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Nick Solak Wife Roxanne Solak Got Married In Golden Goose Sneakers

By / 8 March 2023 10:18 AM

Nick first met Roxanne when they were both at the University of Louisville
Source : instagram

Nick Solak wife Roxanne Solak is an executive assistant at Timeout. Nick married Roxanne on November 2021 at The Astorian.

Solak was born on January 11, 1995, to parents Mark Solak and Roseann Solak. The American professional baseball player plays the second baseman and outfielder for the Cincinnati Reds in the MLB.

Native to Woodridge, Illinois, Solak grew up with a younger sister. He played baseball at Naperville North High School and later at the University of Louisville in Kentucky.

During the two years he played in college, Solak had a batting average of .345 while hitting eight home runs. Nick also managed a slugging percentage of .489 during the 112 games he played for the Louisville Cardinals baseball team.

Thanks to his performances in college, he was drafted by the New York Yankees via the 2016 MLB draft as a second-round draft choice, making him the 62nd overall selection.

After playing several different teams in the minor leagues for a few years, he finally made his professional major league debut with the Rangers on August 2019.

While in the minor leagues, he was traded to a couple of other franchises, namely the Tampa Bay Rays by the Yankees and later to the Texas Rangers. As of writing this article, Nick has a batting average of .252 and 21 home runs to his name.

Roxanne Solak Played Volleyball In College

Roxanne Solak is an athlete like her husband Nick Solak. Roxanne was a volleyball player at the University of Louisville.

She has this in common with many baseball WAGS, who played volleyball themselves at high school or college. Luke Maile spouse, Pete Fairbanks partner, Michael Chavis better half, and Spencer Torkelson girlfriend, among many others, have played volleyball at some point in their high school or college careers.

Hailing from Texas, she was born on March 23, 1994, to parents Glenn McVey and Jana McVey. Roxanne grew up with a younger brother named West McVey. West graduated with an engineering degree from the Thurgood Marshall School of Law in 2019.

Roxanne Solak helped University of Louisville volleyball team win the ACC championship as a Co-Captain
Source : instagram

She attended Tomball High School before joining Mississippi State University for a college education. However, she later transferred to the University of Louisville in 2014. Roxanne graduated with a degree in finance in 2016.

As part of the University of Louisville volleyball team, she helped the cardinals on their path to the Atlantic Coast Conference championship and the second round of the NCAA tournament as a co-captain.

Roxanne Started Working Right After Her Graduation

Roxanne Solak joined the Andover Management Group as Owner's representative in May 2016 in the Greater Nashville Area.

She was at the company for nine months before joining her family business, McVey Paint & Wallcovering, Inc. as an estimator in January 2018. She worked at the family business in Houston for four years.

Roxanne is an executive assistant at Timeout in Dallas, Texas, since February 2022, as per her LinkedIn profile.

Regarded as one of the best-looking WAGS in baseball, missus Solak is active on Instagram under the handle roxannesolak. She regularly posts pictures with her husband as they enjoy their time together.

She also operates her own renovations business, Roxanne Renovations. She has an Instagram page dedicated to her business, where she often posts about the renovations and designs she made.

Roxanne Solak has a great fashion sense and a charming personality
Source : instagram

Missus Solak has a great fashion sense and a charming look to her, and when paired with her husband, they make a wonderful couple.

Roxanne Solak loves dogs
Source : instagram

Roxanne is also a dog lover and owns two pet dogs. She regularly uploads pictures with her dogs and even has created an account for one of her dogs on Instagram under the handle cheddarmcv.

Nick And Roxanne Were Classmates In College

Nick Solak and Roxanne Solak started dating on 12 December 2016. They have been in a relationship for six years.

Nick and Roxanne were classmates for a few finance classes while at the University of Louisville.

They had a little conversation while in college at a backyard party. Sitting atop the garage with their mutual friend, they exchanged numbers. Roxanne had saved her number as "Party Time Volleyball" in his phone, which he has yet to change.

Although they were classmates, the athletic couple didn't start their relationship until the autumn of 2016. They had already graduated by then.

McVey had returned to Kentucky for a special volleyball event. As fate would have it, Nick and Roxanne crossed paths at a bar in Louisville, Kentucky, called O'Shea's Pub.

Nick Asked Her Out On A Date

When the then minor league player spotted Roxanne at the pub, he knew he had to take a chance on her. So, he walked up to her and asked her out on a dinner date for the next day.

Initially, Roxanne thought that Nick was not being serious as they had known each other briefly as classmates. However, Nick followed up the next day and she accepted the request.

The couple had a lovely dinner date at a sidebar restaurant and they started dating. Roxanne shared a post on December 12, 2017, via her Instagram account with pictures of the two, on the occasion of the one-year anniversary of their relationship.

Solak Proposed To McVey In 2019

After three of dating, Nick and Roxanne again met at the same place where they first had an interaction at the O'Shea's pub on Friday.

Like the first time, Nick took his sweetheart to the sidebar restaurant on Saturday and proposed to her. Unlike the first time around when they met, they were both established professionals this time.

Nick had already been promoted to the major league, and Roxanne worked in her family business. Roxanne explains the moment was very special, and the whole thing was very thought out by Nick, which she's not at all surprised, reports MLB.

Nick proposed to his sweetheart in 2019
Source : instagram

She said yes, and the two lovely people were engaged. Both Nick and Roxanne shared the special moment via their Instagram. 

Roxanne captioned the picture, "We went back to where it all began... and NOW WE’RE ENGAGED!" whereas Nick mentioned how much Louisville means to them and stated that it was a special place.

After their engagement, Nick and Roxanne spent the holiday season first with his family in Chicago and later traveled down south to Texas to be with McVey's parents and brother.

The Athletic Couple Tied The Knot On November 2021

Nick Solak married Roxanne Solak on 20 November 2021 at the Astorian after two years of engagement.

Nick and Roxanne tied the knot on November 2021
Source : instagram

Roxanne looked amazingly beautiful in her white bridal gown with a headpiece on and a bouquet of white roses in her hand. She wore trendy Golden Goose shoes while walking down the aisle with her father to meet her soon-to-be husband at the altar.


Nick looked dashing and handsome in a black three-piece suit and slick back hair. The couple went to Florida for their honeymoon.

Nick And Roxanne Regularly Wish Eachother On Their Special Day

Nick and Roxanne do not miss the opportunity to wish their better half their birthdays and upload posts on Instagram with sweet captions for the world to see their love and bond.

On March 23, 2022, Nick shared a sweet picture of his spouse on her 28th birthday and wished her on a special day. Roxanne is soon going to turn 29 come March 23.

He also shared a happy anniversary post on November 20th, 2022 claiming it to be the best year as it marked one year of their marriage.

Likewise, on January 12th earlier this year, Roxanne wished Nick his 28th birthday and expressed her love for him with a sweet caption.

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