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Nolan Ryan No Hitters By Age Recorded

By Aditya Bhattarai / 17 May 2023 04:56 AM

Baseball Hall of fame shares a throwback when Ryan made his second no hitter record in 15 July 1973.
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Nolan Ryan no hitters by age consists of seven achievements starting from 1973. He was 26 years old when he got his first No-hitter in 1973.

The Hall of Famer got his second record in the same year against the Tigers and his third no-hitter in 1974. The legendary pitcher is famous for having made the MLB record for seven no-hitters while the second-place Sandy Koufax only has four. 

With his super fast pitches that exceeded 100 mph all throughout his career, he had made a record of 5,714 career strikeouts in MLB. Ryan was a two-time National League ERA leader and got the Strike-out Leader award 11 times in MLB.

Similarly, he was selected to be an All-Star player for eight seasons throughout his career. The 1969 World Series Champion was inducted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame In 1999.

After retiring from his professional career in 1993, Nolan became the CEO of the Texas Rangers and an executive advisor for the Houston Astros. 

How Many No Hitters For Nolan Ryan?

Nolan Ryan no hitters stats for seven was the highest record in MLB history. He landed his seventh no-hitter when he was 43 years old.

Using his fastest pitch throw, the Ryan Express, he became the oldest player to register a no-hitter in 1990. He became an all-time no-hitter leader with seven records up his sleeve with the second position behind by three.

Apart from that, he is also tied with Bob Feller as the player with the most one-hitters with 12, and his record for two-hitters is 18.

Following are the no-hitter stats for Nolan Ryan based on his age and game stats for that year.

26First and second In 1973
28Fourth in 1975
27Third record in 1974
44Seventh in 1991
AgeNo-Hitter By Year
34Fifth record in 1981
43Sixth in 1990

Age 26 - First And Second Record In 1973

Ryan was 26 years when he got his first no-hitter against Kansas City Royals on 15th May 1973. He was pitching for the California Angels at Royals Stadium.

Nolan ready has his renowned the ryan express that goes 100 mph
Source : twitter

They had an audience of 12,205, witnessing the start of the remarkable achievement in his MLB career. Similarly, the second record of his career came along two months later, against Detroit Tigers on 15th July 1973.

The game was held at the Tiger Stadium in the presence of more than 41,411 people during the game.

Age 27 - Third Record In 1974

Nolan landed his third no-hitter against Minnesota Twins on 28th September 1974. It was the last day of the season, and the game was held at Anaheim Stadium.

There were 10,872 people in the audience as the pitcher recorded 15 strikeouts, with a no-hitting record in the last game.

Age 28 - Fourth Record In 1975

The Angels pitcher Nolan got his fourth no-hit record on 1st June 1974 against Baltimore Orioles. The match took place at the Angel Stadium of Anaheim Stadium.

With an audience of 18,492, the pitching legend won his hundredth career game in a 1-0 game against the Baltimore Orioles. It was the only season in his career where he did not lead the American League in strikeouts.

Age 34 - Fifth Record In 1981

Ryan got his fifth no-hitter record on 26th September 1981 against Los Angeles Dodgers. The game took place in Astrodome Stadium with a 32,115 audience.

MLB honors 28 years old Ryan commemorating his talent as he had already got four out of seven no-hitters in 1975.
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1981 was also the year when he got his first ERA title as a Houston Astros player while throwing a 5-0 shutout on National TV. Historic Baseball states that Ryan failed the attempts of Pete Rose to make records while fanning him out along with 11 others in that season.

Age 43 - Sixth Record In 1990

Nolan got his sixth no-hitter in his forties while playing against Oakland Athletics on 11th June 1990. The game took place at the Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum.

In the following month, the legendary player known for his fast pitching won the 300th game of his career on 31st July. Moreover, he also obtained his 11th league strikeout title in the same year. 

Age 44 - Seventh Record In 1991

The 44 years legend Nolan claimed his seventh no-hitter against Toronto Blue Jays on 1st May 1991. Ryan set the record for the highest in MLB history.

Pitcher Ryan become the only player to ever get 7 no-no hits, becoming a legend.
Source : abc7ny

He became the oldest player in history to make such a record while facing the best-hitting team in baseball and keeping them from landing hits from his throw. The 33,439 audiences witnessed his skills as he struck out one batter in each inning while throwing his special Ryan Express.

With his seventh no-hitter, Ryan led the record with a margin of three against the second-place holder Sandy Koufax.

How Many Records Does Nolan Ryan Hold?

Nolan Ryan MLB records include 5,714 strikeouts and 7 no-hitters along with 39 other achievements. He is nicknamed "The Ryan Express" for his fast pitching.

The MLB Strike-out Leader award winner had a throwing speed that was consistently above 100 miles per hour throughout his career of 27 years.

During the final years of his career, he set the record for the highest no-hitter and number of strikeouts as a player in his mid-forties.

Nolan was inducted into the baseball hall of fame in 1999 following his multiple achievements as a pitcher.
Source : baseballhall

Here is the list of 41 MLB records obtained by Nolan throughout his MLB career.

  1. The highest ever 7 no-hitters record with a margin of three in comparison to the second place Sandy Koufax that has 4.
  2. Highest total career strikeouts of 5,714 with an 839 lead from the second place Randy Johnson that has 4,875.
  3. His lowest career batting average allowed is .204, with a minimum of 1,500 innings pitched.
  4. Following his no-hitter records, he is tied for 12 career 1-hitters with Bob Feller.
  5. A total of 18 2-hitters in his career.
  6. A total of 31 career 3-hitters.
  7. 15 seasons of 200-strikeout.
  8. 6 seasons of 300-strikeout.
  9. 4 career 19+ strikeout games
  10. 5 career 18+ strikeout games
  11. 8 career 17+ strikeout games
  12. 16 career 16+ strikeout games
  13. 26 career 15+ strikeout games by a right-handed pitcher
  14. 36 career 14+ strikeout games by a right-handed pitcher
  15. 56 career 13+ strikeout games by a right-handed pitcher
  16. 95 career 12+ strikeout games by a right-handed pitcher
  17. 151 career 11+ strikeout games by a right-handed pitcher
  18. 215 career 10+ strikeout games
  19. 282 career 9+ strikeout games
  20. 358 career 8+ strikeout games
  21. 447 career 7+ strikeout games
  22. 517 career 6+ strikeout games
  23. 596 career 5+ strikeout games
  24. 654 career 4+ strikeout games
  25. 710 career 3+ strikeout games
  26. 752 career 2+ strikeouts games
  27. 3 19+ strikeout games in a single season
  28. 3 18+ strikeout games in a single season
  29. 3 17+ strikeout games in a single season
  30. 3 16+ strikeout games by a right-handed pitcher in a single season in 1972 and 1974.
  31. 6 15+ strikeout games in a single season in 1974. He is tied with Pedro Martinez for the record.
  32. 15 12+ strikeout games in a single season in 1973.
  33. 18 11+ strikeout games by a right-handed pitcher in a single season in 1973.
  34. 23 10+ strikeout games in a single season in 1973. He is tied with Randy Johnson for the record.
  35. 26 9+ strikeout games in a single season in 1973.
  36. 29 8+ strikeout games by a right-handed pitcher in a single season in 1973.
  37. 32 7+ strikeout games by a right-handed pitcher in a single season in 1973.
  38. 36 6+ strikeout games in a single season in 1974. He is tied with Sandy Koufax for the record.
  39. 6.55 hits per nine innings pitched in a career with a minimum of 1 in 000 innings. The second place is held by Sandy Koufax at 6.79.
  40. 5.26 single-season hits per nine innings in 1972.
  41. 26 seasons with at least one win.

Nolan Ryan 13 Inning Game

Nolan Ryan 235 pitches box score was the highest ever in MLB. Nolan scored it against the Red Sox on 14 June 1974.

He had struck out 19 Red Sox hitters in 13 innings making the California Angels wrap up the game by a 4-3 win in 15 innings during the Big A. It was the second 19-strikeout performance in the 1974 season where he had recorded a total of 367 punchouts.

However, the most shocking part of the game was the pitch count that exceeded all the records in history. MLB shared the story where Ryan credits his pitching coach Tom Morgan for keeping track of the pitching at the game. Tom had used a handheld clicker to keep the count.

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