NL CY Young Candidates 2023 Predictions

By Aditya Bhattarai / 30 September 2023 05:20 PM

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NL CY Young candidates 2023 include Spencer Strider, Blake Snell, and Justin Steele. They have the best odds of winning the Cy Young award this year.

Kodai Senga, Zac Gallen, Logan Webb, and Zack Wheeler are also among the leading contenders for the title. Senga is leading right behind Snell in terms of allowing the least runs to opponents this season.

The Cy Young Award is an award given to the best pitchers in MLB from both the American and National League. This award was first introduced by MLB Commissioner Ford C. Frick in 1956 to honor the name of pitching legend CY Young.

There are 15 representatives competing in their respective leagues to obtain the title of the best pitcher of the year. The Baseball Writers Association of America votes on the candidates every year to select the best pitching staff in each league.

They evaluate the pitchers in terms of their ERA, Strikeouts, and WHIP scores when casting their votes for the award. Each voters have to vote for their top five candidates for the season and the hurler with the most votes in their league wins the award that year.

If the final winning vote count is similar for more than one candidate, the award is divided among all the players with the highest vote that year.

NL Cy Young odds 2023

NL Cy Young predictions 2023 contain Blake Snell, Justin Steele, and Kodai Senga. Logan Webb, Spencer Strider, and Zac Gallen also belong to the list.

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Padres best pitcher Snell has the best odds of -750 by Draft Kings Sportsbook for winning the NL Cy Young Award in 2023. Steele is following behind with +550 odds from DKS.

While Sandy Alcántara was the unanimous winner of the NL Cy Young award in 2022, he is not among the candidates this season because of his arm injury. The competition this year is tough between more capable prospects with lower ERA and strikeout rates.

The voters usually consider Earned Runs Average and the ability to restrict allowed runs over in total. Similarly, the strikeout rate, number of pitching innings, Walks and Hits per Inning Pitched, and control over the game are also used by the BBWAA writers to decide on their vote.

Here are the ten best NL Cy Young odds 2023 for the candidates as per the MLB Sportsbooks;

  • Blake Snell (-750 per DraftKings)
  • Justin Steele (+550 per DraftKings)
  • Spencer Strider (+750 per Bet365)
  • Kodai Senga (+7000 per Fanduel)
  • Logan Webb (+7000 per Fanduel)
  • Zac Gallen (+8000 per DraftKings)
  • Zack Wheeler (+9000 per DraftKings)
  • Clayton Kershaw (+1000 per DraftKings)
  • Corbin Burnes (+15000 per DraftKings)

Padres starter Snell is the prime candidate for the NL Cy Young this season leading the pitching performance in every aspect. Moreover, he is also a former winner of the 2018 award in the American League when playing with the Rays.

Snell has the lowest 2.33 ERA this season along with 227 Strikeouts and a 1.20 WHIP which make his case much stronger than any other candidates. Senga and Steele are the closest competitors in the National League being the only other two with an ERA of 3.0 and lower.

Senga from the New York Mets surprised many with his control over the game and low ERA records in 2023. He is the only other player with an ERA below 3.0 apart from Snell this year.

The MLB ranking for allowing Earned Runs also places Senga behind Snell with only 53 ER till 23 September. Moreover, he has also made 197 Strikeouts in a total of 161.1 innings pitched throughout the season. Senga has won 12 out of 28 games that he started this year.

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The former records for Cy Young awards have rarely mentioned pitchers with more than 3.0 ERA. Although it is not the only factor in deciding the vote, it plays a vital role in gaining the favor of voters. Having controlled a whole game with no-hitters while striking out more batters over the season will also lead to a favorable position.

Justin Steele also has better odds of gaining the title if he finishes the season with an ERA below three and better strikeout rates. However, Spencer Strider and Zac Gallen could also lead the rankings with their high strikeout rates and WHIP score.

AL Cy Young Odds 2023

AL Cy Young favorites for 2023 are Gerrit Cole, Luis Castillo, Sonny Gray, and Framber Valdez. Cole has the best odds of winning the award with -1800 by DKS.

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Here are the top AL Cy Young Odds for 2023 as per the MLB sportsbooks;

  • Gerrit Cole (-1800 Odds by DraftKings)
  • Luis Castillo (+1100 Odds by DraftKings)
  • Sonny Gray (+2500 Odds by Fanduel)
  • Kevin Gausman (+6000 Odds by DraftKings)
  • Frambler Valdez (+7500 odds by DraftKings)
  • George Kirby (+20000 odds by DraftKings)
  • Pablo Lopez (+20000 odds by DraftKings)
  • Kyle Bradish  (+16000 Odds by FanDuel)

Gerrit Cole Cy Young awards chances are the highest at -1800 odds in 2023. The Yankees starting pitcher is leading the AL rankings in ERA stats and innings pitched.

Cole has the lowest 2.75 ERA this season in a total of 200 pitching innings as of 23 September 2023. He has also shown his dominance in leading the game by striking out 207 hitters in the 32 games that he started.

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Similarly, Twins starter Sonny Gray is trailing behind Cole as the only other player with an ERA lower than three in the American League. The pitching staff for Minnesota has logged a 2.80 ERA backed by a 170 SO and a 1.15 WHIP in 31 games that he started this year.

Although Kyle Bradish and Luis Castillo are also among the prime candidates in terms of pitched innings, ERA, and SO, they would have to reduce their ERA by the end of this season to become more favored by the voters.

Most Cy Young Awards Winners

Most Cy Young Award winners include Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, Steve Carlton, and Greg Maddux. Clemens has won the highest of 7 Cy Young honors in MLB.

Hall of Famers Sandy Koufax, Tom Seaver, Jim Palmer, and Pedro Martinez are among seven players that have won three Cy Young awards in their careers.

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Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Dodgers has the highest number of 12 Cy Young wins as a team in all of MLB history. Braves, Phillies Red Sox, and Mets have seven wins while Orioles and Indians have obtained six titles over the years.

Baltimore Orioles Cy Young winners list contains six pitchers along with Jim Palmer and Mike Cuehler. Mike Flanagan and Steve Stone also belong to the list.

Below is a list of AL and NL pitchers with more than one Cy Young Award wins in MLB;

American League Cy Young Award Winners

  • Roger Clemens - 7 Awards
  • Randy Johnson - 5 Awards
  • Jim Palmer - 4 Awards
  • Pedro Martinez - 4 Awards
  • Justin Verlander - 4 Awards
  • Max Scherzer - 4 Awards
  • Denny McLain - 2 Awards
  • Bret Saberhagen - 2 Awards
  • Johan Santana - 2 Awards
  • Corey Kluber - 2 Awards

National League Cy Young Award Winners

  • Steve Carlton -  4 Awards
  • Greg Maddux - 4 Awards
  • Sandy Koufax - 4 Awards
  • Tom Seaver - 4 Awards
  • Clayton Kershaw - 4 Awards
  • Bob Gibson - 2 Awards
  • Gaylord Perry - 2 Awards
  • Tom Glavine - 2 Awards
  • Tim Lincecum - 2 Awards
  • Roy Halladay - 2 Awards
  • Corey Kluber - 2 Awards
  • Jacob deGrom - 2 Awards

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