise, Kevin Gausman was the most used pitcher of the Orioles as he pitched 186.2 innings and claimed 179 strikeouts with an ERA of 4.68.


The 2018 MLB season was recorded as a disaster for the Baltimore Orioles as they registered only 47 wins in the 162 MLB matches.

The winning percentage of .290 this season is the worst winning percentage of the Orioles in their MLB history. They lost 53 home matches and 62 matches on the road which pushed them towards the bottom of the American League East Division. 

The Orioles became the other team to suffer a similar fate to the Detroit Tigers in 2003 when the Tigers had a record of 43-119. Both of these teams recorded less than 50 wins in 162 matches MLB season. The Orioles were 62 games behind the postseason at the end of the regular season.

Manny Machado and Trey Mancini hit 24 home runs each in this disastrous season. Similarly, Dylan Bundy pitched 171.2 innings with a 5.45 ERA and made 184 strikeouts.


Baltimore Orioles record in 2019 includes 54 wins and 108 losses with a winning percentage of .333. They finished the season at the bottom of the ALED this season.

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Orioles had made only 25 and 29 wins in the home and away matches this season respectively. The loss number of 56 at home is 4 more losses of Baltimore than on the road. They missed the playoff with this worst performance in the MLB in a straight third season.

They finished last in the AL East for the third straight season, setting a franchise record with a cumulative record of 101-223 over the previous two seasons. It is the poorest two-season span in MLB history. Furthermore, the 2019 Orioles set a new MLB record by being the first team to allow over 300 home runs in a single season. Furthermore, their pitching staff surrendered 981 runs during the season, the most in MLB history since the Colorado Rockies allowed 1,028 runs in 1999.

Despite their disastrous performances, the Orioles had several bright spots in the 2019 season. On June 28 and 29, they defeated the Cleveland Indians 13-0. In doing so, they became the first team in major league history to win 13 or more consecutive shutout games. 

Another notable accomplishment was the Orioles hitting multiple home runs in each of ten straight games between July 17 and July 27, the most in MLB since 1901.


The 2020 season was the Orioles 120th MLB season and they had a record of 25 wins and 35 losses. They had a winning percentage of .417 in this pandemic-shortened season.

The Orioles made a huge improvement in its winning percentage since 2017 but could not make it to the postseason. The Orioles finished the season in the third position of the American League East Division. They had a home record of 13-20 and an away record of 12-15 this season.

Renato Nunez hit the 12 home runs for the Orioles this season followed by 11 home runs by Anthony Santander. Likewise, Alex Cobb pitched 52.1 innings this season with an ERA of 4.30 and made 38 strikeouts. However, John Means claimed the most strikeouts of 42 for the Orioles while pitching 43.2 innings in the season 2020.


Baltimore Orioles record 2021 is 52 wins and 110 losses with a winning percentage of .321. They finished the ALED in 5th position this season.

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The Baltimore Orioles finished the season with 27 wins in 81 home games and 27 wins on the road playing the same number of matches. They endured long losing streaks in May and August, and their pitching was terrible, allowing the most earned runs in the league. All of their starters had losing records.

The Orioles were eliminated from the playoffs in August after suffering their third 100-loss season in four years. They also had their second season with 110 losses in team history. Despite the team's problems, Trey Mancini won the American League Comeback Player of the Year title as he had missed the season 2020 due to colon cancer.


Baltimore Orioles record 2022 includes 83 wins and 79 losses with a winning percentage of .512. However, they missed the playoff this season too as they stand fourth in ALED.

After numerous years of losing 100 games or more, the Orioles had a spectacular season. They won 31 more games than the previous season, the most since 1989. This was their first winning season since 2016. This season they recorded 45 home wins and 38 away wins out of the 81 matches played both home and on the road. 

Anthony Santander hit the most home runs with 33 followed by Ryan Mountcastle who hit 22 homers this season. Jordan Lyles pitched the most innings 179.0 with an ERA of 4.42 and made 144 strikeouts.


Baltimore Orioles record 2023 includes 101 wins and 61 losses with a winning percentage of .623. They finished the season at the top of ALED and made it to the post-season after 2016.

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The Orioles made outstanding 49 home wins and 52 wins on the road this season. They stand at the top of the American League 2023 as well with 101 wins and clinched the division title for the first time after they won it in the 2014 season. However, the Orioles were out of the American League Divisional Series 2023 as Texas Rangers clean swept the series by 3-0.

In this record-breaking season, Gunnar Henderson and Anthony Santander both hit 28 home runs in the regular season. Likewise, Kyle Gibson pitched the most innings with 192.0 with an ERA of 4.13 and made 157 strikeouts. But the record for most strikeouts among Orioles pitches is by Kyle Bradish with 168 strikeouts.

The Orioles record last 20 games in the season 2023 includes 10 wins and 10 losses which includes the 3 losses with the Texas Rangers in the postseason.

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