Oracle Park Bag Policy And Other Rules Explained

By Aditya Bhattarai / 12 May 2023 08:19 AM

The home ground of San Fransisco giants have more than 42000 seating capacity with strict rules for luggage and bags.
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Oracle Park Bag Policy 2023 restricts guests from bringing bags larger than 16 x 16 x 8 inches. The Giants page mentions exceptions for medical and diaper bags.

Similarly, the restrictions for the bag were established to enhance the security and safety of the visitors. These are standard practices in all other stadiums and venues that conduct large gatherings.

These rules can reduce the chances of people bringing harmful things inside the park and allow faster security processing.

The Oracle Park is the official home stadium for the MLB team San Fransisco Giants. They are located at 24 Willie Mays Plaza, SF, California. It has an audience capacity of 42,300 and has a stunning ocean view from the stands.

Established in the Soma District of San Francisco, Oracle Park has been operating since 2000. It changed ownership three times before being purchased by the Oracle Corporation in 2019.

Apart from the baseball games, the park is used for many other events, including concerts, private events, live performances, and other events.

What Can You Bring Into Oracle Park?

The Oracle Park rules allow people to take medical bags, sealed water, packed foods, and others. People can bring anything within the set policies.

Ticketmaster mentions that the park rules are maintained, focusing on the crowd's security. People are also required to go through the magnetometer.

Oracle Park Bag Policy 2023
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Below are the things you can bring into Oracle Park without getting obstructed. 

  • Bags within the dimension of 16″ x 16″ x 8″.
  • Purses and Handbags for both men and women.
  • Paper bags and Plastic bags below the set dimensions.
  • Soft-sided containers for beers and ice packs.
  • Medical kit, devices, and diaper bags.
  • Packaged foods and sealed items.
  • Water bottles that are properly sealed.

While talking about the things that are allowed to take, people should also be aware of the restricted goods. Here are some things that are not allowed inside the premise.

  • Briefcases and side bags above the given dimensions. 
  • Any kind of backpack, including clear transparent ones.
  • Suitcases are also restricted for people so they need to keep their luggage at other places.
  • Rolling bags are also restricted since it exceeds the given dimensions.
  • Hard-Sided coolers and containers are restricted as well.

Bag Policy

Bag policy Oracle Park allows people to bring fanny packs, medical kits, diaper bags, and other items. Bags smaller than 16" x 16" x 8" can be taken inside.

Anything more oversized than the set length is strictly restricted into the stadium, including clear backpacks and transparent bags. All the belongings will be checked at the entrance gate and will be thoroughly analyzed before allowing entry.

Apart from the tote bags, purses, single-compartment clear bags, and soft-sided coolers are also authorized to take. The belongings not exceeding the above dimensions can be taken after security checking.

Similarly, people should not put their jackets, blankets, or other warm clothes inside the bag. They must either wear it or carry it in their hands before entering the ballpark.

Water Policy

Oracle Park water bottle policy allows people to bring only sealed bottles through security. Unsealed bottles and juice cartons will get seized at the gate.

Besides that, any soft-side containers will be thoroughly checked by security before entry. They can be confiscated if found anything suspicious inside. 

Likewise, there are strict rules to restrict smoking, including e-cigarettes, vapes, and other substances like that.

Moreover, the park has clear rules for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Few stalls can be seen providing these beverages inside the compound, but one cannot bring them from outside the premises. 

Rules For Alcohol And Other Beverages

Oracle Park restricts all alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to get entered into the premises. Drugs and other narcotic substances are forbidden as well.

Beer price in Oracle was decreased to $9 as announced by SF Giants CEO at the start of 2023 season.
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Further restrictions are set for those who wish to consume alcoholic beverages inside the park by purchasing. They are listed below.

  • The alcohol stalls will only sell them until the end of the seventh innings.
  • A person cannot buy more than two drinks as per the limit for the regular seats.
  • Users from premium seating areas can have four drinks per person and have in-seat services.
  • Alcoholic drinks should be consumed within the ballpark premises and cannot be taken outside.
  • The management has the right to stop alcoholic beverage sales if necessary.

Food Policy

Can you bring food into Oracle Park? The food policy of the park states you can bring packaged goods and sealed snacks. However, they can get seized during the check.

Meanwhile, there are multiple food options inside the premises for those who wish to order once inside. The food management app by the ballpark allows easy orders from the seats.

The Giants MLB guide about the stadium mentions that the food management is done exclusively by the Bon Appétit Management. They also provide their services at the Gotham Clun and Public House. Their company has received awards for its pioneer ideas, social responsibilities, and environmental practices.

Delicacies at Oracle Park shared by fans while enjoying the Giants game.
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Oracle provides a menu of seafood delicacies as the fans enjoy the game looking into the beautiful ocean beyond San Fransisco Bay. The items include Crazy Crab Sandwich, Pier 44 Chowderhouse Shrimp Po'Boy, Da Poke-Mon's Spicy Ahi Tuna, and others.

 Meanwhile, stall vendors like The Garden, Tony G's Pizza, and Gilroy Garlic Fries provide vegetarian menus. Non-veg lovers can also enjoy burgers, chicken tenders, and cheesesteaks on the other stall around the premises.

For beverages, the ballpark is selective in its choices for locally brewed beers and other traditional drinks. Companies like Lagunitas Brewing Co, Mad River Brewery, and other vendors provide services for alcoholic beverages.

Starting from the 2023 season, the Giants CEO and President Larry Baer had also revealed that the club will be selling $9 beer at a few chosen areas in the premises. Guests can also get domestic drafts at the Doggie Diner stands and on the 415 Club in the outfield for the same price.

Best Food At Oracle Park

Fans mentioned the Oracle Park treats as one of the best experiences at the stadium. Similarly, the Giants have listed their culinary delights on their official guide page at MLB. 

Here is a list of food items noted best and can make people drool.

  • Doggie Diner for a yummy Giants Dog, Nachos, Pretzels, and Peanuts.
  • Ghirardelli Chocolate for SF classic Vanilla Ice cream and warm Ghirardelli fudges topped with a cherry.
  • Gilroy Garlic Fries is known to be the Oracle Parks signature dish for its fresh smell of garlic and parsley.
  • Great House of Brews for all alcoholic beverages and brews.
  • John J. McGraw Derby Grill for grilled burgers, sausages, fries, and other snacks.
    The Field Club Derby Grill also serves the Impossible Burger, the juicy plant-based burger that tastes impossibly like beef.
  • Mission Street Taqueria for Giants specialty nachos and burrito bowls.
  • Slice House by Tony Gemignani for handmade New York-style pizza.

While the regulations hold back people from enjoying the game, munching on their favorite foods. These yummy delights at the premises can make up for anything they would love to eat.

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